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Sitafa Harden

Citizen based in Atlanta, GA, United States. Joined on Nov 16, 2008


Review: Beyoncé's Dancers Les Twins rocked the stage on SYTYCD

Last night French dance sensations Les Twins rocked the stage in a special performance on the So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 Finale.

Op-Ed: 'This Is It' a touching tribute for Jackson's fans Special

"This Is It" treated Michael Jackson's fans to an intimate journey with the late star in his final months in preparation for a spectacular show.

Op-Ed: Jimmy Carter was Right on Racism

Some have tried to portray former President Jimmy Carter as outdated and out-of-touch for his comments regarding racial undertones in the opposition to President Obama. But the truth is, he hit the nail right on the head.

Op-Ed: What Ever Happened to Respect for the President?

What's going on, America? Since when is it okay to treat a president with the lack of respect we have witnessed in the past weeks and months?

Op-Ed: Democracy, Health Care Reform, and the Color of Unicorns

Birthers, deathers, and angry town hallers---is the debate over health care reform displaying American democracy in action?

Op-Ed: Loaded Guns at the President's Townhall?

President Obama's town hall meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire was attended by groups of outraged citizens protesting his health care reform plan. Some brought along loaded guns.

Op-Ed: Why Obama's weigh in on Gates' arrest was not a mistake

Dealing with issues of racial inequality in America is part and parcel of the tremendous responsibility President Obama willingly took on when he became our nation's first black president.

Op-Ed: Oprah silent on Michael Jackson's death

The Queen of Daytime Television's silence in the wake of the King of Pop's death is a mystery to the public and the media.

Op-Ed: What Michael Jackson meant to me

While the media and entertainment worlds struggle to recap Michael Jackson's brilliant life in a blurb, many declaring him a bizarre mystery and choosing to dwell on his trials, his true fans know better.

Op-Ed: Let Iran heal itself

Since the start of post-election protests in Iran, the Republican Party in the United States has widely accused President Obama of being "too soft" on the Iranian government. But avoiding direct U.S. intervention is the only way to ensure lasting change.

Op-Ed: Movie Review: 'The Soloist' is art for art's sake

I saw the movie "The Soloist" this weekend and walked away feeling like I'd just watched a documentary directed by Vincent Van Gogh.

Six-figure Salary Jobs Nobody Wants

Despite a depressingly tight job market, many corporate executives are saying "Thanks, but no thanks" to some lucrative jobs.

Divided We Fall: Ron Paul says secession is the American way

In the wake of his controversial comments about secession from the U.S., Texas Gov. Rick Perry receives support from Ron Paul.

Op-Ed: Pirates, the Media, and the Power of Words

The rash of recent hijacking attempts by pirates has elicited a swift and justified response by the U.S. government and military. But as the media reports on these pursuits of protection and justice, we should not forget our humanity.

Op-Ed: Tax day 'Tea Parties' serve up sour grapes

So-called tax day tea party protests reach a crescendo as conservative activists plan a large rally in Atlanta, GA for April 15th.

Op-Ed: Diversions and Disillusions reign as AIG saga unfolds

While the entire county focuses on the AIG bonus controversy and Congress wastes time pointing partisan fingers, the real issues surrounding the economic meltdown are being ignored.

Michelle Obama Dares to Go Bare

First Lady Michelle Obama's fashion picks for herself and her family have always been subjected to media scrutiny, but now her frequently bared and toned arms are quickly becoming legendary.

Op-Ed: Movie Review: The Reader is a Mixed Bag

Intrigued by Kate Winslet's Oscar victory, I finally went out this weekend to see "The Reader". The movie documents the brief romantic liaison between a teen-aged boy and an older woman in post-war Germany.

Op-Ed: Yikes! GOP Foiled Again as Jindal's Speech Flops

Harsh criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike following Governor Jindal's televised response to President Obama's speech to Congress on Tuesday highlight the need for fresh ideas and better leadership within the GOP.

Op-Ed: On the Mortgage Stimulus—Where's My Carrot?

Does President Obama's anxiously awaited and recently unveiled $75 Billion Housing stimulus plan do enough to help stable homeowners whose home values have plummeted?
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