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Citizen based in United Kingdom. Joined on Mar 14, 2007


Retro. If it has retro value, is it fashionable?

Of late, it seem that fashion has gone for a retro approach. But has it stopped there? There seems to be a want for everything retro these days.

Vernal Equinox / Spring Forward predictions

The srping forward always generates a source of fascination and change, in both or hearts, minds and bodies. Spring is on the way. But what does it portend? Psychic and Spiritualist Medium Matthew Stevenson, sets down the roadmap for the next three month

Foster mother convicted of child abuse.

A foste rmother has been convicted of child abuse after ramming sticks down childrens throats as a punishment.

Easter Mashed Potato Recipe

Posted just for Amaranth, Heres a recipe for serving your mashed potatoes at easter, with an easter theme and associated springtime flavours you'll have your easter party guests fighting over.

Need a recipe? Look no further!

Loking for an exciting recipe to expand your cooking skills? Important dinner party? stuck for inspiration?

Do you use your mobile / cell phone whilst driving?

Using mobile phones when driving has been the subject of much discussion in recent years. But how far are the governments and the law willing to go on the issue of on the move communication, and its road safety impications?

Spiders. They're out to get you...

You would think so as well, if you were in my shoes. Heres a story about how it could have easily been me. (shudder)

Heavenly Wine Sauce Recipe

Heres another fine recipe, for serving with most meats, including chicken, turkey, beef, lamb and venison.

Tarot for the week ahead...! (19/03/07 - 26/03/07)

Here's a reading for the week ahead, which you may find helpful, by psychic and spiritualist medium: Matthew Stevenson Reading Category: Development / Relationships / Career

Sony set to make loss on initial PS3 sales

Sony, despite problems with production, are set to lower price to encourage sales. But could this all fall to "bits" if microsoft plan to lower xbox 360 prices?

Special Rights for Gay & Lesbians?

Its topical, and on the emerging forefront of almost every kind of gay and political literature today. But is it so important?

Excellent Chicken / Turkey Recipe

Another recipe that tastes amazing, and goes down very well at parties.

Excellent fish / chicken recipe

Not a brilliant picture, i agree. But it was from my cheffing days, many moons ago. I came up with this recipe last week, and my it was tasty! So i thought i would share it with you.

Is this the future of shopping?

German supermarket uses uber cutting edge technology. How long will it be before our supermarkets are the same?

Microsoft Introduce Live! for gamers on all platforms

Providing its Microsoft, Microsoft have introduced a scheme that allows online gaming to be played on xbox or PC, with the help of Windows Vista.

Myspace. Growing Fad?

Is myspace just a huge fad, or is it going to grow bigger and better?

Children Shot in playground

17 children were shot today in a rural primary school in Staffordshire. Has gun crime now reached our schools?

MP3 - Whats your player?

MP3. We all love it and use it, but what software is going to come out on top? Are you a winamp "llama whipper" or an iTunes hipster?

Unfair bank charges. No Free Banking. Are the banks going too far?

Are the banks finally going too far in order to make more and more money from their clients?

The Cult of the Supermarket

A topic of recent acclaim, is the supermarket becoming the downfall of the older values of society?

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