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Jason Li

Citizen based in Toronto, ON, Canada. Joined on Oct 1, 2008


Op-Ed: Assange’s Petty Revenge on Journalism

London - Julian Assange's tirade on journalism is nothing more than an attempt to get back at an industry that hasn't been treating him kindly.

Julian Assange: 'Journalists are war criminals' Special

London - Wikileaks founder Julian Assange made a rare public appearance today at Trafalgar Square to decry war and accused journalists of propagating lies that lead to it.

Op-Ed: START’s uncomfortable truths, and why it should still be ratified

Republicans appear to be stalling the ratification of the New START Treaty, saying they don’t have enough deliberation time. You might think that the whole issue is pretty straightforward: the less nukes, the better, right?

World's first Youth Olympic Games officially begins Special

Singapore - More than 27,000 spectators from Singapore and millions around the world gathered to witness the opening ceremony of the first-ever Youth Olympic Games on Aug 14, 2010.

Op-Ed: The media are the real whores in balloon boy saga

Richard Heene, the father of balloon boy, is now lambasted as a fame-hungry fraud who would do anything for some spotlight. But the media are not totally innocent either. Here's why.

Op-Ed: China is the new America

There is an article today in the IHT about Russia copying the Chinese’s model of governance. This shows that global political influences is shifting hands, from America to China.

Op-Ed: Why The Single Story Ain't That Bad

Ms Chimamanda Adichie is a Nigerian author who warns about the danger of stereotype because of media-crafted 'single stories.' Why don't I agree? Well, in the competitive media world, we can't always have our cake and eat it too.

Gagged No Longer: Controversial Journalist Breaks Silence Special

Jan Wong has finally spoken out now that her gag order has expired. The former Globe and Mail Beijing Correspondent was slammed after an op-ed she wrote in 2006 linked school shootings to language policy in Quebec. She was fired and gagged by the Globe.

A soul on fire: A profile of actress, singer Amy Walker Special

Sheʼs connected with four million viewers from almost every tongue; now Amy Walker is uniting them all in a creative way no one has ever done before.

Chinese Govt Bans Porn Access on PCs

The Chinese government is making it mandatory that all personal computers be installed with a software that bans questionable content. But some are wary that the installation could make government censorship easier.

Apple sued over touchscreen technology

The iPod Touch's and iPhone's key selling point is its touchscreen technology, which most agree is currently way superior than most of its competitors. But a Taiwanese company is suing Apple, saying the latter has infringed its patents.

Twenty-year-old owns Web-hosting company, becomes role model

Cameron Collings is businessman and tech-geek in equal parts. He started his first entrepreneurial venture at 6, selling candy, and built his first computer at 10. Today at 20, he runs a successful web-hosting company. Is he the next Larry Page of Google?

Israel Bans Journalists From Gaza

Despite a Supreme Court ruling to allow journalists into Gaza to cover Israel's war on Hamas, Israel has maintained the ban, leading many to say it's trying to manage the war's coverage.

Murder Suspect: I Just Wanted to Burn His Penis

A woman whose husband died after she set fire on him argues that she had no intention of killing him. All she wanted to do, she said, is to punish him for cheating.

Guilty: 12-Year-Old Boy Kills Mom

A 12-year-old boy has been found guilty by an Arizona judge of shooting his mother with a handgun. His reason for doing so? He didn't want to do his chores.

Happy New Year? Markets Close Above 9000 for First Time Since Nov

For the first time since Nov. 5, Wall Street closed above the 9000 point mark. This after Wall Street's biggest crash after 1931.

Vatican Reaffirms Conservative Bioethics Stance

In the most authoritative document yet regarding stem cell research and contraception, the Vatican has reiterated its opposition towards controversial procedures in the industry.

World's Biggest Floating Bookshop Docks at Vivocity, Singapore

The Doulos, a ship that travels around the world as a bookshop, makes a stop in Singapore. The crew, including the captain, work for free to bring hope around the world through books.

Suicide By Tiger in Singapore

Nordin Montong, 32, was known by co-workers for his erratic behavior and mood swings. But no one could expect his suicide - by climbing into a tiger enclosure at the Singapore zoo.

Muslim Cleric Marries 12-year-old Child

A Muslim cleric has caused public furore in Indonesia after marrying a 12-year-old prepubescent girl as a second wife. The cleric is now in Singapore.
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