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Lesley Lanir

Digital Journalist based in many places and sometimes London, United Kingdom. Joined on Nov 8, 2011
Expertise in Movies, Education, Books, Travel, Entertainment



J.K. Rowling's Scottish haunt—The Elephant House coffee shop Special

Edinburgh - If, when visiting Edinburgh, Scotland, you feel like a warm drink and a bite to eat, wander over to the Old City and find The Elephant House, the eatery voted the best coffee shop in Edinburgh and where J.K. Rowling became inspired to write Harry Potter.

The Blue Lobster: New interactive ASL bilingual storybook app Special

Washington - The Blue Lobster storybook for iPad is the first early reader app designed for young children ages three and up that also helps young deaf children acquire ASL and reading skills.

Unusual finding at Glasgow's Kelvingrove—The Antiques Roadshow Special

Glasgow - Glasgow has many free, interesting attractions. One of the more famous is the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in the West End. What you might not expect to find while browsing around is the filming of an episode of the BBC's Antiques Roadshow.

New research: Internet harassment — online abuse investigated

Washington - New research published today finds that 73 percent of internet users have witnessed online harassment and 40 percent have experienced it personally.

Award winning Golan Heights Winery wins 4 more Mundus Vini medals

Award winning Golan Heights Winery has won four medals in Mundus Vini, one of the most prestigious international wine competitions. The winery's Yarden Chardonnay 2012, Gamla Brut NV, Yarden Merlot 2009 and Yarden 2T 2009 all received medals.

Independence — Is Scotland ‘Better Together’ than 'Independent'? Special

Glasgow - Danny Quinn, known as Scottish Hip Hop emcee, Wee D, discusses why he feels he is fortunate and is firmly in the ‘Better Together’ camp and not voting 'Yes’ in the upcoming referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country.

Can't find a corkscrew? How to open a bottle of wine with a shoe

So you can't find a corkscrew and you are stuck with an unopened bottle of wine in your hand? Impress your guests and open a bottle of wine with your shoe; a Mirabeau Wine's expert shows you how to manage without your bartender's friend.

We Are Not A United Kingdom— We need change not 'Independence' Special

Glasgow - Danny Quinn, known as Scottish Hip Hop emcee, Wee D, continues his chat with discussing the video, ‘We Are Not A United Kingdom’, produced by Omar Al-Zidjali of Redtree pictures. Danny explains why this piece is not only about Scotland's future.

Emcee WeeD—Hip Hop not just about money making or shooting people Special

Glasgow - In connection to his video, ‘We Are Not A United Kingdom’, Danny Quinn, known as Scottish Hip Hop artist and emcee, Wee D, talks about Hip Hop, his reasons for using and defending this musical genre and the benefits of Hip Hop for young people.

Interactive storybook iPad app especially for ASL deaf children Special

Washington - Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2) has released a bilingual storybook app for the iPad, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, mainly developed to help language acquisition and reading in children who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Danny Gillan on 'independence'— Should Scotland be independent? Special

Glasgow - Scotland will hold a referendum for independence from the UK in September. Scottish writer, Danny Gillan, continues his conversation about the future of his homeland as an independent state and whether in his view Scotland should have independence.

Danny Gillan on 'independence'— Can Scotland survive and prosper? Special

Glasgow - In September, Scotland will vote in a referendum for independence. Scottish writer Danny Gillan discusses if Scotland is ready to be an independent country; can Scotland survive and prosper and whether Scotland should declare independent statehood.

Review: Jennifer Young's 'Thank You For The Music' a good holiday read Special

Edinburgh - Scottish author and writer, Jennifer Young, chats about "Thank You For The Music," her new novel, set in Scotland and on the Balearic island of Majorca. It's a book of romance and relationship choices interwoven with deeper contemporary topics.

Why shape matters: Wine glass design affects the taste of wine Special

The flavour of wine can alter so greatly when served in a different shaped glass, you may believe you are drinking a different wine to the one tasted before. Find out how wine glassware design can influence the taste of your favourite tipple.

Photographer Adrian McGarry–Venice, Scotland, independence, art Special

Venice - Driven by Scotland's campaign for independence, over 2 million residents in Italy's Veneto region surrounding Venice voted in a poll on breaking away from Italy. Digital artist Adrian McGarry chats about Venice, Scotland, independence and art.

Yasutaka Funakoshi alice auaa designs–Fashion or 'S&M extremes'?

Tokyo - 'Alice auaa' by Japanese designer Yasutaka Funakoshi was one of the collections shown at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo. The fashion creations provoked some interesting comments online. What are your thoughts?

Flat belly dietary products: Really making your tummies trimmer?

Beltsville - Flat belly ads appear everywhere on the Internet. They suggest that in one click you will know the secret to reducing your body fat. Is there any truth in their claims? Agricultural Research Service scientists investigated and found some unusual results.

Everybody know – Glasgow's Southside Fringe Festival is happening Special

Glasgow - Glasgow’s Southside Fringe recently opened its new HQ in Pollokshaws Road and started its crowdfunding appeal towards its upcoming 2014 festivities. Corinna Currie discusses the purpose and aims of the Southside Fringe Festival due to take place in May.

Be wary of the Nasty Effect — Internet trolls swaying opinions

Can internet trolls use their nasty, inflammatory and often derogatory comments on blogs, news sites, social media networks and any other open discussion pages to change attitudes of readers? One study says, yes. So should there be concern?

Graphic Designer JD Smith: Hard work not luck leads to success Special

Ulverston - JD Smith, graphic designer, author and magazine editor, continues her talk about reaching her personal goals through hard-work and self-determination and by recognising business opportunities by finding market gaps in the field of self-publishing.
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