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JohnThomas Didymus

Digital Journalist based in Lagos, 05, Nigeria. Joined on Oct 1, 2011
Expertise in Science & space, General business news & info, Personal finance, Religion, Stocks & trading,   see all» Politics, Small business



NASA astronauts' GoPro POV spacewalk delivers stunning views

NASA has released stunning POV GoPro footage of life outside the International Space Station shot during spacewalk missions early in 2015. The footage gives an impression of the experience of spacewalk and wondrous beauty of Earth from 250 miles above.

Video: Phoenix Lights? Residents filmed UFOs on Easter Sunday

Phoenix - Several residents of north Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona, reported seeing strange orbs of orange light over the city on Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015.

Russian to undergo world's first human head transplant surgery

A 30-year-old Russian man with a rare genetic muscle-wasting disorder announced this week that he has volunteered to become the first person to undergo a human head transplant surgical procedure to be conducted by the Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero.

Mystery of origin of Moon solved: Giant impact theory vindicated

Haifa - A study by Israeli and French scientists might have vindicated the giant impact theory of origin of the Moon by resolving the longstanding puzzle of almost identical chemical compositions of the Earth and Moon, considered a strong objection to the theory.

Russian UFO researchers say they found 300-mil-yr-old 'screw '

A group of Russian UFO researchers claim they have found a 300-million-year-old metallic "screw" in the Kaluga region of Russia. They said the discovery is evidence that a technologically advanced civilization existed on Earth millions of years ago.

Is this tabby cat walking upstairs or downstairs? [Photo]

The image shows a tabby on a flight of stairs. Is the cat going upstairs or downstairs? First posted to, the image has sparked a debate splitting viewers into two camps, and inspired multiple YouTube attempts to find a definitive solution.

UM will show 'American Sniper' despite Muslim students' petition

Lansing - The University of Michigan authorities cancelled a screening of the Iraq war movie "American Sniper" scheduled for Friday, April 10 after Muslim students signed a petition against it, but later reversed the decision in response to a counter-petition.

Researchers say Jesus was married, had a son, did not resurrect

Jerusalem - A geoarchaeologist and an Israeli filmmaker say they have obtained scientific evidence backing the claim that burial boxes, or ossuaries, found in Jerusalem contain the bones of Jesus; his wife, Mary; and his son, Judas.

Nigerian immigrant Harold Ekeh accepted to all Ivy League schools

Elmont - Nigerian immigrant and high school senior Harold Ekeh, 17, has a difficult choice to make in the next few weeks between all eight U.S. Ivy League schools that accepted him.

Brazilian Silvio Santos zombie prank most terrifying ever [Vid]

A Brazilian TV show pulled a terrifying zombie prank on women in an empty subway train. The video, uploaded to YouTube on March 29, 2015 by organizers of the popular TV show, "The Silvio Santos Program," has gone viral with more than 3 million views.

Moment firefighter falls through burning roof caught on video

Fresno - The Fresno Fire Department in California released to local media a graphic video recorded on a cell phone showing the moment that a veteran firefighter fell through the roof of a burning building while working with his colleagues to put out the fire.

Oculus chief scientist: 'Our experience of the world is illusion'

Michael Abrash, chief scientist at Facebook’s virtual reality company Oculus, gave a presentation at the annual F8 Conference in California on optical illusions, implications to the future of VR technology and our understanding of physical reality.

Photo of 5-yr-old crying over pet dog roasted for sale goes viral

A photo purportedly shows the moment that a five-year-old Vietnamese girl discovered to her profound shock that her missing pet dog "Flower" was being displayed at a market stall as roast meat.

Former NASA engineer saw 9-ft alien with Space Shuttle astronauts

Clark C. McClelland, a man who says he was a NASA spacecraft operator, claimed in a statement first published on his website in 2008, that while monitoring a Space Shuttle mission in the 1990s, he saw a 9-ft tall alien with NASA astronauts in space.

4-yr-old Annabelle boards bus alone at 3 a.m. to buy a slushie

Philadelphia - A 4-year-old girl, Annabelle, woke up in the early hours of Friday, at about 3 a.m., left her home in Tacony, Philadelphia in the midst of a downpour, and without the knowledge of her parents boarded a bus in search for her favorite snack, a slushie.

NASA: Huge asteroid 2014-YB35 makes close Earth approach Friday

A massive space rock, asteroid 2014-YB35, about 1 km across, will hurtle past Earth on Friday at a speed of 23,000 mph, passing safely at a distance of 2.8 million miles at closest approach, about 11.7 times the distance of between Earth and Moon.

Ultrascans show fetuses grimacing, touching face as mother smokes

Observations of grimacing facial movements, face and mouth touching behavior of developing fetuses using 4-D ultrasound scans could reveal the harmful effects of smoking during pregnancy, according to a new study.

Supreme Court hears free speech case over Confederate flag plates

Austin - On Monday, 23 March, the U.S. Supreme Court heard a free-speech challenge to the decision by the state of Texas to refuse a proposal by the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) for state-issued license plates featuring the Confederate battle flag.

Crying #PiccoloGirl is NCAA tournament's latest viral meme craze

After top-seeded Villanova Wildcats crashed out of the NCAA tournament with a 71-68 loss to 8-seed N.C. State, Wildcats fans were left dejected but a girl, member of the Villanova band, came to epitomize the devastation of the loss.

12-yr-old girl tried to poison mother for taking away her iPhone

Boulder - Police said on Friday that they have detained a 12-year-old girl in Boulder, Colorado for allegedly attempting twice to kill her mother by spiking her drinks with bleach because she took her iPhone away.
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