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J Ocean Dennie

Citizen . Joined on Oct 12, 2007

News Growing the green community of tomorrow Special

Toronto - I had the opportunity recently to sit down with Ayden Byle, the founder of, a Canadian start-up that is looking to deliver to environmentally-aware homebuyers an affordably sleek sustainable dwelling in an eco-village setting.

The importance of groovifying: Vancouver Groove Movement Special

Vancouver - In an effort to infuse the rainy city's homegrown events with a bit more soul and swagger, the Vancouver Groove Movement is quickly carving a niche for itself in the DIY party scene and satisfying a demand for eclectic uplifting world music.

From plastic to oil: Making waves with a machine and a vision Special

Vancouver - Upgyres, a Vancouver organization, is looking to use the famous Blest machine that converts plastic into oil as a tool to clean up the North Pacifc plastic garbage patch. My interview with its director sheds light on this enterprise.

New soda can 'Smart Tab' poised to 'change the world' Special

A seemingly simple innovation to the aluminum can is causing waves not only for its improved functionality but for what its inventor intends to do with the proceeds from his invention.

Photo Essay: What democracy looks like in Madison Wisc. Mar. 2011 Special

Madison - The snapshots included in this photo essay were taken on Saturday March 12, 2011 in Madison, Wisconsin where it is estimated that well over 150,000 gathered in protest the recent decision regarding collective bargaining rights.

Photo Essay: Madison Wisconsin protest - The faces of democracy Special

These images were taken February 26 2011 during the afternoon protests against Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker's controversial 'Budget Repair Bill'.

No hanky-panky allowed, UK court bans man from having sex

Without being convicted of any crime, a British citizen with an abnormally low IQ of 48 has been ordered by a UK High Court judge to refrain from sex and to be placed under surveillance to enforce the ruling.

ABC's Amanpour lands exclusive interview with Hosni Mubarak

Cairo - In what could only be called a media coup de grace, ABC reporter Christiane Amanpour managed to land a world exclusive interview with Hosni Mubarak, the embattled Egyptian president, beating out CNN's Anderson Cooper and others to the finish line.

Modern Slavery: The Plight of Foreign Workers in Qatar

It goes without saying that Qatar's economy and entire way of life depends heavily on the efforts of foreign workers. Less known, however, are the abuses and rights violations these workers are increasingly subject to. Sadly, no resolution is in sight.

Photo Essay: Sadhus, the Wandering Holy Men of India Special

Ever thought of becoming a drifting holy dropout? For countless generations, dedicated individuals in India and Nepal have done just that, forsaking some of the shackles of society, adopting the robes of the renunciate and devoting their efforts to God.

Op-Ed: Jared Diamond's 'Guns Germs and Steel': Is It Worth the Hype?

The environmental determinism espoused by geologist Jared Diamond, particularly in his book "Guns, Germs and Steel" remains a compelling theory of the rise and fall of civilzations but Ian Bremmer's J-Curve concept is a more apt geopolitical rationale .

Secret of Canada's Neon Green River revealed

Residents of Canada's Vancouver Island will be sleeping easier now that they know what led to the completely bizarre neon green discoloration of one of the major rivers flowing through the south part of the island.

Op-Ed: Beyond Dawkins' Delusion — A More Reasoned Riposte to His Atheism

The atheistic philosophy of Richard Dawkins, though compelling, falls far short in proving that God doesn't exist or that individuals who embrace God are somehow delusional. What is required is a more objective handling of the issue.

Op-Ed: 40 years later, 'The Tragedy of the Commons' as relevant as ever

Garret Hardin's groundbreaking "The Tragedy of the Commons" is much more than an historical analysis of common property resources in medieval times. It remains, after 40 years, a viable model of the resource degradation and depletion currently underway

Over 1,000 aborted fetuses uncovered in Bangkok temple

A macabre collection of well over 1,500 fetuses have now been discovered in two raids this week at the morgue of a Thai Buddhist temple in an outlying district of Bangkok.

Atheists finally 'Coming Out of the Closet' Special

Co-opting a move from the LGBT community's playbook, a U.S. organization of atheists and "free thinkers" have unleashed a billboard blitz, calling it the “Out of the Closet” campaign, undertaken to draw attention to the option of remaining godless.

Pharmaceutical Chicanery: Snake Oil Vendors of the Modern Era

Are you sure you know what you are getting inside that box of prescription medicine? Two recent newspaper articles have offered very interesting and varying perspectives into a disturbing growing international trend in the pharmaceutical industry.

North American bats continue dying at alarming rate

A strange invasive disease is swiftly wiping out the bat population across the eastern United States and parts of Canada and wildlife officials, in an attempt to stave off the devastation, are resorting to closing off public access to caves.

Op-Ed: Holy Water Special

It is perhaps time for us to radically rethink our relationship with water and how to approach it with the sanctity it deserves.

Op-Ed: The Next Buddha? Special

In a poor backwater region of southern Nepal, an 18-year-old boy by the name of Ram Bahadur Bomjon may very well be on his way to becoming the next Buddha.
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