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Angelique van Engelen

Citizen based in Netherlands. Joined on Sep 24, 2007


US companies in the lead to export smart metering technology

Optimists in the eco debate are often accused of pinning unrealistic hopes on the bet that American companies will create sophisticated technology that's competitive. They believe the green sector will become a vital element in the economy recovery.

Global Carbon Project: 'Global Economy Has Accellerated Greenhouse Gas Growth'

Global Carbon Budget numbers, compiled by the [ t=_blank]Global Carbon Project[/url], show that despite an increase in the global efforts to combat pollution, the growth rate of the emissions continued to speed up.

Colleges and Companies With Incentive Programs For Cyclists

New employer? New college? As you commit to new things in your life it’s worth finding out if your new place has an incentive scheme in place encouraging you to cycle in. More and more companies and universities are offering deals.

Ben&Jerry's, Greenpeace Introduce US Citizens To The First Greenfreezer

Ben&Jerry’s struck up a deal with the Environmental Protection Agency to bring out the US' very first eco friendly deepfreezers. If all goes to plan, ordinary citizens soon will be able to buy the machines as well.

Greening Nano Technology

Green tech might thrive on clever solutions to reduce energy usage but real innovation has more to do with making production processes of tangible materials green. This is where nano technology comes into play.

The Next Bull's Green

Admittedly, it's a bit obscene to talk of a new bull market now that Wall Street is heavily in need of a trillion dollar bailout. But perhaps it makes sense to do it anyway because it's very likely that the next bull's going to be colored brightly green.

Op-Ed: Can the Green Jobs Sector Cure the Ailing U.S. Economy?

Will green jobs create the much needed new momentum for the US economy? That's a question that's gained attention from people that generally aren't so hot on the environment since the mortgage crisis started claiming victims.

Greenpeace Ranks Greenest Electronics Companies, Nokia Comes Out on Top

Greenpeace's ranking of the greenest electronics manufacturers once again has put Nokia at the top. The ranking offers consumers a snapshot of what’s going on in electronics manufacturing and the changes that are made to improve environmental standards.

New Fruit Juice Improves Muscle Performance By 70 per cent

New Zealand scientists have created a fruit juice that increases muscle power by up to 70% and delays fatigue. The juice is set to hit the market soon, but sadly it's only going to aid male sportsmen.

Twittering or Texting Too Much Leads To New Psychiatric Disease

An article in the American Journal of Psychiatry claims that sending too many text messages has serious implications for your health, possibly leading to an addiction. The extent of this malady is still unknown because of the denial surrounding it.

Bet On The Outcome Of News Stories On

Hubdub is a new prediction site that claims it´s of great use for news editors. People can vote on the likely outcome of news stories and editors are invited to include the expectations in their coverage.

Why Is There So Little Embedded Newspaper Content On The Web?

The established media is not participating in the bonanza of online audience-dominated tools to the extent that everyone that has only a vague idea of brand loyalty would expect.

Play Color Based Team Games On Twitter

Forget scalability in Twitter. Scalability is decided by people trying to create a structure. But Twitter is all about self-assembling and the groups sort of morph into being around this. It’s an eco sphere.

Vodka is Healthy, For the Environment

Green marketers are cutting it thin but no regulators are interfering so McCormick Distillery will likely inspire great ideas with its new -ultra luxurious- 360 Vodka brand. The company says it will donate $20 for each case of bottles sold in Florida.

Chinese Censorship Of Tibet Protests Is Bypassed On Twitter

The Tibet protests have made Chinese authorities decide to block internet sites like YouTube and major mainstream Western media. But reports on Twitter and the Chinese version of this microblogging tool, Fanfou, bypass the censorship.

Stars Strike Back At Paparazzi In Ashton Kutcher's new Reality Show

What do you do when you’re a star wanting to get back at the paparazzi? You victimize them! It’s what Ashton Kutcher is doing in a new reality show called Pop Fiction. The show is designed to ‘exploit the media.'

San Francisco Anti-War Protests Were Smart This Year

San Francisco’s five year anniversary protest against the war in Iraq yesterday reportedly was smart, rather than angry like five years ago. Major factor was the organizer's use of Twitter!

UK Privacy Advocates Oppose A New Ad Agency Which Uses Browser Cookie Data

A new UK advertising service called Phorm has created controversy over internet privacy because it plans to roll out highly targeted ads based on users´ surfing habits. It has deals in place with three large UK internet service providers (ISPs).

Facebook To Launch Improved Privacy Controls Today

Facebook today is set to roll out better privacy controls. It is also reportedly going to include a chat service in the next two weeks. The chat box will be placed at the bottom of the browser, and will be integrated with a user's Friends list.

Pew Research Shows Journalists' Top Worry Is Finance, Not Story Quality

A survey by Pew Research Center has found that US journalism’s top problem these days is finance. These problems are cited as more serious than the falling standards of news coverage and credibility issues.
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