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Karen Hardison

Digital Journalist based in Pismo Beach, CA, United States, United States. Joined on Oct 5, 2014
Expertise in Science & space, Books, Stocks & trading, General business news & info, Environment & green living,   see all» Movies



First shape-changing 3D printed objects

Atlanta - 3D printing creates objects that compress and expand according to programmed heat changes. Tensional integrity forms bridges and domes on Earth and may form 3D compressible "tensegrity" structures in space or in soft robots.

Marine ecosystem death found in beach mud of southern California

Ancient sea bed uncovered in southern California. Scallops and shelled marine animals thrived there until the 1700s. Molecular dating technology shows species absent for 100 years. Livestock grazing caused sediment silt and die-off of 4,000-old ecosystem.

Twin dwarf stars do circling dance without expected exoplanet

ESO data suggested a large undetected exoplanet in the interacting, twin brown dwarf star system Luhman 16AB. Hubble high-precision images collected over three years' time show the system is two dwarfs dancing, with no influencing exoplanet present.

Call to action from New Zealand to save Yellow-eyed penguin

Penguin populations around the world are in decline and now New Zealand's Yellow-eyed penguins slip toward extinction. At their rate of decline, Yellow-eyed penguins will vanish from the Otago Peninsula of New Zealand in about 40 years.

Babies' brain growth boosted by stimulus 'nudges'

Gone the do-nothing era of parental responsibility in babies' and children's development. Not left to the fate written in their genes, babies develop best when given helpful parental "nudges," according to Norway's neuropsychologist, Audrey van der Meer.

Traumatic brain injury promised pharmaceutical treatment

Fayetteville - Brain cell swelling follows and worsens traumatic brain injury. Scientists at the University of Arkansas found the drug Acetazolamide inhibits production of the protein triggering brain cell swelling, suggesting a treatment for brain injury.

Internet freedom increasingly restricted globally

Washington - The Freedom on the Net report ranks the United States as the fourth least restrictive government in 2016 while China ranks as most restrictive, having internet access shut-downs and social media user arrests.

Op-Ed: Brookings' Darrell M. West speculates on future Trump presidency

Washington D.c. - Darrell West offers four perspectives on Trump as President. Business as usual contrasts with encroachment of freedoms and invasion of rights.

Bioplastic spun by enzyme may replace petro-plastic says MIT

Boston - Bacterial enzymes produce polymer chains that have the properties of plastic. MIT discovered where nutrients enter and polymers exit making bioengineering of bioplastics — replacing petro-plastics — more feasible.

Tesoro oil's performance attracts hedge funds

Los Angeles - Tesoro Corporation performs better than the rest of the energy sector bringing hedge funds once again to their door buying large blocks of TSO shares.

Dark matter interaction with itself is 'tiny-but-not-zero' Special

Durham - Recent claims assert dark matter both "does not" and "does" interact with itself. Instrumental in both studies, Dr. Richard Massey sheds light on their meaning, conducted as bookends squeezing dark matter from top and bottom to find what dark matter is.

Dark matter — Stalked from every which way

Dark matter is hunted in space, in the Solar system and in distant galaxies. Signs of its interactions, its fingerprint and its decay are pursued. Whether WIMP, axion or neutrino, though unseen, the net is tightening around it.

Oort Cloud — Ice and dust encircles Sun at 100,000 AUs above

Jan Oort's Comet Cloud is getting attention again because of its role in a new model of Galactic disc dark matter that connects the interaction between dark matter and Oort comets with Earth's mass extinctions. But what is the Oort Comet Cloud?

Geological catastrophes pinned to Galactic disc dark matter

A recent study suggests that cycles of mass extinction, magnetic direction reversals, and crater impacts on Earth may be significantly influenced by rhythms of Earth's interaction with dark matter in the Galactic plane.

Anxiety linked to continual experiences of déjà vu

Frequent experience of déjà vu and anxiety related to university life coupled with unfortunate experimentation with LSD make a young man's life a continual time-loop of seemingly relived events, a condition newly described as psychogenic déjà vu.

Crossing fingers confuses and stops brain's perception of pain

In a pain management breakthrough, researchers show that changing the spatial alignment of body parts — crossing fingers — alters pain sensation showing the brain recognizes spatial alignment over part-to-body alignment.

Einstein's contradiction of 'spooky action at a distance' refuted

Einstein was wrong. Einstein asserted there is no spooky action between or within quantum particles even though they are arbitrarily large wave functions. Measurements succeeded in proving that spooky action occurs within the wave of a single particle.

Dark energy quest aided by new 'candle' measuring cosmic distance

Dark energy can be better pinned down the better we understand the speed of the cosmic acceleration it causes. Identifying a new Type Ia supernovae "candle" among young stars emitting ultra violet pins down that speed better.

Got money? Wanna fly your car — or drive your plane — come 2017?

Vienna - AeroMobil to release their first personal transformer sport plane with wheels that can drive -- or their first personal sport car with wings that can fly. If you are in the monied jet-set, you can park your own AeroMobil 3.0 in your garage come 2017.

Melting glaciers pour tons of fresh water into Gulf of Alaska

Corvallis - Glacial melting, the re-liquification of ancient freshwater glaciers, is contributing a vast volume of water to the Gulf of Alaska, topping the amount of water in mighty rivers. Fresh water at this magnitude will impact marine ecosystems and sea levels.
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