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Arthelo Palma

Citizen based in Davao, Philippines. Joined on Sep 21, 2011
Expertise in Family & parenting, Education, Religion, Personal finance


Teacher, 30, and a schoolgirl, 15, run away together

Megan Stammers, 15, and married man Jeremy Forrest, 30, ran away together on Thursday night, but police speculate the two could have now travelled further into Europe, heading for Dover - and France.

Teenagers' death, linked to an illegal synthetic drug '2C-I'

Law enforcement officials thought “Smiles” or illegal synthetic drug 2C-I, may have strong link with teenagers’ death, according to a report.

Veteran Canadian broadcast journalist Henry Champ dies at 75

Henry Champ, 75, a veteran Canadian broadcast journalist died Sunday morning in Washington, D.C., his son Adam confirmed, as CBC News reports.

A newfound world, possible to sustain life

In the region of Dorado constellation, 50 light years from Earth, researchers found Gliese 163c, orbiting the star Gliese 163, with potential structures and compositions scientists believe could possibly sustain life.

Anxiety treatment to be made easy, as memory reveals more

A new study, published in Science, paves the way for understanding future best treatment for anxiety, post-traumatic stress and panic attacks as it reveals it is possible to erase newly-formed emotional memories from the brain.

Philippines bans cybersex

After two Swedes were sentenced to life in the Philippines in 2011 for illegally running cybersex dens, the government passed the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 to eliminate any other similar crimes online.

The man who served his genitals to paying diners is on trial

Tokyo - Mao Sugiyama, 23, the man behind the controversial cooking and serving of detached genitals, and three others who helped the said event are now under trial on the Japanese court, on the ground of alleged indecent exposure.

Monsanto's GM corn and weedkiller cause rats tumors and mortality

French scientists found tumors, multiple organ damage and premature mortality in rats exposed to Monsanto’s genetically modified corn or the company’s top-selling weedkiller, a study published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology shows.

Fighting acne online

Curing acne online could soon become a reality as NoviMedicine guarantees solution of anyone’s pimples by a dermatologist without actually leaving the house.

Where you live may affect your weight, a national study shows

The odds of rural Americans to be obese could be almost 20 per cent more compared to their counterparts in the cities, WLS reports based on a national study of more than 8,800 Americans published in the Journal of Rural Health.

Stem cells could treat deafness

Stem cells restored audible range of deaf gerbils for the first time according to a study by researchers at the University of Sheffield, UK published in journal Nature, as BBC News reports.

Second-hand smoke damages non-smokers’ memory

A study published in an online journal "Addiction" reveals smoke from other cigarette smokers could have detrimental impact on non-smokers’ memory.

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