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M Dee Dubroff

Citizen . Joined on May 10, 2007


Mona Lisa speaks across the centuries, in Mandarin

What smile is more ubiquitous than that of the lovely Italian lady known to an adoring world as Mona Lisa? Probably none, but believe it or not, Miss Mona now speaks interactively to visitors and in Chinese to boot. Read on and be amazed.

From Homeless to Haute Couture: One Girl’s American Dream

No, this is not a Lifetime movie script, but rather the tale of a talented and courageous homeless woman determined to change her lot in life. Read her story and lift your spirits.

Factory Workers Pose For Nude Calendar To Save Jobs

In a bid to save 204 jobs, thirteen desperate workers at a French boiler factory have bared it all for a nude calendar, which is slated for release this autumn. Read on for more nude facts, if you dare.

What is the Elusive Florida Lagoon Muck Monster?

What lurks under the surface of the Lake Worth, Florida lagoon? A disturbing video reveals that something most assuredly does, but whatever it is defies definition. Read more about this unknown creature.

Smuggler’s 'Fat' Bottom Hides Drugs: No Bum Rap

Customs officials at a Spanish airport arrested a man with six and a half kilos of cocaine hidden in his shorts. Suspicious because of his unduly large rear-end, this proved to be no bum rap. Read on, butt beware.

Parents claim son, 11, reincarnation of World War 2 pilot

James Leininger’s parents were initially skeptical about reincarnation, but now believe that their son has lived a former life. A book about him titled "Soul Survivor" has become a best-seller in the United States.

True 'Lord of The Ring' Finds Wedding Ring Year After Losing It

An ecologist from New Zealand has been dubbed: “The Lord of The Ring” but he is no hobbit created in a fictive dream. Read all about the man who found his wedding ring more than a year after it slipped off his finger and sank to the sea floor.

World’s Largest Knitted Poem: Are There Other Smaller Ones?

If something is the largest in a category doesn’t that imply that there are others to compare it with? The Poetry Society has initiated such a project , calling it the world’s largest knitted poem. Read on and wonder…why.

Diamonds Are a Cheater’s as Well as a Girl’s Best Friend

For Robert Charlton, wealthy English businessman, diamonds were a way to apologize for his infidelity. After 26 years of marriage, his wife had more than 40 glittering masterpieces. Read on for more details, but don’t let the stars get in your eyes.

Did Strep Throat Kill Mozart?

Many theories abound concerning the mysterious death of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at the age of 35. A new Dutch study suggests that he may have died from complications arising from strep throat. Read on even though the truth may still escape you.

Cat Earns GED Online, Internet Diploma Mills Exposed

Most cat lovers believe that their cats are smart, but how many would suspect that their pets could graduate from high school? Meet Oreo Collins, a tuxedo cat from Macon, Georgia, and the very first in her family to earn a high school diploma.

Send Text Messages into Outer Space: ET, What’s Up?

Until August 24, those die-hards yearning to text with a new and different inter galactic touch may send via an Australian website, short mobile phone-type messages into outer space. Read on for more information, and ET, stand by.

The Bambulance Goes Where the Ambulance Fears to Tread

The most prestigious European design prize is the Danish Index Award. The Bambulance is a finalist for this year's purse for creatively demonstrating the concept, "Design to Improve Life." Read all about this fascinating human transport gurney.

Russian Stray Dogs Travel for Food Via Subway

Stray dogs have learned to use the subway in their search travel for food. They board the trains daily and travel back and forth without paying any fares; quite a feat for supposedly “dumb animals.”

Patient Tortoise is Finally a Dad at 110

Billy the spur thigh tortoise is one patient guy. He has finally succeeded in mating with Tammy, a mere babe of 47 who had spurned his advances for 15 years. Come out of your shell and read all about their tale of lasting amour.

China’s Dirty Harry Has His Own Solution For Traffic Offenders

There’s an old saying about the squeaky wheel being the one that gets the oil, but one man in China has taken that concept just a little bit too far. Read all about his solution for those who break traffic rules in his home town.

Driver, Follow That Rocket: NASA Plans For Space Taxis

NASA will retire its fleet of space shuttles and is developing rockets and capsules to deliver cargo to the International Space Station. New transportation vehicles will soon be available.

The Portable Tap Dispenser: Do You Know Where Your Beer is?

The portable tap dispenser is the perfect gift for the drinker who can never remember whether he or she has everything. This party gadget is guaranteed to make you the life of the party, if you can find it. Read on, if you dare.

Fossil Reveals Ancient Pterosaurs Were Skilled Fliers

Pterosaurs were the earliest known flying vertebrates and a fossil found recently in China indicates that these creatures had unique and complex wing fibers that enabled them to fly with great precision. Read on and…shiver.

Cypriot Saint’ s Tomb Eroded by Love Potions

Unhappy lovers in Cyprus are removing so much stone from the tomb of poor Saint Agapitikos to use in love potions that soon nothing will remain. Read on for more details, but consider other ingredients for your own elixir.
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