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Debra Myers

Citizen based in Bath, United States. Joined on Apr 9, 2007
Expertise in Single parenting, Divorce, Food, recipes, Health, Pets,   see all» Weight loss, Decorating & interior design, Social media, Beauty & makeup, Environment & green living, Internet



Kids uniting to knock out PTSD in Veteran dads Special

Evansville - Jesse Gourley, 8, is no stranger to the effects of PTSD on her father. With her mother's help, a group has been formed called PTSD TKO Project. Their mission is to get help for their moms and dads and spread awareness of PTSD.

Questions after standoff ends with police shooting suicidal man

Savona - Today a family is in mourning after a nearly 4 hour standoff that ended Thursday evening when police shot and killed a suicidal man who had barricaded himself inside his parent's home with his father and step-mother.

Fall Splendor: Wisconsin to New York Special

In early September, I had the opportunity to travel to Wisconsin, and was there when the first frosts hit which would change the landscape as Fall set in. I returned home in October, still in time to watch as the hills come alive in blazing colors.

Farm Sanctuary offers life and love Special

Watkins Glen - Now two decades old, the Farm Sanctuary takes in farm animals that have been harmed in some way or left for dead. After rehabilitating them and giving these animals a new lease on life they are then showered with plenty of attention and affection.

19-month old toddler found malnourished and burned

Fulton - On June 30, 2010, police entered a Fulton’s couple’s home on a search warrant looking for stolen items only to find the unfurnished apartment in an appalling condition and the couple’s 19-month old toddler malnourished.

Searching Google for 2204355 has gone viral

Enter '2204355', a video that has been one of Google's latest hot search topics. What is 2204355? It's simply a strange video that makes no sense but has gone viral for no real reason.

Introducing Mr. Miracle, a 6-legged calf

Troupsburg - Mr. Miracle, was born Tuesday, but not without problems. Not only did he have 2 extra legs, but he was not breathing at the time of his birth. CPR was administered to bring the calf back to life, and the Robinson's named him, 'Mr. Miracle'.

Tip of unburied body stored in garage leads to investigation

Savona - Monday, the Seager Funeral Homes in Savona, NY and Bath, NY were closed down, pending an investigation of allegations that the owner, David James Seager stored the body of a deceased woman in his garage for 3 years and hadn't been buried as thought.

Hot-sauce bottle surgically removed from Ohio inmate

Last Sunday evening, a Noble Correctional Facility inmate was taken into emergency surgery to extricate a hot-sauce bottle that had been used as a sex toy. The inmate reported that he had been raped while showering.

Urns with human ashes found in Lake Zurich

Geneva - In the mud of Lake Zurich, dozens of urns have been discovered which still contain the ashes of deceased individuals. The discovery has drawn attention to the practice of assisted suicide that is allowed in Switzerland, but under scrutiny.

Prison sentence prediction gets psychic assaulted

A Western Siberia man has allegedly assaulted a psychic who predicted that he would do time in 'a public house' taken to mean prison, is also believed to have killed two witnesses in the bloody attack.

Inside police station teen allegedly shoots classmate, self

Cooperstown - Friday, a Cooperstown, NY teenager chased a classmate into a local police station, wounding the teen then turned the gun on himself as the officer on duty closed in on him. Police are considering filing hate-crime charges on the alleged shooter.

New York Law Mandates CO Detectors in Homes

Albany - Yesterday, Amanda's Law went into effect in New York state which requires all homes and apartments to have carbon dioxide detectors installed in them. The law was named after 16-year old Amanda Hansen who died Jan. 17, 2009 of monoxide poisoning.

New York Couple Receives Life for Sex Crimes Against Children

Syracuse - A Watertown couple were sentenced to life in prison yesterday for their roles in transporting children across state lines in order to have sex with them two years ago. The children's ages at that time were 13, 8, 5, and 3 years old.

Las Vegas man allegedly assaults two women, kills infant

Las Vegas - Today, Las Vegas citizens are still in shock after the brutal attack on two women, and which left an infant dead. Police have arrested 33 year old Harold Montagu for allegedly attacking a woman and her infant with an ax as they passed his home.

Wind Farms in Upstate New York Interfering with Weather Radar

In upstate New York, wind farms are interfering with the National Weather Service Doppler radars, making it difficult to interpret the data that they are seeing. The wind turbines spinning blades are creating false data that is misinterpreted as storms.

Hackers Allegedly Steal $50K from Steuben Arc

Last week, the FBI was called to investigate the alleged theft of about $50,000 from Steuben ARC. Hackers have been accused of accessing Steuben Arc's financial information via a personal email of an employee who handles their financial information.

Conflicting Images Emerging of Canadaigua Teen

The teen who committed suicide in the bathroom of Canandaigua Academy on Tuesday, has been identified as Thomas Kane. As the investigation continues, conflicting images are being painted about this bright honor roll student.

Student Takes Gun, Explosives to School, Commits Suicide

On Tuesday, a 17-year old honor student at Canandaigua Academy in New York, walked into the school with a sawed-off shotgun, ammunition and two explosive devices. Putting the ammo and explosives in his locker, he then committed suicide.

'Sound of Music' Stunt A Call For Actors

The musical by Rogers and Hammerstein "The Sound of Music" made famous by Julie Andrews in 1965, has been given a new breath once again. In Belgium, 200 dancers performed the 'Do Re Mi' song in the Central Station of Antwerp.
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