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Matthew Turner

Citizen based in Bratislava, Slovakia, Slovakia. Joined on Aug 28, 2013
Expertise in Government, Politics, General business news & info


Op-Ed: Legacy of corrupt governance haunts European ambitions of Belarus

Minsk - As Belarusian state policy is to forge ties with Europe, Europe should respond by pressuring the government to strengthen good governance; highlighting human rights issues, systemic corruption, and rampant smuggling across EU borders.

Op-Ed: The rows at the heart of the TTIP

Bruxelles - Will the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the European Union and the United States ever see the light of day?

Op-Ed: Push Greece on privatizations, not on pension reform

Athens - The New Year has brought with it the anticipated re-emergence of Greece in the public eye. Since Alexis Tsipras’ re-election last September, few headlines have bothered to cover the fate of the debt-laden country over the past few months.

Op-Ed: Dear Brussels, we should talk about smuggling

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions" goes a saying familiar to both Madonna fans and politicians. Unlike Madonna, the latter group has all too often been confronted with unexpected consequences of even the most carefully planned out bills

Op-Ed: ECJ safeguards EU citizens’ rights with Safe Harbor ruling

Luxembourg - The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has taken another step towards strengthening the European Union and helping to ensure the European integration will leave a lasting legacy, with its recent ruling that invalidates the transatlantic Safe Harbor clause.

Op-Ed: Time to talk about restoring the Donbass

Kiev - Despite Kiev’s Constitutional Court’s positive assessment of the government’s groundbreaking decentralization plans that would give more powers and autonomy to all Ukrainian regions, all sides of the debate appear to have walked away feeling cheated

Op-Ed: Now is the time for the EU to engage with Turkey

Ankara - Turkey decided to vote Erdogan out of his presidential ambitions. However, this is the European Union's best moment in a decade to engage with Ankara.

Op-Ed: France takes European lead in fight against Boko Haram

Paris - France’s current regional deployments and long history with West Africa makes it the European nation best enabled to help its African allies in their fight against Boko Haram.

Op-Ed: Lessons from the EU’s unlikely success in the war against piracy

Brussels - Remember how just a few years ago one of the most pressing issue to world peace and security seemed to be the sundry band of pirates off the coast of Somalia that was wreaking havoc across the Gulf of Aden by pillaging and plundering trade lanes?

Op-Ed: Ukraine’s real threat isn’t Russia, it’s the oligarchs

Kiev - Europe, 8th of May 2014, the symbolic date that celebrates the end of the Second World War, the victory of democracy over fascism and nationalism.

Op-Ed: Will Hungary prove austerity wrong?

Budapest - Enough is enough! As the number of Europeans taking to the streets to protest the economic dictates of Brussels' Eurocrats increases, Hungary is one country that seems to be straightforwardly ignoring the troika's austere policy prescriptions.

Op-Ed: Why there will be no war in Ukraine

Simferopol - Is the Cold War back in fashion? Judging by the overwhelming reaction of the media in the past week, one could feel themselves bang in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 60s.

Op-Ed: Hungary’s easy money an alternative to German austerity?

Budapest - 2013 has been a good year for Hungary. After officially ending its recession in May, the country surpassed all expectations, achieving an impressive growth rate of 3.7 percent in the fourth quarter.

Can Slovenia avoid an EU bailout?

Ljubljana - Shortly after its independence in 1991, the small country of Slovenia was quickly heralded as one of Europe’s ‘success stories’.

Op-Ed: Should Ukraine choose the EU?

Kiev - Ukraine's surprise decision to back out of an accord with the EU has angered many at home and abroad. A closer look at the region's complex dynamics, however, show that the Ukrainian choice between East and West is far from clear-cut.

Op-Ed: Forget Forbes, Putin is far from the world's most powerful person

Bratislava - Russian President Vladimir Putin ousted President Obama at the top of Forbes' 2013 list of the "World's Most Powerful People". Putin's true situation, however, is much more fragile.

Op-Ed: Union for the Mediterranean — Lessons from Eastern Europe

As the recently inaugurated Union for the Mediterranean meets in Barcelona next week for the 5+5 Dialogue Conference, European leaders can learn from the past experience of the EU’s Eastern Partnership program.

Ukraine's art scene takes off Special

Paris - Little-known to the outside world, Ukraine boasts a budding art scene that is just now taking its first steps towards international exposure.

Eastern Europe leading tourism growth in the EU

Bratislava - Europe remains one of the favourite destinations for tourists the world over, but the centre of gravity is beginning to shift further east.

Ukraine: The Red Bread Basket

Kiev - In an effort to provide for its steadily increasing population, China has just concluded a deal to purchase rent roughly 5% of Ukraine’s land for a period of 50 years.
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