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Jack Kapica

Guest Writer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Joined on Jan 4, 2009


Review: Light and shadows: Living under Adobe’s Creative Cloud

It was bound to happen: By pitching its products to professionals, it appears Adobe is abandoning individual users. But the individuals must realize that their choices have changed dramatically too

Review: How Microsoft’s Mantra brought us to Windows 8.1 Special

Windows 8.1 is an update of sorts that seeks to satisfy users and consumers with one device; but Microsoft seems to be missing some of the needs of each group, which are not alike

Adobe starts fans bitching about the switch Special

Los Angeles - Graphics software giant renames its software suite and adopts a software-as-a-service model, jolting users who will have to learn to live way outside the box.

Review: The fateful debate about books and e-books

Kobo’s new Aura HD, a ‘limited edition’ e-reader for ‘the most passionate book lovers,’ is a great e-reader. But it launches in the middle of a dubious debate

Review: Dyson improves the public washroom again Special

Futuristic-looking wash basins offer automatic water faucets and the familiar Airblade dryers with filters to remove airborne contaminants

Review: BlackBerry 10 is an iPhone for grownups Special

Research in Motion is re-branding itself as BlackBerry, and has come up with two new smartphones, the Z10 and the Q10, running on an entirely new operating system with features designed to appeal to corporate and government buyers.

Review: Microsoft's Office heavyweight looks to the sky Special

The focus of Microsoft’s office suite is now on the cloud, and Office has become a service with an annual subscription. It's bound to send some shock waves among the suite's 1 billion users.

Review: ASUS exploits the allure of tablets, but at a cost

The ASUS Vivo Tab RT is a great vehicle to show off the best features of Windows 8 RT, but can it replace a full laptop computer that can cost less?

Review: Tech for Christmas (part 7)

Keyboards and mice: All keyboards and mice are not created equal. Certain tasks require a certain kind of keyboard or mouse, while other tasks require something else entirely.

Review: Tech for Christmas (part 6)

Fiddling with images is still one of our favourite pastimes, and now there are several new products to help us along our artistic road

Review: Tech for Christmas (part 5)

Internet entertainment: We expect our entertainment to come from all over the world, and for our local entertainment to follow us. There are new goodies in Satellite radio, local TV via long distance and filling your home with global sound

Review: Tech for Christmas (part 4)

Telephones on the cheap: Yes, prices for voice-over-Internet (VoIP) calls are tantalizing, but you should know what you’re doing and what you might be giving up to get them. Still, bargains await.

Review: Tech for Christmas (part 3)

Keeping your machine happy: Getting your computer cleaned up and running like it did when you first got it is important, as is your ability to keep it free of viruses and other evils that lurk online

Review: Tech for Christmas (part 2)

Smartphones and phablets: Smartphones got bigger and tablets got smaller. There were some great examples of both this year, and you can measure their success by the number of intellectual-property lawsuits flying around

Review: Tech for Christmas (part 1)

E-book readers: These gadgets have raced out of the gate and are colliding with tablets. It’s taking some mind-bending among manufacturers to make the combination work.

Review: Windows 8 and the shock of the new Special

Microsoft releases a slim and fast operating system that works on old machines, new ones and even on tablets. It will need a little work to learn, but it will be worth it

Kobo raises the bookshelf for e-readers

Three new e-book readers and a revamped old one offer a network of 11,000 booksellers offering 3 million books in 60 different languages in 190 countries

Review: RIM’s problems aside, its new PlayBook is a great tablet

The PlayBook 4G LTE is an advance on other tablets in certain respects, and is equal to most of the others, and it can easily hold its head up with its current competitors

BlackBerry woos the developer community Special

Research in Motion’s road show comes to Toronto aiming to reclaim the handset maker's market share and rekindle the enthusiasm the company has lost over the past two years

Review: Adobe’s CS6 set to go on two diverging paths Special

The top-of-the-line graphics and content-creation suite is moving with the times, and embracing all the myriad gadgets that are now displaying content
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