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Dierdra Baptiste

Citizen based in Atlanta, GA, United States. Joined on Aug 12, 2012


Georgia man wants smartphone shutterbugs to mount up

Lawrenceville - A Georgia man has invented a stable support for smart phones that allows users to connect a tripod (and other accessories) for better picture and video capture.

Giant gator with 2 ft head caught in Florida lake

Tallahassee - He had three years experience trapping and harvesting alligators for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and had even trapped a few 11-footers. But that still did not prepare Lane Stephens for his latest catch.

Waffle-flavored vodka coming to New York

Stony Brook - 'Have it your way' may not be their company motto but Georgi has mixed together a new vodka for a particular taste: Breakfast. Waffle-flavored vodka will be introduced on National Waffle Day in Stony Brook, New York.

Facebook releases eagerly awaited v5 of its iOS app

The tech world is abuzz with the news on Facebook’s latest update. With over 425 million users accessing Facebook from a mobile device every month, an update to its iOS app was critical. iPad users will be happy they finally get their own Timeline.

Speed Sisters: The Palestinian all-female motor racing team

Ramallah - All eyes might be on the Talledega Speedway, but these six women race in Ramallah, Palestine. And their need for speed has made them famous.

Even low levels of lead in blood raises gout risk, study shows

The National Institute of Health (NIH) reported Monday, “even relatively low levels of lead in the blood may be linked to an increased risk of gout."

FDA seizes goods from San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Company

Fremont - By order of a federal court, U. S. Marshall's seized products from San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Company in Fremont, California on Tuesday.

World's oldest cannabis found in China

In what would be Cheech & Chong's greatest fantasy, the world’s oldest stash of nearly 2lbs of cannabis was found in a tomb in China. 2,700-year-old pot that is.

LL Cool J tackles burglar in his home (video)

Los Angeles - Rapper LL Cool J doesn’t just have those biceps for show. And when he said, “Momma said knock you out”, he stands behind those words.

Michael J. Fox returns to TV

Thirty years after blazing across our screens as the briefcase toting teen Alex P. Keaton, Michael J. Fox returns to NBC.

Jay-Z’s got 99 problems and his chef is one of them

New York - Superstar Jay-Z is suing his chef Mike Shand for $1.5 million dollars after his failure to perform in the kitchen of the famous 40/40 club.

Op-Ed: China pulling its companies out of U.S. stock market

Beijing - Several Chinese companies are withdrawing from the U.S. stock market with loans financed by China Development Bank (CDB).

New York brothers create ads on toilet paper

Look before you wipe! That’s exactly what two young brothers, Jordan and Bryan Silverman, are hoping you will do. The entrepreneurs, 22 and 18-years-old, respectively, began a start-up that allows advertisers to place ads on their rolls of toilet paper.

U.S. may soon make HIV testing routine

The U.S. Preventive Services Task force, a government-backed group of clinicians and scientists, is expected to make a new recommendation requiring HIV screening become a standard practice.

Autopsy rules suicide in Chavis Carter death

Jonesboro - In a ruling that is sure to bring outcries of disbelief, injustice and outrage, Arkansas State Crime Lab has given its finding on Chavis Carter’s death. Suicide.

Video: Anti-suicide nasal spray gets $3 million in Pentagon grant

Depression and suicide rates in the military are at an all time high. It’s been estimated that more soldiers in America’s army are taking their own lives each day and surpassing the amount killed in combat.

America may have talent but Nick Cannon’s got heart

Miami - Nick Cannon, host of NBC's America’s Got Talent, put his heart on his sleeves this past Thursday. Then, rolled them up and went to work.

Resilient Chinese man builds own prosthetics after losing limbs

The costs of prosthetics after losing both hands in an explosion eight years ago was too much for Sun Jifa. So he set out and built his own.

Dallas Mayor cites state of emergency — Aerial spraying to begin

Dallas - Texas health department reports that the cases of West Nile virus in Dallas and across Dallas county have reached 465 with 17 confirmed deaths so far.

Facedeals: An offer we should probably refuse (update)

Facial recognition just got real as Redpepper begins testing its product on the public through business to consumer deals.

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