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Martin Laine

Digital Journalist based in Lunenburg, MA, United States. Joined on Nov 11, 2009
Expertise in Politics, Environment & green living, Science & space, Education, Board games,   see all» Books, Government


Canadian gov't suppressed info on polar ice melt

Canada’s Conservative-led government has tried to keep Canadians from finding out just how rapidly the Arctic ice is melting by suppressing the findings of its own scientists, as well as forbidding them from talking about global climate change.

Scientists study Amazon turtles that ‘talk,’ take care of young

A team of scientists studying the Giant River Turtles of the Amazon River have found the species uses various sounds to communicate with each other, even one for newly-hatched nestlings, a previously unknown parenting behavior.

Op-Ed: Ricky Perry’s brave words in a lost cause

Up until Friday’s grand jury indictment on abuse of power charges, Texas Gov. Rick Perry had been successfully waging a campaign to reinvent his image from that of a buffoon which emerged during the 2012 campaign, to one of thoughtful intellectual.

Latest Ebola threat: Bogus treatments

In the midst of the worldwide effort to contain the largest Ebola outbreak in history and to find an effective treatment for its victims, others are finding ways to make some easy money by peddling fake cures and treatments to the fearful and gullible.

Report finds some fracking using diesel without permit

An investigation by an environmental watchdog group has found that some fracking operations are using diesel fuel without a permit, as required by federal law. Industry groups, and at least one state regulatory agency, dispute the findings.

Chess Olympiad marred by deaths of two players

The 41st Chess Olympiad in Tromso, Norway, ended on a sad note yesterday as one player died mid-game during the final round while another was found dead in his hotel room. Both died of natural causes, according to authorities.

IOC bans 3 West African athletes from Youth Olympics

Concerned about the possible spread of the Ebola virus, the International Olympic Committee has banned athletes from the affected regions from competing in swimming and combat events at the Youth Olympics, set to begin this weekend in Nanjing, China.

Op-Ed: U.S. spy agencies are running amok — Can they be stopped?

The heavy curtain of secrecy that shrouds the work of American intelligence agencies has become seriously frayed over the past year. Revelations have included activities that range from immoral to illegal to unconstitutional.

When less is more — Mini-Oreos and small-town America

Hart’s Location, NH, population 41, famous for being the first to announce its election results, will soon be part of a cookie promotion campaign. The Nabisco company plans to send each resident a parcel of its new line of mini-Oreos.

Ebola fallout: Missionaries quarantined, Norway flight diverted

Three missionaries who have returned to the U.S. from West Africa where they have been treating Ebola patients are being quarantined for the next three weeks. Also, a flight over Norway was forced to land after an African passenger had a coughing fit.

Ebola outbreak’s 'Patient Zero' ID’d as 2-year-old boy

Researchers believe that the first human to come down with Ebola and touching off the largest outbreak in history was a two-year-old boy living in a remote Guinean village near the borders of Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Tennessee delivers 2 setbacks to Koch Brothers

Tennessee voters have re-elected three judges despite a heated campaign to unseat them, and the state legislature voted for a public transit project despite intense lobbying against it, both efforts funded by the ultra-conservative Koch brothers.

One Dad's answer to violent video games — visit a war zone

It started with a dinner-table conversation between a father and his two young sons. They wanted the latest edition of Call of Duty. But he had seen real war, and knew it was no video game, so he came up with an idea — bring them to a war zone.

Ale, the world’s oldest European eel, dies at age 155 in Sweden

Normally a creature of the sea, Åle had resided in an old water well since 1859. His demise was discovered Thursday when the well’s present owner went to show him to some guests.

Op-Ed: Can the GOP re-invent itself? Are they even trying?

Even as the American voting public becomes more diverse, the far-right wing of the Republican Party continues to cling to the politics of polarization, making the party whiter than ever before, and threatening to make it irrelevant.

Next on the NRA agenda: Firearms for the blind

In a video posted on the National Rifle Association’s news website, an NRA commentator asserts that blind people should be allowed to carry any kind of firearm as a constitutional right.

Smog problems prompt Beijing to ban coal use by 2020

After years of indifference to environmental concerns, Chinese authorities are banning all use of coal and other pollutants in and around Beijing by the year 2020.

Listening in: researchers record conversation by filming chip bag

A team of researchers has developed an algorithm that can be used to reconstruct a private conversation just by filming an object in the same room — in one case, a potato chip bag.

Jefferson’s Monticello replica is 99-year-old’s dream house

S. Prestly Blake, a cofounder of the Friendly’s Ice Cream chain, has always admired Thomas Jefferson’s Charlottesville, Va., mansion Monticello, and as he approaches his 100th birthday, he wants one just like it.

U.S. confirms spy plane violated Swedish air space

U.S. authorities have admitted that a reconnaissance plane crossed over Swedish airspace last month while trying to avoid being intercepted by Russian fighter aircraft.
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