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Eduardo Arrufat

Citizen based in London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Jun 16, 2013
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Barbie becomes first astronaut on Mars

London - NASA and Mattel have teamed up to send the 54-year-old doll on a mission to turn the red planet pink. It has been launched to celebrate the Mars Curiosity rover’s first birthday.

Norway officials banning Apple 3D aerial mapping

Oslo - Officials from Norway have forbidden Apple to take aerial photographs of Oslo to create 3D images for its Maps application.

Texas planning commercial spaceflight hub

Houston - Houston authorities are planning to reclaim its place in space travel as home of NASA by collaborating with the private sector of the spaceflight industry.

Elon Musk’s ‘Hyperloop’ ultra-fast travel system to be unveiled

Los Angeles - Elon Musk talks about a concept transport that is safer than a bullet train and faster than an airplane. The mysterious transportation promised by the entrepreneur would also be cheaper and self-powering.

NASA finds a defying pink planet

London - Astronomers have observed a magenta planet the size of Jupiter about 57 light years from Earth. It’s the smallest planet ever detected outside the Solar System using direct imaging techniques.

Paleo diet: Eat like a caveman and feel better

London - The Paleolithic diet is a modern nutritional concept based on ancient diets before the development of agriculture. It consists mainly of animal protein sources, vegetables, roots and nuts. Benefits include weight loss, control and better overall health.

Restaurant in LA features 45-page bottled water menu

Los Angeles - At Los Angeles restaurant Ray’s & Stark Bar, they know their fellow Angelinos' taste for a good dose show-off. They have a new water menu with over 20 different varieties of water from around the world. And you can opt for the water-tasting menu for $12

Russian man creates own credit card and sues bank for closing it

Moscow - A Russian man scanned a commercial credit card agreement and changed the terms of contract in his favor. After returning it signed to the lending bank, they failed to notice the trick and now a Russian court has backed him up.

Weinstein scissors out 20 minutes from ‘Snowpiercer’

London - The Weinstein Company is cutting around 20 minutes of footage from Joon-ho Bong’s film for its North American release. What’s the reason behind Harvey Weinstein scissor fury? Viewers are too stupid to get the complete version.

IBM new computing architecture based on human brain

London - IBM has unveiled a new computing architecture on Wednesday whose inspiration comes from the human brain. Scientists hope that it will achieve brain level capabilities.

Marvel has a film release strategy until 2021

Marvel Studios like to plan for the long haul. According to President Kevin Feige they are already planning a strategy for releases up to 2021.

Eating at your desk makes you stressed

London - A recent German study affirms that having lunch in your desk in front of the computer will produce higher stress levels, lower your creative control and reduce your connection to fellow workers.

Apple to replace third-party adapters for $10

London - Apple will start selling $10 USB power adapters to replace counterfeit units after raising safety concerns over the third party power plugs for the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Review: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Edinburgh - The largest arts festival in the world kicked off last Friday. Almost 3,000 shows from all around the world will perform this year over a span of 25 days.

Samsung files smartwatch patents

London - A series of recently filed patents and trademarks hint at Samsung’s plans for coming out with a series of high-tech smartwatches.

Wikipedia to block NSA spies

Founder Jimmy Wales announced that Wikipedia would be introducing security measures to protect site visitors, starting from August 21. This comes as the Guardian revealed that the NSA was also monitoring users who accessed web pages for referencing.

Hip-hop for the survival of the language

A hip-hop band from a remote Norway region is trying to save their ancestral culture by spitting rhymes in Sami, a language spoken by less than 20,000 people.

Car hacking tricks revealed at Las Vegas hacking conference

Las Vegas - Following their viral video moment two weeks ago, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have taken the stage in Las Vegas at Defcon 21 to reveal the tricks they used to hack into a Prius control system.

Microsoft patents Augmented Reality glasses

A newly filed patent from Microsoft hints plans of a release of a head-mounted display in the form of augmented reality glasses.

Op-Ed: How can the Web help the future of television?

TV is no longer a device which gathers families in a single room of the house while they share hours together. Thanks to the Internet, it evolved into allowing individual viewers to chose what they want to watch without the constraints of space or time.
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