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Jay David Murphy

Citizen based in Safford, AZ, United States, United States. Joined on Jul 9, 2009



After about six years of not contributing to DJ and contracted to be a sports reporter/reporter/photographer for the Eastern Arizona Courier/Copper Era I am going to return to contributing to DJ. Having stepped away from the local paper and going through 2 plus years of rehab after two congestive heart failures I wanted to start contributing investigative journalistic articles for public consumption again. It is my goal to find good solid topics to share using the skills I have worked a lifetime to accumulate. I am very pleased that DJ is still providing an outlet/forum for those who want to make a difference.
In 2002, I began work in the construction materials supply business, first as a wholesaler, then as a regional manager for a parts manufacturer in Las Vegas. I was recruited to for these positions in sales because of his background in sales and marketing in the media and entertainment business.
“My Craigslist Free Miracle” was my first online book, documenting exploring, examining, and living the life that has been left from the economic disaster that has gripped the planet in 2008.
"The Clown" was me second on line book in 2009. It was an exercise in creative literature using articles left by a real clown who had passed away to evoke personal remembered experiences.
Current I am in negotiations with several producers on my film script, called "Christmas Music." a true original modern Christmas story that takes place in the 70's in southern Arizona.
From the 70’s through 2000, I enjoyed a long career in radio and film. The following is a breakdown of those years.
1991 to 1995
Indian Springs Ranch Incorporated
Oasis Film Production
Thrill Entertainment
(Entities under one umbrella)
ISR: Historic Hotel & Swimming Pool Resort Property Manager. The Position Included the Service of Celebrity Guests, Fortune 500 Guests, and Personal Corporate Guests.
I managed the 2000 acre Organic Cotton and Hay Agriculture Operations. Started the first Gila Valley Organic Operation and was the first grower of Colored organic Cotton for the region.
I also managed the Livestock and Exotic Animal Operation based on Organic Principles of Sustainability.
Thrill Ent: I joined as a Production Assistant and was in days promoted to Location Scout, Assistant Producer, and 2nd Unit Film Manager plus created Award Winning Film Festival footage. I also became the Publicity & Marketing Manager for “The Shinning Blood” for the International Release and Theater Run.
Oasis: I was a successful Producer & Screen Play Writer, developing projects while Ghost Writing & Creating Spec. Projects. I worked on special projects with the Rolling Stones, Prince Stanislas Klossowski de Rola, Mark Forester, Peggy Hitchcock, Oliver Stone, Marc Johnson, & Christian Slater.
I enjoyed a full & complete career in Radio Broadcasting from 1980 to 1992.
I worked as On-Air DJ (all shifts), News Director, Sports Director, Production Manager, Copywriter, Marketing & Advertising Director, Sales Manager, & Engineer. I wrote over 75,000 Radio Commercials, Produced and voiced over 50,000 Commercials, created over 300 special programs, and wrote over 100,000 pieces of News, Sports, Information, and Entertainment Copy. Managed an 8 station SW Radio Network.
In the mid 80’s created & evolved flawless automation pre-Windows & fostered in the first Radio Station DOS/Windows automated stations in the SW.
Myself and another won the 1984 Associated Press Governors Cup for Arizona for the 1# News Story of the Year in Arizona, for the Copper Strike Live Coverage Nationally.
2015 won several awards for Sports and Feature photography for newspapers in Arizona.
Created the “Old West Highway” path concept through Southern Arizona. For 12 years I produced the majority of News Stories on Mt. Graham Construction, Installation, and Environmental Protests and Litigation of the Projects involving the Observatories for the University of Arizona, Vatican, and the Max Plank Institute. Being diverse and always seeking knowledge has been my mantra. The following information is more background.
Interests and Activities
Literature, Writing, Television, Film, Music, Art, American Western History, Sci-fi, Travel, Art, Architecture, Sociology, Pop Culture, Art, Sales Education, Internet Marketing & Sales, Web Development, Environmental Sustainability, Inventor.
Licenses, Certificates, Associations
FCC Operators Permit for Broadcasting
Clark County Nevada “pool technician” Certificate #1312016777
APSP Association of Pool Contractors
University of Arizona Alumni
Eastern Arizona College Alumni
A Founding Member Gila Valley Repertory Theater Company
University of Arizona
Bachelors of Science General Fine Arts
Eastern Arizona College
Associate of Applied Arts Speech and Communication
Associate of Applied Science in Acting
I was raised and spent a large portion of his life in Southern Arizona, where his family still lives today, owns Music Stores and other entertainment oriented businesses. I feel blessed that my parents fostered my desires in the arts.
Upon graduating college, my mother followed his footsteps and went to the same college and graduated Valedictorian in er 40’s. Today she has become an authority on Tombstone and the history that surrounds it. My father has written a guitar lesson book, has 100’s of songs to his name, and of course had an early career playing live music with Roy Clark, Hoyt Axton, George Jones and others.
My youngest brother is currently completing two thriller novels and was the youngest ever President of the Arizona Fire Fighters Association. And teaches high school. My sister is reaching for her dream to be the first woman to win the World Series Poker Tournament held each year in Las Vegas, after a ten year battle with cancer.
And his middle brother owns and operates a successful Bowling Alley, bar, and restaurant in Southern Arizona.

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