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Kev Hedges

Digital Journalist based in London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Sep 1, 2010
Expertise in Holistic health, Concerts, Entertainment, General business news & info, Weight loss,   see all» Real estate & construction, Science & space, Pharmaceuticals, Sports, Exercise & fitness, Nightlife, clubbing, Food, dining & restaurants, Music, Jobs, Environment & green living, Dating & relationships, Government, Celebrities, Internet, Men's health, Pets, Unemployment, Health, Politics, Social media, Travel, Technology, Food, recipes, Personal finance, Small business, Divorce, Drinks, Movies, Careers & workplace



UK Ebola screening procedures to be reviewed following 'chaos'

London - Procedures for screening nurses and volunteers returning to the U.K. after treating Ebola patients will undergo serious review after one infected nurse boarded a flight from London to Glasgow, despite telling officials she felt sick.

Bill Cosby hires private investigators to dig up dirt on accusers

The allegations of sexual assault seem to keep on coming for the beleaguered television show host, but Bill Cosby is now fighting back.

Scientists angry at Home Secretary decision to expel foreigners

Scientists in the UK are angry at the Home Secretary's decision to expel foreign students as soon as they have completed graduation.

Shortest day in Northern Hemisphere, but mornings will stay dark

London - If you live in the northern hemisphere, today [December 21] is the shortest day of the year, so surely mornings will start getting lighter from this day forward? Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Three off-duty police officers attacked in Liverpool, one dead

Liverpool - An off-duty police officer has been killed and two others attacked in a city centre night club area in Liverpool. Police are not saying whether the attack was targeted due to the men's profession.

Australian PM: We must examine why Sydney gunman was out on bail

Sydney - The Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has questioned why the Sydney gunman was not on the country's watch list of terror suspects. Man Haron Monis should have been flashing red flags all over the place.

Man arrested after threats to kill West Midlands police officer

Police have arrested a 31-year-old man in connection with threats to kidnap and kill any serving police officer in the West Midlands force of the United Kingdom.

Violent patient goes on rampage in Yellowknife hospital

Yellowknife - The accident and emergency department at Stanton Territorial Hospital turned into a scene of violence and rampage after a patient went crazy and threatened staff.

UKIP leader Farage says women can breastfeed 'anywhere they want'

London - The leader of Britain's euro-seditious political power says he has no problem with women breastfeeding "wherever they want."

Yoga handmaiden was 'ordered' to have sex with boy, 14

The on-going inquiry into sexual misconduct at the Satyananda Yoga Ashram in Australia, has heard that a handmaiden to a sexually-abusive yoga master was forced to have sex with an adolescent boy.

Regulators in UK approve controversial California-based DNA test

A personal DNA test kit that has been criticised and was controversial in the U.S., has now been given the green light to be used by U.K. customers following approval from regulators.

Mum leaves six children home alone in UK to go on holiday in Oz

Birmingham - A mother of six children in the U.K. told her children she was just popping down to the local Asda supermarket, only she flew 10,500 miles for a romantic break in Australia.

More allegations emerge of FIFA corruption during World Cup bids

Just when football's world governing body Fifa was trying to sweep the corruption scandal under the carpet, new allegations have emerged of nefarious activity during the bidding process for 2018 and 2022.

Bollywood's Veena Malik sentenced to 26 years jail for blasphemy

Gilgit - Bollywood actress Veena Malik has expressed her anger at a 26-year jail term imposed on her by an Islamic court in Pakistan. Her "crime" was to appear on television in a mock-up wedding scene.

Crime spree unfolds while police tied up with Ferguson protesters

Police across America are at a breaking point trying to keep law and order while monitoring large scale demonstrations and anti-establishment protests in several cities in the U.S.

Germany's football chief tells FIFA boss Sepp Blatter to resign

Most football chiefs around the world have commented on the Fifa scandal surrounding corruption, but one executive has decided to speak to Fifa boss Sepp Blatter personally — and told him to quit.

Tourist fined $25,000 for defacing wall of Colosseum in Rome

Rome - A Russian tourist thought he would leave his mark on the 2,000-year-old landmark in Rome, and as he left a 12-inch high letter "K" on the wall inside the Colosseum, his action was spotted by a guard.

Michael Brown Sr. and Obama appeal for calm, protesters ignore it

Ferguson - The father of Michael Brown has appealed for calm ahead of the grand jury decision against a police officer. President Obama has joined in the appeals but protesters were out in force on Friday night in Ferguson, Missouri anyway.

Japan's new 'Black Widow' arrested after sixth partner dies

A 67-year-old woman from Japan has been arrested in what the local news media have dubbed the "New Black Widow Case." Chisako Kakehi was held after her sixth ex-partner died in suspicious circumstances.

Over half of UK's fresh chicken found to be contaminated

Experts say consumers should be freezing chickens to reduce poisoning risks, after a food standards and hygiene agency reported high levels of the potentially lethal bug campylobacter, present in poultry sold at British supermarkets.
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