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Tim Sandle

Editor-at-Large based in London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Oct 1, 2011
Expertise in Video games, General business news & info, Automotive, Unemployment, Internet,   see all» Entertainment, Sports, Board games, Charity & volunteer work, Stocks & trading, Education, Books, Movies, Health, Politics, Small business, Drinks, Travel, Concerts, Food, recipes, Pets, Social media, Technology, Sexual health, Science & space, Food, dining & restaurants, Men's health, Government, Music, Environment & green living, Jobs, Careers & workplace, Pharmaceuticals, Celebrities, Women's health



CISA advisory examines LokiBot malware threat Special

The U.S. government's cybersecurity agency issued a security advisory has issued a warning to federal agencies and the private sector about a notable increase in the use of LokiBot malware by malicious cyber actors.

Dialing down a rampaging immune system with newborn stem cells

One of the most puzzling observations made in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic was that the organs of severe COVID-19 patients — such as the lungs, kidneys, heart and brain — were being damaged just when they started showing signs of recover

How Snowflake became a powerhouse in cloud computing. Special

After producing the biggest IPO for a US software company, Snowflake has quickly become a powerhouse in cloud computing. But where does the company go from here? Next Pathway's Chetan Mathur provides an insight.

Do conservatives and liberals think differently?

In the run-up to the U.S. presidential election, a research group has examined the thought processes of conservatives and liberals, identifying the key words that shape how people think and to the extent this influences attitudes and beliefs.

Strategies for improving the environmental impact of DX

For many enterprises, digital transformation is a must, especially in terms of staying competitive and being efficien. But what about the environmental impact? How should businesses handle this aspect of corporate governance?

Some cheese smells are actually bacteria communicating

Microbiologists from Tufts University have found that the bacteria involved in the process that ripens cheese have the capability of responding volatile gases produced by cheese fungi. This is key to creating perfect cheese.

New link between vaping and more severe COVID-19 symptoms

Further data infers that smokers (including those who vape) are more vulnerable to COVID-19 infections or more likely to develop serious complications if they contract a COVID-19 infection, compared to non-smokers or vapers.

Digital now: Traditional airlines not ready for post-COVID travel

As the airline industry feels the turbulence of travel restrictions, many are now working toward digitization which will be key for travel from now and post pandemic.

First rapid, on-site COVID-19 wastewater testing solution

A science-based collaboration between LuminUltra, Dalhousie University and Halifax Water has demonstrated that wastewater data provides a tool for the early detection and tracking COVID-19 prevalence within communities.

How cyber awareness can save your company

While businesses put in place software systems to protect their services, these systems can still breakdown if employees are not sufficiently cyber-aware. A new report outlines some important advice.

Broadvoice database: 350 million customer records exposed online Special

A Broadvoice database cluster holding more than 350 million records, many including personal details and voicemail transcripts of Broadvoice clients’ customers, was found to have been left open online for anyone to view.

COVID-19 restrictions are varying significantly across the U.S.

The autonomy of states in the U.S. has led to considerable variation in coronavirus control measures. There is a balance between what the federal government requires and what individual state governors think is suitable.

The key factors for selecting the best COVID-19 plasma donors

To develop convalescent plasma therapy for the treatment of those with COVID-19, the factors of sex, age, and severity of disease are key to identifying potential donors with high levels of antibodies to provide the source material.

Are managers adequately supporting employees through COVID-19?

Coronavirus has disrupted the world of work. A new report finds that 84 percent of managers believe they are giving employees the support they need. However, the responses from employees are not necessarily in tune with this view.

Telemedicine is helping doctors to address the COVID-19 crisis

Telemedicine is one of the fastest growing areas of healthcare. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the number of Americans participating in at least one telemedicine visit has increased from 14 percent to 57 percent.

Insurtech: Concentration among top 10 players is accelerating

A new report from Deloitte finds that Insurtech funding is nearly even with the levels of investment seen in 2019. However, within this coronavirus era growth, the concentration among top 10 players is accelerating.

Barnes & Noble in recent ransomware attack Special

Barnes & Noble may have suffered a recent ransomware attack. This news comes after it was revealed that the U.S. government took direct action to disrupt a botnet which has generally been used in ransomware attacks.

Essential Science: Why masks work and time to end the debate?

How effective are face masks? The body of evidence in favour of masks continues to grow. In this week’s Essential Science, we consider a diverse array of different literature that looks at mask wearing in different contexts.

How security researchers should view the Voting Systems Act Special

News has come in that the U.S. legislature has unanimously approved ‘The Defending the Integrity of Voting Systems Act', which would make hacking federal voting systems a crime.

Electromagnetic fields could treat diabetes

A proof-of-concept study has demonstrated how electromagnetic fields can be harnessed to treat diabetes. The research to date is based on animal models.
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