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Mark Weitzman

Citizen based in Tokyo, Japan. Joined on Dec 9, 2008


Disney lingerie debuts in Japan

An online retailer in Japan is selling lingerie sets based on four Disney Princesses in the annual Disney Fantasy Shop catalog. Lingerie inspired by Disney Princess characters is on sale for a limited time in Japan.

Holiday lights bright at mall in Tokyo area, blue in neighborhood

Simple strings of lights dot the neighborhoods while traditional holiday lighting illuminates the shopping centers and plazas.

First Japan tsunami monument has QR code video and advice

Stone memorial built on city land in pine grove at beach of town hit by tsunami. First of 500 coastal monuments includes engraved advice in English.

Lady Gaga in Japan for the holidays

The pop singer tweeted from Tokyo Wednesday: "Sipping tea in Japan with Haus. Feeling so grateful. We sold about 1 million albums a month worldwide since the release of BORN THIS WAY"

Japan tsunami before-after photos posted on Google Street View

Google publishes street-level photos of 82 cities and villages in northern Japan devastated by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Users can compare before-and-after images of the area.

Celebrities reveal Christmas gift wish lists

A yacht, a Ferrari, a pasta maker, and underwear are some of the items on celebrity Christmas gift wish lists this year. At least one star wants four more years, while another star hopes for a little respect.

U.S. Army in Japan 'Operation Soul Train' clears station debris

U.S. Military involvement in Japan tsunami-earthquake relief and recovery nears end as soldiers clear debris from small-town train station. U.S. Military sea and air units already finished.

Radiation in Fukushima parks, schoolyards limits playtime

Fukushima schools limit outdoor recess time and city implements a one-hour time limit on playground use due to radiation threat to children. Soil removed from school grounds has no place to go.

Crane truck kills six Japanese kids walking to school Monday

Six elementary school children were run over and killed by a mobile crane truck Monday morning in Kanuma, Tochigi Prefecture, 136Km north of Tokyo.

Japan Imperial Family turns off house lights; chats with refugees

Japan's Emperor and Empress turned off the lights and heat for voluntary palace power outages in support of citizens experiencing rolling blackouts. The Emperor and Empress also visited evacuees in Tokyo.

Hotels across Japan have rooms for tsunami evacuees, govt pays

Victims of the recent Japan tsunami can stay in hotels and inns at the government's expense. Residents of a damaged area who are without household water can take baths in local hotels, and a Tokyo hotel postpones demolition in order to house refugees.

Op-Ed: Tokyo OK, foreign media’s sensational coverage shameful

Tokyo - Foreign news reports bring preconceived notions to the forefront of the stories. Combined with on-camera theatrics and selective video and photos, the parachute journalists present a distorted version of the Fukushima effects on Tokyo.

US govt recommends 80 Km Fukushima evac zone; currently 30km

An email message to American citizens from Ambassador John V. Roos in Japan says US officials recommend an 80km radius Fukushima evacuation zone.

US agrees with reactor response ambassador in Tokyo says

Tokyo - U.S. Ambassador to Japan John Roos sends email update to American Citizens in Japan. Says U.S officials in agreement with the response and measures taken.

Higher than normal radiation detected along Japan Pacific coast

Fukushima - Japan's Fukushima reactor air monitoring indicates 400 milisieverts in immediate area, indicating high radiation levels for those nearby.

Shielding possibly damaged by explosion at Fukushima No.2 Tuesday

Tokyo - Another explosion at the Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant possibly damages number-two reactor. Authorities say containment walls remain intact. It is the third explosion involving the Fukushima plant site.

Op-Ed: The earthquake aftermath in Tokyo Special

Tokyo - Monday was unlike any day the Japanese people have faced. The power outages, the transit problems, and the recovery efforts are forcing Japan to band together and realize how their lives have been irrevocably changed.

Rolling Blackouts Begin Monday in Tokyo

Tokyo - Rolling blackouts in the Kanto Plain, including Tokyo, will begin Monday. The schedule will be announced tonight. Two reactors in Fukushima were also damaged.

How I survived the Japanese earthquake Special

Tokyo - An hour before the 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan, I was at home, in my Tokyo apartment, on the second floor of a five-floor ferro-concrete apartment built in the late 1980s and which met all the quake construction codes at the time.

Foreigners finally assured stimulus cash from Japan government

The Japan government has revised its original plan that barred cash handouts to some foreigners, now allowing foreign residents to receive money. Though the government has announced the plan, legislators are still deliberating on budget appropriations.
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