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Richard Ivan Cronkhite

Citizen based in Indianapolis, IN, United States. Joined on Apr 27, 2009


Op-Ed: Where is our proper representation in the health-care vote?

Health care cost control troubles? No problem: the Teamsters with the "Coalition to Win" of Andy Stern will help run it. How is Andy Stern’s Service Employees International Union profiting from Obama's health care proposal?

Tilikum the Killer Whale and "Breakfast of Champions"

Tilikum, the killer whale, attacked a trainer after a show. These animals are highly intelligent natural predators which are ALMOST always predictable. But why does it have to be the trainer's fault?

Op-Ed: Obama's Summit Opening: I Watched Wall*E Last Night

On the EVE of the health care summit, the Dems are already "looking beyond" the 6 hour marathon. Could his program be part of the problem?

Cable-izing the Internet

How will we fight a "click-recording mob"? A remote to satellite broadcasts is one answer that I am sure the "mob" has not overlooked.

Anthrax Cases Found in Scotland and the United States

A string of anthrax attacks have hit drug users in Europe. 6 were sickened and three have died. An isolated case of Anthrax also occurred in New Hampshire, USA

SEIU Can Claim a Health Care Coup in Senate

A representative from Kaiser, a health care provider, attended the final vote early this morning in the Senate that got the first health care bill passed.

Op-Ed: Guns, Jeans, and Pioneers: They may not be after your guns.

A recent article published on Digital Journal described 2009 as "The Year of the Gun". This article mentions an increase in the deaths of police officers by firearms in 2009. While it is horrible, we cannot assume that this is due to changes in gun laws.

Op-Ed: Bicycles for America?

We need a serious presentation from the President of the United States in Copenhagen next week. We cannot let Afghanistan or Iran distract our governments from the effects of our emissions on global warming.

Op-Ed: Medicine and Politics are a Dangerous Combination

The current health care reform initiative of the Obama administration may be unethical and will help those who are currently enfranchised in the "neo-system" of the "neoconservatives" and "neoliberals" the most.

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