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Tse Hao Guang

Citizen based in Singapore, Singapore. Joined on Sep 29, 2008


Swine Flu Emerges in Singapore

Despite stepped-up security and health screenings, swine flu has finally reached the shores of Singapore. Thankfully, this 'Patient Zero' is doing fine.

Cannes Airing £45 Zombie Movie

The Cannes Film Festival is known more for glamour than economy. Despite or perhaps because of an unbelievable £45 budget, the movie 'Colin' is turning out to be a surprise success.

Mysterious Ecological Disasters Bombard Chile

Chilean scientists are trying to make sense of a series of as-yet-unexplained ecological disasters. Animals have been dying in huge numbers.

Man Kills Wife in Chainsaw Accident

In a tragic and gruesome incident, a man accidentally cut his wife's neck with a chainsaw at their home in Ostego, Michigan.

The Pirate Bay Trial: A Huge Spectacle

The Pirate Bay, the most popular P2P filesharing website has been brought under trial by the recording and movie industries. Already, the 'Pirate Bus' has appeared, and 50% of charges have been dropped.

Former Police Chief: Kellogg's shouldn't ban Phelps

Former Seattle Chief of Police Norm Stamper rails against Kellogg's decision to disassociate itself from Michael Phelps over the swimmer's admission of marijuana inhalation.

Louisiana Man Hoped to Deliver Rifle to Obama

Police have arrested a man on Tuesday deemed as a threat to US President Barack Obama when he arrived at the US Capitol with a rifle.

Boy, 9, writes and releases iPhone app

Most 9-year-olds today would probably be more interested in playing computer games, rather than programming them. Not so for Lim Ding Wen, who has just released his very own iPhone app.

Spread the Love!

If you were anywhere near Singapore’s landmark Takashimaya Shopping Centre on the 14th of May last year, you would have been greeted by an astonishing sight - 400 people, frozen in place despite the sweltering heat.

Obama Town Votes For Namesake

One can probably guess who the people of Obama town in Japan would vote for if they could. The townsfolk hope to see an increase in tourism if Barack Obama wins.

Congo Refugees Shun Camps, Risk Violence

To thousands of refugees caught in the Congo conflict, returning to their homes in rebel-controlled territory is favourable to remaining in refugee camps.

World's First Chlorophyll-Powered Battery Invented

The world's first ever chlorophyll organic battery generates power merely through contact with water, paving the way for a more energy-efficient future.

Republicans Against McCain

More and more Republicans are seemingly expecting their Presidential nominee to lose. The latest - Connecticut Rep. Chris Shays.

Another Food Scare: China Eggs

China is now investigating eggs containing high levels of melamine. A local government has revealed that it knew of the tainted products for a month.

Smoking Addiction Rising

Smokers today are highly dependent on nicotine, a new study has shown. Experts believe the rest may have simply quit, leaving those unable to behind.

Syria Accuses US of Terrorist Acts

Syria's foreign minister has condemned the US for a helicopter attack on its soil. He branded the raid as a "criminal and terrorist aggression."

Connecticut Boy Dead in 'Self-Inflicted Accidental Shooting'

An 8-year-old child died after accidentally shooting himself with an Uzi submachine gun. He was under the supervision of a certified instructor.

Banks using Obscure Laws to Confiscate Homes

Banks and credit card companies in the UK are on the prowl, exploiting loopholes in the law to repossess the homes of people who default on payments.

China Dissident Awarded EU Human Rights Prize, Angers Beijing

An EU human rights prize has been awarded to Hu Jia, probably China's best-known dissident. Beijing warned that the move would hurt ties.

Obama Smeared by Christian Right

As election day draws ever closer, the rhetoric gets wilder. Under Obama, it now seems, gay marriage in all states will become law, Russia will occupy Eastern Europe and the Boy Scouts will disband.
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