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Gordon K. Chan

Citizen based in Toronto, ON, Canada. Joined on Dec 9, 2009


Record-high gold trading reflects concerns of Euro-zone economy

Gold trading reaches record highs as investors perceive the precious metal as a safe haven amidst the uncertainty and skepticism of the euro-zone currency bailout.

Soaring Canadian debt credited to consumerism

Canadian household debt has reached a record high and is among the highest in developed countries. Compared to twenty years ago, Canadians now spend two and a half times more on goods and services.

UFC 113: Lights out for Lyoto Machida

Montreal - Shogun didn't leave it in the judges' hands this time. Rua delivered a decisive knockout of Lyoto Machida to take the light heavyweight championship belt.

Lakers, Mavericks, Rockets aiming to sign Chris Bosh

Toronto - Los Angeles, Dallas and Houston would like NBA power forward Chris Bosh to sign with their teams this summer. The Raptors all-star is considered one of the most desirable acquisitions in the off-season.

Canada releases guidelines for prescription painkillers

The Canadian Medical Association has issued national guidelines to assist the prescription of pain medication. The aim is to ensure that proper assessment and treatment are conducted to prevent abuse, addiction and overdose of opioid painkillers.

Genetic scan provides details of man's death

A Stanford University professor had his genome sequence analyzed and discovered that he will likely die from a massive heart attack and at high risk for prostate cancer.

NBA: Toronto didn't even want to make playoffs, says Lebron James

"You could tell [the Toronto Raptors] didn’t really want to make the playoffs", says Cleveland Cavalier guard Lebron James after cruising past the Chicago Bulls, winning 4-1 in the series.

Deep ocean current that regulates global climate discovered

A deep high-speed ocean current has been located by scientists. Discovered in the Indian Ocean, this current is thought to be an integral part of the global ocean circulatory system.

Aldo uses leg strikes to dominate Faber at WEC 48

Sacramento - Jose Aldo defended his featherweight title with lower body attacks that 'took away' Urijah Faber's legs. Aldo delivered a sublime mixed martial arts performance to win by unanimous decision.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs to sign top Finnish goalie Jussi Rynnas

Toronto - Jussi Rynnas is considered the best free agent goaltender in Europe and has opted to sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs. The netminder chose Toronto because of the enthusiastic following of goalie coach, Francois Allaire.

Rapper Guru of Gangstarr dies of cancer

New York - Influential rapper known as Guru has lost the battle to myeloma at age 43. He was known for his stylistic delivery of intellectual rap, combined the musicality of jazz with hard beats of hip-hop.

Double-dipping will go unpunished for retired supply teachers

Ontario's minister of education will continue the practice of allowing retired teachers to have access to supply-teaching work. The aim is to have the 'best in front of the classroom' not the teacher at the 'lowest cost', she says.

Boxing: Lucian Bute wins fight with a sensational uppercut

A dominant performance by Canadian boxer Bute stopped Columbian Miranda in the 3rd round. Bute improves to 26-0 and retains his super middleweight title.

EnCana bomber escalates threats against Canadian gas firm

An threatening letter is being investigated by the RCMP for a possible bomb attack against EnCana Corp. EnCana has offered a $1 million reward for the capture of whomever is responsible for the 6 unsolved gas pipeline bombings.

Study: Cutting calories promotes long life

Studies have consistently found that lowering caloric intake has anti-aging benefits. Less complex organisms can live double, even triple the lifespan if calories are restricted.

NASA to receive additional $6 billion in funding from Washington

Washington - President Obama will allocate $6 billion toward NASA to create 2,500 new jobs and begin deep space exploration with the goal of sending astronauts to Mars.

NBA's Dwyane Wade declines introduction to Gotti family

New York -- Miami Heat superstar, Dwyane Wade, rejected the request to take a photo with the grandson of convicted mafia crime boss, John Gotti.

NHL: Maple Leaf's Kaberle hints at leaving after this season

'He's had enough' says Kaberle's close friend. This has lead many to speculate the very near departure of 10-year Toronto Maple Leaf defenseman.

St. Pierre dominant against Hardy in UFC 111

Welterweight UFC champion St. Pierre took down England's Dan Hardy in 5 rounds of mixed martial arts mastery. Carwin also pounded away a KO victory against Mir in the first round in the co-main event.

Nokia announces purchase of web browsing firm Novarra

Helsinki, Finland -- Nokia aims to improve mobile web browsing with their purchase of U.S. firm Novarra. Data plans and wireless internet surfing is expected to surge in 2010 and beyond.
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