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Larry Clifton

Digital Journalist based in Tampa Bay area, Florida, United States. Joined on Sep 8, 2008
Expertise in Health, Government, Politics



Phony engineers drafted hundreds of buildings in California

Los Angeles - Two unqualified scammers used phony structural engineering to develop blueprints for constructing scores of residential and commercial buildings, according to police.

Sanders and Trump take New Hampshire by wide margins

Concord - In New Hampshire, where one year ago Hillary Clinton held a 50 point lead over Bernie Sanders, the socialist Democrat, won commanding victory over Clinton whose campaign is entangled in an FBI investigation.

Study says barley rapidly lowers blood sugar levels

Scientists have discovered that the mixture of fibers found in barley can rapidly improve one’s health by lowering blood sugar levels and staving off diabetes, according to a Science Daily article published today.

Op-Ed: FBI formally announces investigation of Hillary Clinton

Washington - A federal court filing on Monday confirmed that the FBI is investigating Hillary Clinton and her use of a private email server to distribute classified and even top-secret information.

Op-Ed: Affordable Care Act forcing Americans to skip healthcare

Washington - Five years after the Obama administration signed its highly partisan and controversial Affordable Care Act into law, experts say it isn't affordable for the average working American.

Researchers advance multiple therapies to improve brain function

They have enabled paraplegics to walk by sending computer-interpreted electrical signals from patients’ brains to motorized exoskeletons suits.

UK researchers discover fountain of youth

London - It turns out the fountain of youth isn’t in some undiscovered triple-canopied jungle in Africa or the coast of Clearwater, Florida, at least not according to scientists at the Institute for Aging at Newcastle University in the UK.

Op-Ed: San Francisco's Dolores Park open-air urinal called 'disgusting'

San Francisco - A city approved open-air urinal in Dolores Park that exposes urinating males to the public including women and children may prove to be an over-the-top concept.

Op-Ed: Scientists claim Europe's trees causing global warming

Overzealous environmentalists, mockingly referred to as "treehuggers," might want to step away from those trees and lay their protest signs on the ground.

Op-Ed: Pres. Obama pushes gas tax on poorest Americans

Washington - Well into his final year as president, Barack Obama, who has overseen the largest federal budget deficit expansion in history, couldn’t find the money in his eight-year spending spree to properly update infrastructure.

Op-Ed: Hapless Tampa Bay Buccaneers raise season tickets 21%

Tampa - The Tampa Bay area's favorite multibillionaire family, the Glazers, or the Buccaneers if one prefers, have decided that the team’s lackluster fumble-ridden 6-10 season was good enough to hike season ticket prices by 21 percent.

Op-Ed: VA's Sloan Gibson hails ruling in favor of accused employees

Washington - If the Obama administration truly wants to avoid the legacy of overseeing a worse administration than that of Jimmy Carter's, it has a lot of work to do and little time left on the clock.

Op-Ed: Once again Marissa Mayer's vision for Yahoo underwhelms

Sunnyvale - Yahoo’s chief executive Marissa Mayer announced Tuesday that it would consider “strategic alternatives” to cure the financial ills of its core Internet business.

Sexual assault case against Bill Cosby to proceed

Norristown - On Wednesday Norristown, Pennsylvania Common Pleas Judge Steven O’Neill refused to throw out the sexual assault case brought against Bill Cosby on Wednesday.

Critics say Nielsen survey methods archaic

New York - Nielsen, the 93-year-old company that has a storied monopoly over measuring television ratings in the US, is paying little attention to digital streaming while analyzing television viewership much the way it did in rabbit ears era.

Op-Ed: Sanders set to romp on Clinton in New Hampshire

Concord - After losing to Hillary Rodham Clinton in Iowa by a margin as thin as a credit card, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) holds a whopping 63 to 30 percent lead over his embattled opponent in the granite state.

Explosion aboard Somalian airliner forces plane to land

Mogadisho - A jet passenger plane in route to Djibouti on the Horn of Africa, a mostly French-and Arabic-speaking country bordered by Red Sea beaches, had to make an emergency landing today after something blew a large hole in the side of the plane.

Op-Ed: Why Clinton struggles to impress young Americans

Des Moines - Months ago, Iowa was supposed to be a cakewalk for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who many say was prematurely coronated by the Democratic Party and mainstream media.

Chicago homicides skyrocket in January

Chicago - The embattled former aide to Barack Obama, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, oversaw the most horrific month for homicides and shootings in at least 16 years in January.

Study: Middle age marijuana users risk cognitive impairment

It turns out cumulative lifetime use of marijuana as well as current use of weed does a number on one’s cognitive performance in middle-age years. What a bummer.
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