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Samantha A. Torrence

Digital Journalist based in Girard, OH, United States. Joined on Mar 11, 2007
Expertise in Politics, Government, Religion



Op-Ed: Remembering my Grandfather on Memorial Day Special

Memorial Day in the United States has two distinct identities. Back yard barbecues and parties are had by most to celebrate a free weekend, but for some the more somber undertone takes the forefront and they remember fallen American Warfighters.

Tipping Point with Boone Cutler becomes Rally Point for Veterans

Military Veterans are coming home from war to a nation with a broken spirit, a broken economy, and a broken sense of humanity. One Veteran thinks that retired military members are the cure-all for all that ails America.

Op-Ed: Tom Cruise's lawyers out of touch with OEF/OIF Veteran Issues

Recently media headlines have led the public to believe that Tom Cruise compared his job to that of a military member in Afghanistan. While that quote was taken out of context, Cruise's legal team have stumbled onto a very real problem for Veterans.

Band of Brothers poster signed by cast to help veterans Special

Marine turned actor Michael Broderick saw an opportunity to help fellow veterans and jumped at the chance! He spearheaded the Poster Project in hopes to raise donations and awareness for the problems veterans face when transitioning to civilian life.

Op-Ed: Veteran's Advocate takes Feinstein to task over PTSD and Gun bans

Senator Feinstein has set off a fire storm of controversy and debate over her remarks at a recent Senate Judiciary Committee meeting that were against expanding the exemption from a gun ban for retired military veterans.

Op-Ed: Military divorce rates due to lack of support and communication

The United States military members have some of the highest divorce rates of any socioeconomic group in the country. Military life coupled with an increased instance of a debilitating injury could be the cause.

Update: Missing Veteran in Iowa found safe

Des Moines - The veteran community is currently pulling together to find a missing warfighter, Brian Rollins. Brian a member of the Minnesota national guard has been found and is safe at his home.

Review: Profile of a young artist — They call her Mello Yello Special

There are many talented artists in the world, but few are true renaissance people. Mello Yello is one who, while even being a teenager, is realizing her dreams and sharing her soul through arts..

Op-Ed: The Rolling Jubilee set to bail out the 99%

New York - It's time for a bailout of the people, by the people, and for the people. That is what proponents of the Rolling Jubilee are saying about their new movement to free the 99% of debt like the 99% did for the banks.

Review: Veteran's Day Book Special for PTSD community

Evansville - Shawn Gourley and her publisher the Grumpy Dragon want to thank all the veterans in honor of Veteran's Day by making it easier for the American community to understand the trials behind PTSD.

The Sorry Project shows the humanity behind Islam and Libyans

Benghazi - People have felt fear, frustration, anger, and even hatred in the wake of the consulate attack in Benghazi. Drowned among the calls for retaliation and demonstrations of anger is a movement to show Americans the sorrow of the Libyans.

Is Mefloquine the new Agent Orange?

During Vietnam troops were exposed to Agent Orange. Later there was Gulf War Syndrome and depleted Uranium exposure. Now the military is dealing with a rash of military members with PTSD, and another chemical agent may be responsible for the diagnosis.

Op-Ed: Don’t tell me I don’t understand struggles with PTSD

Caretakers of veterans understand more than they are given credit for by their veterans and the citizens of their countries. The collective voice of many wives tells just how much they do understand.

Caretakers are key to successful PTSD treatment Special

A recent study has found that treating the families of veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for the psychological stress that comes with living with a vet with PTSD increases the success rate of treatment for the Veteran as well.

Caretakers of PTSD Veterans may get their own support hotline Special

Evansville - Shawn Gourley, founder of Military with PTSD and Author of "The War At Home" is now starting the process of building a hotline for Caretakers of Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Dr. Phil faces backlash from Veterans for PTSD show

On Thursday April 19, 2012, Dr. Phil aired a show about veterans with PTSD. The title of the show has caused friction between him and the PTSD community.

Military wife becomes champion for Veterans with PTSD Special

Evansville - Finding support for a veteran with PTSD is difficult, but finding support as a spouse of a vet with PTSD can be even more disappointing. Shawn Gourley has worked hard to ease this struggle for everyone affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Op-Ed: Tornado season begins in Trumbull County, Ohio Special

Girard - Tornado season is rung in as a funnel cloud passes through Trumbull County, Ohio. While tornadoes do not often cause damage in the area, when they do it is significant.

One woman injured in shooting at US Army Base Fort Drum

Fort Drum - A shooting has been reported on Fort Drum near Watertown NY. Information is still being gathered on suspects and victims.

Letter from environmentalists urges Obama to address overfishing

Environmental organizations are urging President Obama to address the damage overfishing does to the marine environment and to ask the World Trade Organization to end fishing subsidies.
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