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Ocean Malandra

Citizen based in San Francisco, CA, United States, United States. Joined on Aug 13, 2014
Expertise in Religion, Politics, Health, Travel, Environment & green living



More than half of humanity now identifies as a 'Global Citizen'

London - For the first time ever, the majority of the world human population see themselves more as citizens of the earth than citizens of their home country, according to a new poll.

Northern California town to build container village for homeless

Eureka - As homelessness grows across the richest nation in the world, a Humboldt County town decides to build a tiny house village out of shipping containers to shelter their least fortunate residents.

Drone photography is upping the real estate game dramatically Special

San Francisco - Aerial photos and video shot by drones are adding a cutting edge element to the luxury real estate market, giving a field that is already highly competitive a touch of Hollywood style production.

Climate change activists converge in Northern California Special

Arcata - As world leaders gathered in Paris to reach an agreement over climate change, local activists took to the grassy central plaza of Arcata, California, home of Humboldt State University, to voice their own concerns.

Time in nature fights depression, diabetes, ADHD, cancer and more

Urbana - After reviewing hundreds of clinical studies, scientists have found that simply spending time in nature has "huge, broad effects on health" and the immune system.

Shakespeare the stoner: Cannabis found in poet's tobacco pipes

Cape Town - Residue of marijuana found in excavated pipes from Shakespeare's garden sheds new light on the western world's most celebrated poet's source of inspiration.

Female leaders would make the world more peaceful says Dalai Lama

Dharamsala - Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama and spiritual leader for Buddhists and non-Buddhist followers all over the world, told Larry King that the world would be less violent with women in charge in a recent television interview.

Rain forest tribe write 500 page "encyclopedia" of herbs

Iquitos - In an attempt to preserve their rich knowledge of the rain-forest before it is destroyed, five elders of the Matsé tribe have just created a 500-page book of herbal medicine that contains the collective wisdom of these "living libraries."

Photo Essay: Peru's incredibly biodiverse Ballestas Islands Special

Pisco - Known to many budget minded travelers as the "Poor Man's Galapagos," the Ballestas Islands are a hotbed of magnificent marine fauna just off the coast of Southern Peru.

Study: Psychedelics improve mental health, reduce suicide risk

Baltimore - Despite the fact that psychedelic substances are classified as illegal in many countries, a large new study has found that lifetime use of them is associated with lower levels of psychological distress and suicidal tendencies.

Stand-off in the Amazon: Tribes shut down oil company airport

Loreto - Members of two different Peruvian native groups have occupied the airport of Pluspetrol, an Argentine oil company that is accused of failing to compensate local communities for damage to the environment.

Student loans linked to depression and high levels of stress

Columbia - In the first national study of its kind, researchers have found that the heavy burden of student loans is causing serious mental health issues in America's young adult population.

Music really is a universal language, study finds

Montreal - From the depths of the African rainforest to the bustling streets of a North American metropolis, music cuts through cultures and produces the same moods and physiological responses in humans, according to a brand new study.

Study: Meditation as effective as psychotherapy for depression

Stockholm - Group meditation classes improve depression and anxiety just as well as expensive private therapy sessions, according to a brand new study.

Amazon tribe defies Brazilian government and marks its own land

Amazonas - In direct response to the Brazilian government's plan to build two mega dams that would flood their traditional lands, an indigenous group is auto-demarcating their own territory and say they will die before they leave it.

Brazil as violent as Gaza, cops kill 6 people a day study says

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's police force has killed more than 11,000 of their own citizens in the last five years, according to a new study. This figure places the society's violence levels on par with war torn regions like the Gaza Strip.

Tiny fraction of military budget could save planet's biodiversity

Sydney - A new study claims just 2.5 percent of what the world drops on military spending could protect enough of the planet's natural areas to reverse biodiversity loss.

Brazil pushes Amazon to the 'brink of the abyss' scientists warn

Amazonas - Destruction of the Amazon rainforest has reached epic proportions under the leadership of Brazil's president Dilma Rousseff, who is celebrating her re-election this week. A new report warns that the ecosystem may be reaching a tipping point of no return.

Photo Essay: Streets of Cusco's historic San Blas neighborhood Special

Cusco - Clinging to the hillside just above the historic center of the city, the San Blas neighborhood is the oldest residential area of Cusco, Peru and a paradise on earth for those that love to walk.

Relax — marijuana doesn't lower IQ after all

Oxford - Despite several hyped headlines to the contrary, a large new study proves that marijuana use does not lower IQ in teens one bit.
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