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Can Tran

Citizen based in Winter Haven, FL, United States, United States. Joined on Oct 5, 2007
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Video: 'Yoshi's Woolly World' E3 2015 trailer

"Yoshi's Woolly World" will come out in North America on October 16th for the Nintendo Wii U console, which was announced recently at E3.

Video: 'Xenoblade Chronicles X' E3 2015 trailer

Monolith Software has confirmed the North American release for "Xenoblade Chronicles X" for the Nintendo Wii U in December.

Video: 'Overkill's The Walking Dead' E3 2015 trailer

The first trailer was streamed for "Overkill's The Walking Dead," connected to Robert Kirkman's original graphic novel, set for release in 2016.

Review: 'Magneto #19' centers on Magneto's martyrdom in Secret Wars

Magneto is willing to play martyr and allow himself to die in the process if it means preventing his Earth from being destroyed by the other Earth.

Review: 'Ms. Marvel #16' sucker punches Kamala Khan with the Secret Wars

Life as a teenage superhero is no cakewalk as Kamala Khan has to restore order to a panicking population of Jersey City in midst of the incoming Incursion.

Video: 'Metal Gear Solid V — The Phantom Pain' E3 2015 trailer

Konami announced at E3 that "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain" will be available on September 1 and 15, respectively, on consoles and PC.

'Shenmue III' is now a reality thanks to Sony and Kickstarter

Ryo Hazuki has been rescued from video game hero limbo as Yu Suzuki launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for "Shenmue III."

Video: 'Peanuts' official movie trailer

Charles M. Schultz's famous 'Peanuts' comic script, which spawned many TV specials, is officially getting the big movie treatment.

Video: 'Street Fighter V' E3 2015 trailer

Capcom hasn't given a release date for "Street Fighter V," but veterans Cammy and Birdie return to join the main playable roster.

'Guardians Team-Up #6' stars X-Men's Nightcrawler

The special guest star of this issue of "Guardians Team-Up" is Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler, the teleporter, from the X-Men.

Review: 'Spider-Woman #8' shows that Jessica is not heartless

The sleepy townspeople are not bad, just misunderstood and want to get away from their spouses. It shows that Spider-Woman isn't heartless.

Review: 'Magneto #18' is last-minute redemption story during Secret Wars

In this comic book review, Magneto and his illegitimate daughter, Polaris, finally come together to save the city from doom in the incursion from 1610's Earth.

Review: 'Ms. Marvel #15' continues the betrayal of Kamala Khan

Kamala uses her wits to escape the clutches of Lineage and his group of Inhumans, which includes Kamran, where the villain reveals interesting news.

Video: 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' 1st trailer

The first trailer has been streamed for "Legends of Tomorrow," the 2nd planned "Arrow" spinoff, scheduled to broadcast in 2016.

Review: 'Ant-Man #5' brings back Darren Cross as hero's archenemy

Scott Lang realizes that the stakes are high as he must get past a resurrected Darren Cross in order to save his daughter, Cassie.

Review: 'Guardians Team-Up #5' is a cute and warmhearted adventure

Rocket Raccoon is reduced to monitor duty as he must work with the Pet Avengers to thwart two threats to Earth, one domestic and one intergalactic.

Review: 'Spider-Woman #7' is one big comedic WTF moment

Jessica Drew aka the titular "Spider-Woman" is ultimately taken to where the families of various villains are taken hostage, but it's not what she was expecting.

Review: 'Avengers — Age of Ultron' highlights strong synergy of the MCU

Please watch the latest episode of "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" before you watch "Avengers: Age of Ultron." You'll be glad that you did.

'Red One #2' beautifully reinvents US vs. USSR story plot

Vera, the titular Red One, leads the most interesting triple-life in this new series from Image Comics. She is a masked hero and a Soviet sleeper agent.

Review: 'Star Wars — Princess Leia #3' is political awakening for Leia

Princess Leia and her group travel to Planet Sullust, where the enclave of Alderaanian refugees are initially suspicious of her surprise visit.
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