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Bill Lindner

Digital Journalist based in Greenbrae CA, United States. Joined on Oct 20, 2009


Public misled on dangers of airport body scanners, watchdog says

Internal U.S. government documents show that the Transportation Security Administration, under the guidance of the Department of Homeland Security Secretary, deliberately misled the public on the health risks associated with body-scanning devices.
In the Media by Bill Lindner - 8 comments

Op-Ed: Why are those seeking the truth labeled conspiracy theorists?

Always one to be proud of America and all she stood for -- truth, freedom, justice etc. -- I believed in the rule of law, equality and so much more. I was never interested in politics or questioned the government's actions. That all changed on 9/11.
In the Media by Bill Lindner - 19 comments

Op-Ed: The GOP pledges allegiance to Grover Norquist over U.S. citizens

Ever wonder why the Republican response for this country's ailments is tax cuts for millionaires and large corporations? Meet Grover Norquist, the man responsible for locking GOP state and federal lawmakers into opposing new taxes for decades.
In the Media by Bill Lindner - 3 comments

Op-Ed: Patriot Act to be surreptitiously extended with no debate

After conducting closed bipartisan backroom meetings with no public input or discussion to push approval for a four-year extension of unconstitutional legislation, U.S. House and Senate leaders reached an agreement to take away our freedom.
In the Media by Bill Lindner - 1 comment

Op-Ed: Once again speculation appears to be gouging gas consumers

It appeared obvious months ago when "experts" predicted $5 a gallon gas prices, that speculation was again manipulating the prices consumers pay at the pump. Now that all the speculator rhetoric has proved fallacious, it's all too clear.
In the Media by Bill Lindner - 6 comments

Op-Ed: Innocence Lost — WikiLeaks unveils the ghastly goings-on at Gitmo

The recent release of documents by WikiLeaks details the ghastly goings-on at Guantanamo and the treatment detainees received in U.S. custody, and reveals, among other things, a myriad of war crimes committed by the Bush administration.
In the Media by Bill Lindner - 6 comments

Op-Ed: Senate Report details elaborate Wall Street Mortgage Fraud

A report released by the U.S. Senate paints a scathing picture of mortgage fraud on Wall Street enabled by the malfeasance and blatant disregard for oversight by Federal agencies that regulated them.
In the Media by Bill Lindner - 2 comments

Congresswoman asks U.S. DoJ to investigate Wisconsin Elections

The questionable appearance of votes giving Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser a victory by a county clerk who worked with him and has a history of questionable vote counting tactics has led a US Congresswoman to ask the US DoJ to investigate.
In the Media by Bill Lindner - 20 comments

Op-Ed: Political fight over union bill ensnares Wisconsin Supreme Court

The lobbyist-funded multi-million dollar illusory ad campaign that tried swaying support for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's union slashing bill is now flooding Wisconsin's airwaves to buy a Supreme Court seat in its upcoming election.
In the Media by Bill Lindner - 2 comments

Op-Ed: GOP's scholar targeting campaign alive and well in Michigan

The Republican fishing expedition for emails from scholars and historians who might oppose the dystopian legislation being used by many states to destroy unions, poor populations and senior citizens is alive and well in Michigan.
In the Media by Bill Lindner - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Wisconsin Scholar targeted by GOP for revealing their agenda

A Wisconsin scholar's revelations of how the American Legislative Exchange Council is driving the GOP's agenda is catching national attention, awakening U.S. citizens everywhere, and upsetting the corporately controlled political establishment.
In the Media by Bill Lindner - 13 comments

Wisconsin Union law published and headed to State Supreme Court

Wisconsin's controversial union slashing law was published by the Reference Bureau despite a court ordered restraint, and the contentious battle over the bill’s legality is headed to the State Supreme Court.
In the Media by Bill Lindner

Wisconsin man steals, then returns recall petition signatures

Wisconsin's recall movement, galvanized by the potentially illegal passage of Governor Scott Walker's "budget repair" bill by the legislature, disturbed a River Falls, Wisconsin man who allegedly swiped, then returned signed signature forms.
In the Media by Bill Lindner - 1 comment

Op-Ed: Florida Legislature hatches judicial branch take-over scheme

If you're a Florida lawmaker whose bills keep getting thrown out of court because they're illegal, what do you do? You fabricate a judicial crisis to take over the courts, create a bill, call it a Constitutional amendment, and hope voters buy it.
In the Media by Bill Lindner - 1 comment

Judge issues temporary hold on Wisconsin 'budget repair' bill

A Wisconsin Judge issued a temporary hold on Governor Walker's controversial "budget repair" bill, and for the second time in less than a month, reprimanded Wisconsin Republicans for keeping the public out of the legislative process.
In the Media by Bill Lindner - 9 comments

GOP-led House of Representatives votes to eliminate NPR funding

When a selectively edited tape was released showing a NPR fund-raising executive making disparaging remarks about Republicans and Tea Party supporters, the Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives voted to eliminate financial support for NPR.
In the Media by Bill Lindner - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Ohio's union-busting 'Jobs Budget' bill coming soon

The "Jobs Budget" bill introduced by Ohio Governor John R. Kasich -- yet another astroturf Tea Party darling making news for all the wrong reasons -- makes Wisconsin's "Budget Repair" bill look good.
In the Media by Bill Lindner - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Michigan redefines Democracy to destroy lives one city at a time

Dystopian legislation pushed through Michigan's legislature to enable the preconceived anti-Democratic corporate-driven notions of Governor Snyder doesn't fix budgets. It imposes fascism and rewards cronyism.
In the Media by Bill Lindner - 18 comments

Tech giants & Telcos chipping in to aid Japan relief efforts

Following the devastating earthquake and tsunamis that destroyed Japan last week, and the rising number of casualties, some of the world's largest technology and telecommunications companies have joined the relief efforts.
In the Media by Bill Lindner

Op-Ed: Wisconsin Republicans to meet with corporate lobbyists in DC

Any pretense that the Wisconsin GOP's Koch binge aimed at destroying union workers was meant to save Wisconsin's budget woes flew out the window when details of their meeting with corporate lobbyists in DC were revealed.
In the Media by Bill Lindner - 10 comments
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