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Joe Duarte

Citizen based in Oshawa, ON, Canada, Canada. Joined on Jan 3, 2014
Expertise in Health, Automotive, Movies, Men's health, Exercise & fitness



Ferrari offers exclusive models to six enthusiasts

Maranello - In the world of exclusive cars, they don’t come much more exclusive than Ferrari and the Italian company has just shot for the moon with its new “by invitation” model.

Peugeot eyes American return

Paris - Is Peugeot set to return to the North American market? With a new CEO who has experience in the marketplace and a vision toward pushing its luxury cars, the answer seems to be “Yes!”

Mazda teases new 2016 Miata with images

Monterey - As Mazda celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Miata, it has announced that the new generation roadster will be unveiled at the Miatas at Mazda Raceway weekend, though we’ve already seen a profile, heard an engine note and spied the car on the road.

Small cars not crash-worthy

Arlington - The U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has apparently confirmed what many family buyers have thought for a long time — small cars are not safe in head-on crashes.

Op-Ed: Taking drivers out of the loop makes driving safer

Westlake Village - A recent report from industry analyst J.D. Power suggests that buyers are questioning the benefits of increasing technology in vehicles.

Canadian Corvette buyers get schooled

Oshawa - General Motors of Canada is giving purchasers of the new 2014 Corvette Stingray the perfect gift — the chance to learn how to drive it properly.

Driver-less cars could be a criminal's dream

Washington - With all the talk about automated driving making roads safer, due to lessening the chances of human errors, many are overlooking the possibility that automated cars could also make our roads more dangerous, due to criminal activity.

Make safety top priority for teen cars

Arlington - With colleges having been chosen and preparations underway to get teenagers off to their new school-year homes, many families are now looking at providing them with reliable transportation.

Next electric cars could use sand-based batteries

Riverside - The next generation of electric vehicles (EVs) may run on a new lithium ion battery made from beach sand, according to new research at the University of California, Riverside.

Mini begins production of new 5-door

Oxford - After nearly 15 years since BMW overhauled the Mini, the model is finally getting a five door hatchback variant, with production starting at the Oxford plant in England.

Chevy Cruze caught in airbag recall

Detroit - It appears the worldwide airbag recall involving some 10.5 million vehicles may claim another victim, as General Motors prepares to recall about 33,000 Chevrolet Cruzes equipped with potentially defective airbags made by Japanese supplier Takata.

Honda, Mazda, Nissan add to 10M vehicle recall

Tokyo - More Honda Mazda and Nissan vehicles have been added to a major global airbag recall affecting over 10 million vehicles.

Next new BMW may come from China

Munich - Auto production has always been dictated by “bricks and mortar” facilities, but the coming years may see production mostly dictated by BRIC facilities.

GM recalls more cars over same ignition flaw

Detroit - The faulty ignition switch that has forced General Motors to recall millions of small cars and perhaps lead to 13 deaths is now expanding to midsized and large cars, with the announcement that the company is recalling another 3.4 million cars.

Assembling the best tools for DIY auto maintenance Commissioned

As the warm weather ushers in summer, for many auto hobbyists, that means opening their garages in order to work on their cars.

GM recalls SUVs for faulty gas gauges

Detroit - General Motors is recalling more of its vehicles, though this time it isn’t something as controversial as the recent “faulty ignition switch” recall that was linked to 13 deaths.

Op-Ed: China drives global new car sales

Beijing - Once upon a time, if a car company was serious about making money selling its vehicles, it had to look at the North American market. These days, it’s more important to sell in China.

Nissan unveils self-cleaning car

Rolle - If Nissan has its way, you may never have to wash your car again. The company has unveiled a prototype of a Nissan Versa Note with a new paint application that repels whatever comes in contact with it.

Ford ready for change in leadership

Dearborn - According to several sources, the man who brought Ford back from the brink of bankruptcy is ready to hand over the reins to the man many have consider the company’s brightest shining star for many years.

Super manager Mourinho gets supercar

Moscow - In international soccer circles, Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has acquired a reputation as a super manager, so Russian collection house Raff House has commissioned a supercar for him and about him.
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