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Larry Clifton

Digital Journalist based in Tampa Bay area, Florida, United States. Joined on Sep 8, 2008
Expertise in Government, Politics, Health



Op-Ed: Western military coalition AWOL as Russia invades Ukraine

Kiev - As Western Europe and the U.S. confront Russia with layers of economic sanctions, Russian troops have crossed into Ukraine deploying artillery units to fire on Ukrainian forces, NATO said Friday.

Republican Scott Brown closes in on Sen. Jeanne Shaheen

Concord - Another Democrat Senate candidate may be in trouble, this time in New Hampshire. According to a recently released WMUR poll, Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is in a statistical tie with Republican Scott Brown.

Op-Ed: New research puts Global Warming on ice

New global warming research disputes the dire predictions of global warming activists who look at man’s pollution of the environment through a fuzzy political lens must cool their rhetoric for at least another decade or so.

Senate Democrats split with Obama over nonproliferation

Washington - No less than 26 senators are calling on the Obama administration to drop plans to cut the nuclear nonproliferation Department of Energy budget by $400 million.

Israel says Hamas military chief likely killed in air strike

Gaza - After missiles once again rained down on Israel this week, an airstrike conducted by Israel on Wednesday is believed to have killed Hamas chief Mohammed Deif in Gaza, according to a Fox News report.

Weak loonie doesn't stop Canadians from shopping in U.S.

Apparently, many Canadians still prefer to shop in American stores even if it costs them a half-tank of gas to do it. The reasons relates to high Canadian taxes and more competitive U.S. retail pricing.

Ontario rules turban-wearing Sikh motorcyclists must wear helmets

Canadian Sikhs who ride motorcycles call Ontario’s decision not to exempt them from wearing helmets “deeply” disappointing.

Op-Ed: Given a chance, Democrats failed to make things better

Washington - The Democratic Party is in decline, regardless of what sympathetic sources in the mainstream media say. It is not because of one thing that is going on; it is because of everything.

Two Italian Tornado fighter Jets collide over Ascoli, Italy

Ascoli - Witnesses in the hills overlooking Ascoli, Italy reported hearing a loud bang before fiery debris from two Tornado fighter jets fell into the forest below setting off brush fires across a large swath of land.

Obama administration sued for withholding documents

Washington - The Obama administration is allegedly withholding emails and other documents from the conservative-leaning Cause of Action government watchdog group.

Democrats trail Republican candidates in Georgia races

Atlanta - Democrats' hopes of picking up a Republican Senate seat in Georgia are fading, according to a new poll; at the same time, odds that the Democratic gubernatorial candidate will be moving into the Governor’s mansion are also decreasing.

Overwhelming approval for 'Protective Edge' in Israel

Tel Aviv - While Western journalists have bitterly complained about the lopsided death toll between Israel and Palestinian, a poll of Israeli public opinion shows overwhelming approval of the Israeli military operation called Protective Edge.

Op-Ed: Hamas breaks ceasefire again by launching more rockets

Gaza - Once again, Palestinians, presumably of Hamas, have triggered a military response from Israel by firing rockets into the Jewish state.

Op-Ed: Democrats enter throwaway Senate candidate in Montana

Helena - While it’s not uncommon for a political party to put up a throwaway candidate in a race they can’t win and doesn't matter, Montana Democrats seem to have put up a throwaway candidate in one of the races they must win.

Sen. Mary Landrieu flies into fund-raising cloud

New Orleans - Democrat incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu is facing increased scrutiny after it was discovered she billed taxpayers thousands of dollars for plane charters to attend fundraisers.

Chicago: 19 shot, three dead between Saturday and Sunday mornings

Chicago - Chicago exploded with gun violence again over the weekend with 19 people shot, including three dead, between late Saturday morning and early Sunday morning, according to police. The dead included a 16-year-old boy.

Islamic militants kill another 90 members of Yazidi minority

Baghdad - One day after Pres. Barack Obama said U.S. airstrikes and humanitarian aid in Iraq had ended, sources told Fox News Friday that Islamic militants killed 90 members of Iraq’s Yazidi minority in a northern Iraqi village.

Al Gore sues Al Jazeera America over Current TV sale

Al Gore, former vice president under Bill Clinton and the Democratic presidential nominee who lost to George W. Bush in 2000, has filed suit against Al Jazeera America, the Middle East media company that purchased Current TV from him last year.

Europe records zero economic growth in second quarter

With 19,130,000 people out of work, Europe rather desperately needs economic growth. However, during the second quarter of 2014 there was none of that going on.

Islamic militants massing less than 75 miles from Baghdad

Baghdad - Islamic militants on the march in Iraq are massing in a town less than 75 miles from Baghdad in preparation of significantly broadening its offensive.
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