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Larry Clifton

Citizen based in Tampa Bay area, Florida, United States. Joined on Sep 8, 2008
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Op-Ed: Too much baggage grounds Clinton's campaign jet

Washington - Whether you support her or consider Clinton the political equivalent of Bonnie, as in Bonnie and Clyde, one thing is clear, even to those unwilling to admit.

Op-Ed: California's air most polluted in nation

Los Angeles - The San Jose/Oakland/San Francisco region shares some of the most polluted air in the state of California and it’s getting worse not better, according to the Los Angeles Times in a report published Wednesday.

Study adds to confusion over blood pressure guidelines

While it’s good to have a high credit-rating number, it can be vital to lower your systolic blood-pressure number, right? Not so fast. Research on BP isn't adding up.

Op-Ed: Once again, John Kerry rebuked by Iranian leader

Teheran - John Kerry's signature accomplishment, the Iranian nuke deal he tailored, apparently on behalf of the ayatollahs, is glowing testimony to his incredible, detachment from the real world - and the American people.

EU might require visas for U.S. and Canadian visitors

Paris - Get ready US and Canadian travelers planning a trip to Europe — soon, you may need to apply for a Schengen Visa to tour EU zone countries, even for short stays.

Top Ansaru jihadist captured in central Nigeria

Abuja - In Nigeria, security forces busted Khalid al-Barnawi, leader of former Boko Haram faction Ansaru, according to reliable sources in that country.

Incarcerated Michigan Senator Virgil Smith resigns

Lansing - Michigan has many problems, from Flint's filthy drinking water to bloated public union pension accounts that are billions in arrears.

Op-Ed: Sanders has momentum; time for Clinton-Lynch deal?

Washington - While true-blue mainstream media producers, newsreaders and scribblers are busy beating on Trump, Independent-turned-Democrat Bernie Sanders isn’t cyberslacking in his campaign plane.

Second judge rules Clinton emails open to discovery and testimony

Washington - Another federal judge in Washington District Court ruled Tuesday a group suing for access to Hillary Clinton's public email records can seek testimony and Clinton emails as evidence.

Op-Ed: Huffington Post and Los Angeles Times fret over Clinton campaign

Washington - Even writers at the Huffington Post are strongly suggesting Hillary Clinton consider dropping out of the presidential contest to save the Democratic Party the embarrassment and political train wreck of her potential indictment.

Chicago heads the list of declining U.S. populations

Chicago - The Chicago metropolitan area led the nation for declining populations in 2015; it was the first decline in population for the Windy City and its suburbs since 1990.

Op-Ed: Clinton says US too tough on terrorists; scolds Trump

Washington - Despite Brussels, Hillary Clinton is criticizing Republican candidate Donald Trump’s assertion that the US will need to secure its borders and use maximum interrogation techniques to get information out of captured terrorists.

Nevada sex worker offers '30 extra minutes' for Hillary

Carson City - Embattled Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has picked up a sexy endorsement from an unlikely women’s group.

Unskilled labor rushes border as US companies rush out

New - There are more problems at the U.S. borders then cheap labor trying to sneak in. Avon Company, in moving its headquarters operation to the United Kingdom, has joined a growing stampede of American companies heading for the borders.

Op-Ed: U.S. presidential contest narrows to two viable candidates

Washington - The race for the U.S. presidency in 2016 is down to a total of two candidates unless the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton erupts in the next few months.

Study: Obamacare's 'Cadillac tax' to hit middle-class hardest

Washington - With health insurance deductibles spiking nearly as fast as premiums, fewer Americans are making doctor appointments or seeking healthcare that the Affordable Care Act was supposed to make more affordable.

Op-Ed: Sen. Marco Rubio gave up Florida; state will give him up Tuesday

Tallahassee - Marco Rubio, who has no path to victory in Republican primaries, should stop trying to double team Republican leader Donald Trump in Ohio and go back to work in the U.S. Senate.

Op-Ed: Pres. Obama snubs Flint, Michigan, gives UN $500 million

Flint - As local politicians in Flint, Michigan get behind the Democratic Party's push to blame a Republican for the Democrat political bastion’s dirty water, the top Democrat, Barack Obama, just gave $500 million to a UN slush fund.

Op-Ed: Trump Train on schedule; establishment left at station

Washington - As the Republican Beltway establishment, vanguard of status quo, squirms and searches for a way to stop the Trump train, the clock is ticking — but the T-Train is right on schedule.

Op-Ed: President Obama's legacy of disrespect multifaceted

Washington - U.S. Pres. Barack Obama has built a legacy of disrespect and disengagement highlighted this time by his decision to not attend former first lady Nancy Reagan's funeral.
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