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Sykos Masters

Digital Journalist based in Fredericton, NB, Canada. Joined on Apr 17, 2008
Expertise in Sexual health, Video games, Books, Social media, LGBT community & lifestyle,   see all» Religion



General description: inquisitive, loyal, outspoken, starving artist, aspiring writer, avid reader, fact finder extraordinaire.
Reporting on: censorship, New Brunswick oddities, the disadvantaged and forgotten, political 'maneuvering', and other hidden gems. If it's news, I research, research, research, and then report it in my own voice.
Likes: books, kind and trustworthy people, information, lively discussion, open minds.
Dislikes: regressive conservatism, excessive censorship, 'massaging and producing' information, dishonesty, 'experts'.
Life goals: becoming a published writer and respected artist, learning several foreign languages, the continued respect and friendship of my family and peers.
Secret 'shames': truly horrid 'reality shows' (they're such fun to critique), good ice cream, dark chocolate, bad 80's music (it's corny and schmaltzy but I was a teen back then)

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Sykos Masters said:
... mess. Sadly, debt — especially at the national level — is passed down the years for future generations to pay.
In News: Op-Ed: Greece says No — The EU must acknowledge failure