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Jason Smith

Citizen based in Baker City, OR, United States, United States. Joined on May 15, 2010


Dad sues school after son caught cheating

A California father is suing a local school district after his son was caught cheating in an English class. The lawsuit, which was filed April 18 in San Mateo Superior Court, states that the student's right to due process was violated.

Oregon school board member, 20, censured, denies wrong-doing Special

Baker City - Director Kyle Knight, Baker 5J's youngest board member, was censured last Tuesday in an open board meeting. Knight, who refused to sign a document agreeing not to speak to the public on matters the district deemed confidential, denies any wrong-doing.

Treasury Department refuses to add WikiLeaks to blacklist

With WikiLeaks publishing even more secret US cables, US Rep Peter King of New York may have had his hopes dashed when the Treasury Department refused to blacklist it.

North Korea now on Twitter

With such high profile people such as Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez utilizing one of the most well known micro-blogging services Twitter, it only makes sense that North Korea would join as well.

New Sony Ericsson comes equipped with Android 3.0 gaming platform

Android has not been known for having the most robust of platforms when it comes to gaming. With the new Sony Ericsson, however, Android may be in for a change in the gaming world.

Ash Grove Cement Company, Oregon, has time to make changes Special

Baker City - The Ash Grove Cement Company's plant located in Durkee, Oregon (about 25 miles outside of Baker City) has been given more time by the EPA to make changes in its mercury emissions.

Apple executive in charge of iPhone 4 leaves company

An executive who oversaw much of the development of the the iPhone 4 has left Apple. His departure comes amid a host of alleged problems with the recently released device.

'Google Alarm' plugin informs you of information sent to Google

If you have ever wondered if there were a way to know when information from your computer was being sent to Google, you may not have not have guessed that an alarm would be created for just that purpose.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg loses his own privacy

The man who said, "the age of privacy is over" may have had a chance to really experience what that means. A website has hired a photographer to stalk Zuckerburg and take photographs of him and everything else ranging from his car to his girlfriend.

Gray wolf protections reinstated

A federal judge reinstated protections from the Endangered Species Act, protecting wolves in both the Idaho and Montana area.

Elkhorn Wildlife Area, Oregon, hosts scenes for short film Special

Baker City - The Elkhorn Wildlife Viewing Area, located 25 miles outside of Baker City, Oregon, had some unusual guests this weekend as it was used to film a short fantasy movie entitled "Then I shall Rein Supreme."

Anthony Weiner blasts House Republicans

A bill that would have provided 9/11 responders with health care was defeated by House Republicans on Thursday. Anthony Weiner (D) New York, had much to add to the debate.

Texas man receives death penalty for beheading 3 kids

Allen Rubio was sentenced to death by a jury on Thursday, only four days after being convicted of capital murder for beheading his common law wife's three children back in 2003.

Woman taken off plane to make room for obese person

Southwest Airlines took heat earlier this year when employees removed an overweight passenger from a flight. Southwest has made a similar move, but this time the passenger was removed to make room for an obese teenager.

'Wings over Baker' air show returns to Baker City, Oregon Special

Baker City - After a year on hiatus, the 'Wings over Baker' air show returned this year to give a stellar performance. As everyone expected, there was no disappointment.

LA sheriff investigates extortion allegations in Mel Gibson case

Extortion allegations are being investigated by Los Angeles County Sheriff's instigators in the case involving Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson.

USDA official accused of racism, resigns

A black USDA official resigned after she had publicly said that she did not help a white farmer 24 years ago to the "full force" of her power when he was trying to save his farm.

Man being charged for videotaping cop

Most people know that when they're pulled over by an officer, regardless of the reason, chances are they're being recorded by a camera on the officer's dashboard. In some places, however, returning the favor may land you in jail.

Miners Jubilee returns to Baker City, Oregon Special

Baker City - Small towns are great for a lot of things, but some will probably tell you that in places like Baker City, celebrating is a top priority.

Couple dies in home elevator

Sherwood and Caroline Wadsworth were stuck in an elevator with no way to call for help when temperatures rose into the 90s. Both subsequently died from heat exhaustion.
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