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Scientists discover new sea creatures off Puerto Rico coast

A team of U.S. scientists involved in a project backed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has conducted groundbreaking exploration of the ocean floor off the coast of Puerto Rico and discovered previously unknown marine creatures.

Alberta 'creationist' unearths fish fossil 60 million years old

Calgary - Edgar Nernberg, a "creationist" from Alberta, found primitive fish fossils in rocks 60 million years old. But he says the discovery has done nothing to change his belief that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and that the theory of evolution is false.

Video: London crowd lifts double decker bus, saves unicyclist

London - The video shows a crowd of people heaving a double-decker bus to save the life of a dread-locked unicyclist trapped beneath the bus after a collision amid rush hour traffic in Walthamstow, east London Thursday.

Lamborghini to launch new luxury SUV in 2018

Sant'agata Bolognese - The Italian car maker Lamborghini confirmed on Wednesday plans to launch a new sport utility vehicle by 2018, as part of efforts to capture a share of the growing SUV market. CEO Stephan Winkelmann confirmed that Lamborghini will launch the SUV in 2018.

Watch Florida fisherman reel in 552-lb Atlantic goliath grouper

Sanibel - A Florida fisherman, Jon Black, reeled in a 552-pound Atlantic goliath grouper fish from a Kayak while fishing in Sanibel, Fla., on 20 May. The catch is believed to be the biggest goliath grouper ever caught from a kayak.

NYC man takes dying dog Poh on bucket list adventure across U.S.

New York City - A heartbroken pet owner, Thomas Neil Rodriguez, took his terminally ill mixed-breed pet dog of 15 years, Poh, on a bucket list adventure across the U.S. in a bid to make the most of the time he had left with him.

Fisherman reels in 65-lb striped bass, new Missouri state record

Springfield - Lawrence Dillman, an angler from Rockaway Beach, N.Y., set a new pole-and-line Missouri state record on Thursday, 21 May, after reeling in a record-setting 65-pound, 2-ounce striped bass at Bull Shoals Lake in Missouri.

Watch student paralyzed by spinal injury walk at graduation

During his freshman year in 2010, Chris Norton, a student at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, suffered a spinal cord injury during a football game. The injury left him paralyzed from the neck down.

U.S. Marine and bride tell the story behind viral wedding photo

Asheville - A North Carolina couple shares with thousands of fans the story behind their touching wedding photo which went viral after it was posted to social media. The couple also talk about what was going through their minds at the moment the photo was taken.

Charlie Charlie Challenge: Teens summon demon on social media

The latest craze on Internet, dubbed the #CharlieCharlieChallenge, involves bored teens looking to be spooked trying to summon a Mexican demon named "Charlie" through a ritual procedure similar to the Ouija Board method.

Sikh who removed turban to save boy's life gets new furniture

Auckland - A "Sikh Samaritan" who disregarded religious tradition and removed his turban to cradle the head of a five-year-old boy hit by a car has received new furniture from a New Zealand business owner as reward for his kind act.

Tear-jerking organ donation ad, 'The man and the dog,' goes viral

An ad to raise awareness about organ donation, which dramatizes the saying that the dog is man's best friend, will surely make you cry. The video, titled "The man and the dog," uploaded to YouTube on 20 May, has gone viral with more than 2 million views.

Fox News viewers tend to be less informed, says new study

New York - A new study by Bruce Bartlett, a conservative economist, top official in the H.W. Bush administration and domestic policy adviser to Ronald Reagan, concluded that Fox News viewers tend to be less informed and engage in "self-brainwashing."

5-yr-old begs mom to buy homeless man dinner, says grace with him

Prattville - A kind-hearted five-year-old Alabama boy, Josiah Duncan, begged his mother to buy dinner for a homeless man he saw outside a Waffle House restaurant; and he brought diners at the restaurant close to tears when he said a "blessing" with him.

Watch scary plane landings under high winds at Madeira Airport

Madeiras - The video shows extreme landing tactics skilled pilots were forced to adopt over the weekend at the Madeira Airport due to threatening heavy crosswinds.

U.S. physicists pose with plutonium core of Nagasaki bomb

Tinian - Photos circulating online, taken on Tinian Island in 1945, show U.S. physicists with the Manhattan Project (1942-1946), Harold Agnew, Lawrence Johnston, Bernard Waldman and Luis Alvarez, posing with the plutonium core of the Nagasaki "Fat man" atom bomb.

Sikh abandons religious rule, removes turban to save boy's life

Auckland - A Sikh student from India studying in New Zealand is being hailed around the world as a hero after he ignored religious rule and strict tradition to help a little boy hit by a car. He removed his turban and used it to support the boy's bleeding head.

Florida dad catches 2-m shark in backyard canal where sons play

Miami - A South Florida dad was stunned when he caught a 2-meter shark he believes was a bull shark in the backyard canal where his sons often play. He captured the incident on his phone camera before he returned the fish to the water.

George Zimmerman suffers minor injuries in Florida shooting

Lake Mary - George Zimmerman reportedly suffered minor facial injuries in a shooting incident in Lake Mary, near Orlando on Monday. Police said he suffered injuries in an incident involving a man he had a previous altercation with in September.

Hispanic BBQ restaurant owner defends 'White Appreciation Day'

Milliken - Following an alleged bomb threat and backlash on social media, the Hispanic owner of a Colorado barbecue has defended the decision to observe "White Appreciation Day," saying it was not meant to be racist, but to celebrate the U.S. as a "melting pot."
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