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Larry Clifton

Digital Journalist based in Tampa Bay area, Florida, United States. Joined on Sep 8, 2008
Expertise in Health, Government, Politics



Op-Ed: PBS - Cloning woolly mammoths might prevent Arctic meltdown

San Francisco - Researchers on an Earth Day PBS broadcast presented by Judy Woodruff hypothesized that cloning can be used to create a Frankenstein woolly mammoth species that would keep Arctic ice from melting.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 5 comments

ICU patient busted for selling heroin from hospital room

Greensburg - We all bring our work home with us from time to time in one way or another. For a major account representative, it could mean putting together a sales presentation for a new client at home in the den.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 3 comments

Op-Ed: Senate: Democrats lose advantage in four more states

Washington - While no one is predicting a Republican landslide in November, it’s no longer a stretch to say Republicans could win the six seats needed to take over the Senate in November.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 3 comments

Sen. Democrat calls administration's Keystone delay 'ridiculous'

Washington - Friday, a day after Pres. Barack Obama asked Democrat candidates facing elections in November to campaign on Obamacare, the White House announced another delay on the Keystone XL pipeline project.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 5 comments

Op-Ed: Like Nazis, Donetsk militants make Jews common enemy

Donetsk - More than 70 years have passed since an outraged world declared war against Nazis who were shooting and gassing to death Jewish children and their families for the crime of being born a Jew.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 6 comments

High corporate taxes behind corporate exodus from U.S.

Washington - Raising taxes on the rich is a familiar class-war battle-cry for campaigning politicians trolling for votes. Unfortunately, this “tax the rich” mentality has created a giant economic bubble in the U.S. that is poised to burst.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 17 comments

Sen. Landrieu says Obama policies are 'simply wrong'

Washington - It's no secret that Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu's reelection campaign is in trouble and that she blames the nation's top Democrat.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 12 comments

Florida Democrats promoting pot for votes

Washington - According to national polls, as many as 10 Senate seats held by the Democrats are considered tossups, and Republicans need only win six of them to take the Senate in November.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 9 comments

Florida woman attacked, dragged by five black bears

Lake Mary - Only 10 miles from where another Florida woman was attacked by a black bear last year, a 45-year-old Seminole woman was attacked by as many as five black bears that were rummaging through garbage cans for food.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 3 comments

Rescue team cuts hole in house to rescue obese man

Palm Beach - The house didn't have double entry doors or sliding glass doors so a special bariatric rescue team cut a wall in the back of his house and hauled him out on an over-sized gurney to a 2 1/2 ton truck.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 1 comment

Eleven nervous Democrats push White House on Keystone XL

Washington - Today Pres. Obama continued to delay making a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline as more Democrats joined Republicans in calling for him to approve it for permitting
In the Media by Larry Clifton

Highest paid Medicare doctors are major Democratic Party donors

Washington - In 2012, two Florida-based doctors who gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to groups supporting Democratic Party campaigns billed Medicare for $39 million dollars.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 2 comments

Navy plans to test fire electromagnetic railgun from ship

Washington - On Wednesday the U.S. Navy announced plans to test a futuristic weapons system capable of firing a low-cost 23 pound (10–KG) projectile over 100 miles from a ship at sea.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 3 comments

Op-Ed: Student suspended for twirling pencil in 'gun motion'

Vernon - Regarding gun control, some would say Glen Meadow Middle School administrators are ideologically crazed psychos bordering on clinical insanity for suspending a student for twirling his pencil in class.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Secret U.S. space drone orbits Earth thousands of times

Denver - Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched? Truth is, it's probably not just a "feeling." It might even be cold mechanical eyes watching you from a robotic spaceship that can count human hair follicles.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 2 comments

U.S. Navy's ability to make fuel from seawater a 'game-changer'

Washington - Monday, US experts and Navy brass jointly announced a "game-changer" process that extracts carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas from seawater to produce liquid hydrocarbon fuel to power ships and jet aircraft.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 7 comments

Police: Man robs same shoe store after serving 15 years

Toms River - Some people either don't learn from their mistakes or perhaps set out to repeat them - it is not the job of law enforcement to discern the difference.
In the Media by Larry Clifton

Navy decommissions nuclear sub torched by lazy employee

Portsmouth - The U.S.S. Miami was formally decommissioned Friday in a ceremony at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard where the submarine was torched a couple years ago.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 4 comments

Indictment: California Democrat conspired to traffic firearms

San Francisco - California State Sen. Leland Yee, a Democrat and outspoken gun control activist, was arrested and charged with conspiring to commit wire fraud and to traffic firearms, according to an indictment unsealed Wednesday in a San Francisco court.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 4 comments

California Democrat senator indicted for public corruption

Sacramento - California Democrats did not need Republicans to help dismantle their supermajority in the Senate. They managed to do it themselves this year with three separate public corruption indictments of state senators.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 6 comments
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