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Can Tran

Digital Journalist based in Winter Haven, FL, United States, United States. Joined on Oct 5, 2007
Expertise in Health, Ethnic cultures, Religion, Drinks, Video games,   see all» Sports, Technology, Politics, Movies, Entertainment, Dating & relationships



Review: 'Gourmet Girl Graffiti' EP 12 deliciously closes the series

"Gourmet Girl Graffiti" comes to a close for the winner season with the 12th and final episode, which reminds us that food is better when there are people to share it with.

Review: 'Aldnoah.Zero 2' finishes up after 12 intense episodes

The finale episode of "Aldnoah.Zero 2" gives necessary closure, but it was the ending that I expected to happen. The ending does leave questions and opens the possibility for a third season.

Review: 'Durarara!! x 2 Sho' nicely wraps up after 12 unique episodes

"Durarara!! x 2 Sho" ends on a happy and somewhat twisted note as Mikado allows darkness to enter his heart, which sets up for the July broadcast of "Durarara!! x 2 Ten."

Review: 'Log Horizon 2' EP 25 puts the second season to a close

"Log Horizon 2" ends the series after 25 episodes, where Shiroe takes on a bold new quest at Kanami's request after emerging victorious against the Genius of Summoning.

Review: 'The Rolling Girls' EP 12 ends series, leaves an open plothole

"The Rolling Girls" ends with the recently released 12th and final episode, but leaves open a huge plot hole regarding the Bests and their powers.

Review: 'Fairy Tail 2' EP 51 is full of "men"

The latest episode of "Fairy Tail 2," which is a filler episode, is Hiro Mashima's way of playfully poking fun and parodying the zombie apocalypse.

Review: 'Isuca' EP 10 brings the series to a questionable close

"Isuca" finishes up the series with the test and final episode, which streamed yesterday, but opens up the possibility of a second season.

Review: 'Death Parade' peacefully wraps up after 12 emotional episodes

After 12 emotionally intense episodes, the "Death Parade" series has wrapped for the year. It leaves hope for the possibility of a second season.

Video: 'Killer Instinct' Hisako trailer

Hisako officially joins the roster for "Killer Instinct: Season 2" as she is a vengeful spirit from Japan's Sengoku Era looking for the people responsible for desecrating her grave.

Review: 'GARO — The Animation' EP 24 joyfully wraps up the 1st series

Leon Luis has finally defeated Mendoza in the final episode of "GARO: The Animation," where he has avenged the death of his parents.

Video: 'Mortal Kombat X' Erron Black trailer

Erron Black, the elusive and enigmatic gunslinger, is confirmed to be a playable character in the upcoming "Mortal Kombat X."

Review: 'Shirobako' comes to a close after 24 informative episodes

After 24 episodes, "Shirobako" has finally wrapped up. It is a great commentary and in-depth look on how the anime industry works in Japan.

Review: 'Saekano' EP 12 wraps up the series on a beautiful & funny note

The final episode for "Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend" completes Blessing Software with the addition of Michiru, Tomoya's cousin, and her Icy Tail band.

Review: 'Saekano' EP 11 is a battle between cousin & childhood friend

The 11th episode of "Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend" forces Tomoya to make a compromise with his cousin in order to make Blessing Software a reality.

Review: 'Tokyo Ghoul' makes you question what is 'human' or 'monster'

After 24 episodes, "Tokyo Ghoul" has wrapped up its series run. It was an intense roller coaster ride that is packed with so much drama and bloodshed.

Review: 'KanColle' EP 12 ends the series with a climatic ultra battle

The latest episode of "KanColle" wraps up the first season by having an ultimate battle between the Fleet Girls and the Abyssal Fleet in a brutal throwdown.

Review: 'The Testament of Sister New Devil' EP 12 is a 'happy ending'

Zolgia finally gets what is coming to him in the finale of the first season to "The Testament of Sister New Devil," which ends in an awkward "reverse bang" that ends before it even starts.

Review: 'Parasyte — The Maxim' an intellectual & action-packed ride

"Parasyte: The Maxim" is an intense series that uniquely combines science-fiction, drama, horror, and suspense to create one addicting story that keeps you hooked until the end.

Review: 'Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!' grand poobah of gay jokes

Are you sick and tired of all the "magical girl" anime series? Then you should check out "Cute High Defense Club LOVE!" because it mocks the genre.

Review: 'Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!' EP 12 concludes the series

The latest and final episode of "Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!" reveals the shocking truth behind conflict between the Earth Defense and Earth Conquest Clubs.
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