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Kyle McColl

Citizen based in Inverness, United Kingdom. Joined on Jun 2, 2007


RAF Marham Crew To Get Operational Pay Says Liam Fox

The recent conflicts that have been occurring the Middle East this year have yet to leave our TV screens and news feeds, with constant developments occurring. Now it has been reported that soldiers in Libya will be receiving a bonus Operational Allowance.

Ashes to Ashes - Life on Mars gets TV Sequel

Life on Mars was a Emmy and Bafta award winning British TV show about a cop who, according to the intro 'was hit by a car and went back to 1973'. After two series, the show concluded it's run and was also ported to the US market with new actors.

New Resident Evil 5 Trailer

Resident Evil 5, the fifth sequel to one of the most popular horror games ever made is to be released in 2008. One trailer was released in 2006 but now a new trailer has been shown to the public at E3.

BBC Launches Photographer of the Year Competition

The BBC has just lanched a new competition that dominates the front page of their website. Offering a new camera and the chance for your work to bee seen by millions, the BBC launch their new competiton.

Smoking Banned in UK today

Smoking is one of the most commonly used legal drugs in existence, with the only other majorly used drug being alcohol. But for the past few years the UK Government has been fighting for a way to stop smoking.

Want your music out there? There is Hope

Have you written a brilliant piece of music but you have no-where to put it? Have you sung a possible chart hitter but you haven't been able to get it out to the world? There is hope for you people!

Torrential Water Kills Man in Hull

Floods are a common sight in England, and usually the damage can be very severe. However, today the waters claimed a victim as rescue forces were unable to save the trapped man.

Morgan Freeman to play Nelson Mandela in Movie

Morgan Freeman, the multi-award winning actor has announced that he will be playing Nelson Mandela in the upcoming movie 'The Human Factor'. He will also be co-producing the film.

Gordon Brown Will Replace Blair As Prime Minister of UK

Gordon Brown, aged 56, will be announced as the new Prime Minster of the United Kingdom today. The new Deputy Leader will be announced as well during this broadcast. Tony Blair will be stepping down within the next few days.

Paedophiles To Use Drugs to Repress Urges

One of the more interesting and possibly successful ideas to come out of the UK Governments for many years, it has been announced that drugs could now be used on paedophiles to repress their libidos.

Do Video Games Kill?

Video Games are one of the biggest mediums that exists on the planet and alongside music, TV and movies, it helps to shape popular culture. But it has been shown to have a depper effect on some individuals. Are Video Games really safe?

Donald Trump Golf Resort Plans hit Stumbling Blocks

Donal Trump, the multimillionaire businessman, who has achieved worldwide fame for his role in the hit US TV series, The Apprentice announced last year that he planned to build a Golf Resort in Scotland. Now more news has come in...

Ocean's Thirteen Worldwide Release Today

Ocean's Thirteen, the second sequel to one of the biggest franchises of the 21st Century is being released world-wide today. George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon star in the movie along with several other major actors including Al Pacino.

CIA Secret Detention Facilities Revealed

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) has had a black spot painted onto their image when a council member announced that he had evidene supoorting therories of CIA prison facilities in Europe.

G-8 Summit Prepares to Fight Aids

The G-8 Summit is a yearly meeting that occurs in one of the eight most powerful countries in the world: the UK, US, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Russia, with the actual meeting occuring at Heiligendamm in Germany from 6th June to 8th June.

Top Gear in Talks For American Version

Top Gear, the Emmy and Bafta award winning TV show is being remade for Amertican audiences. No deals have been made yet but it is certain that the show will be created soon in the USA.

Train crashes in Kerang, Australia - 11 Dead

Eleven people have died and Twenty-three injured when a train crashed into a B-Double at a level crossing six kilometers notth of Kerang, in northern Victoria, Australia. There are still two passengers missing.

G8 Meetings Cool Down: Agreement to Change Global Warming

The G8 Summit is a yearly meeting that occurs in one of the eight most powerful countries in the world: the UK, US, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Russia, with the actual meeting occuring at Heiligendamm in Germany from 6th June to 8th June.

Mr Brooks Worldwide Release

Two time Academy-Award winning actor Kevin Costner and two time Golden Globe nominated actress Demi Moore return to cinemas in the psychological thriller Mr. Brooks. The plot rotates about a seeming perfect man, who leads a dark double life.

Scooch Rumored To Be Releasing New Single

Scooch were a bubblegum pop band from the late 90s/early 00s who released several Top 10 singles in the UK. They briefly reformed in 2004 to play in several gay clubs in London before splitting up again.

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