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Anna Johansson

Citizen based in Olympia, WA, United States, United States. Joined on Mar 18, 2013
Expertise in Technology, Education



Op-Ed: How much is too much? The weight debate continues

When it comes to the "fat" issue, it's difficult to distinguish whether it's just a health concern or an actual case of discrimination. Research has only one stand, though: You can't be fat and healthy at the same time.

Review: 5 misbeliefs about DWI/DUI — Fact or fiction?

Planning to get intoxicated this holiday season? Just make sure you aren't going to drive afterwards. There's a way to enjoy holiday drinking without getting into an accident. enrollments increased; some still have issues

The newly-launched government site for healthcare programs,, has recently seen an increase in enrollments. Find out what users are saying about the new website.

NY County outsources sex offender monitoring to advocacy group

As the world struggles to deal with sex offenders re-entering communities, NY County is taking a new approach that is receiving mixed responses.

Op-Ed: 6 Customer relations errors to avoid

It is four times as expensive to win new customers than to keep existing patrons happy — so be sure not to make any of these fatal errors.

Op-Ed: For online business, technology is here to stay

Technology is becoming increasingly pervasive in every facet of people's lives, but none more so than business; however, dealing with technology can still prove to be a problem.

Op-Ed: How to outfit a home theater like a pro before winter

Getting ready for the end of summer can be a depressing time; however, with the right preparations, a new home theater might be a bright spot in the coming dark weather.

Op-Ed: 6 Ways to put your business at the forefront of LSEO

LSEO is something that is relatively new but becoming increasingly important for small business - here are some tips for mastering it.

Kenya says hello to baseball

Baseball is the quintessential sport for uniting people. It is a tradition in the United States and Japan and now its popularity is catching on in other countries, like Kenya.

A look at the expert witnesses in the marriage equality case

After DOMA was overturned just a few weeks ago, many are still outrage while others rejoice. This article discusses the expert witnesses in that monumental case.

The hot games in a slow summer of releases

Summers are not typically the best time to release new games; however, they are a few videogames worth checking out while you wait for school to start.

Op-Ed: Seven things every musician should know about social media

Musicians are known for starving and living paycheck to paycheck. Today, however, the power of the Internet allows them to market their music and turn a profit.

Op-Ed: 4 Ways technology is changing the treatment of mental illness

Mental health problems are mounting on a global scale and technology is rising to meet the challenge of helping to treat them.

Op-Ed: As telecommuting begins to dominate, home offices come under fire Special

Telecommuting is a hot topic loathed by some and loved by many and something every recent graduate should expect. However, before they can start, it's time to get the home office in order.

Signs of the Achievement Gap Among Foster Kids

Children in foster care are falling far behind their counterparts, as is evidenced by several different factors. It is important to discuss this issue to solve the problem.

Op-Ed: The easiest way to save money this summer

Americans are deep in debt, despite the fairly easy lifestyle changes they can make. One of those is to bring their own lunch to work. Here are some easy ideas that will help you break the habit and get your finances in order this summer.

Op-Ed: How to launch a data cleanup project

Big data is becoming increasingly important for businesses in every industry; however, cleaning up data can take hours if not planned and executed properly.

Op-Ed: How to Ensure Your Business Loan Application Gets Accepted

Getting a small business loan can be a terrifying part of seeing your dreams come true, so it's important to take every effort to pick the perfect lender.

Op-Ed: Why it’s time for small businesses to start a company blog

Simply having a website is no longer sufficient for small businesses looking to improve their leads and sales from online sources.

Decreasing the costs of sports injuries

It is heartbreaking to watch a hero suffer an injury in the middle of a game and, after a wave of recent injuries, many franchises are feeling the pain in both their roster and wallet.
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