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Tim Sandle

Editor-at-Large based in London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Oct 1, 2011
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New solar panels can heat during the day and cool at night

Scientists are developing rooftop solar panels have a dual function. Harvesting energy from the Sun and also cooling the home below, by harvesting the coldness of space. A prototype device has been developed.

Marvel-ous Stan Lee has died, aged 95

Stan Lee has passed away, aged 95. In 1961 Lee became one of the pivotal 20th century figures, turning comic books into American pop culture. Lee co-created many iconic characters, from Spider-Man to the Hulk.

Essential Science: Skin sensor can measure oxygen in the body

A new sensor can monitor oxygen levels inside the human body, by scanning the surface of the skin. The new device can be used to track the progress of oxygenation in relation to healing wounds in real time, providing valuable medical data.

Indiegogo's first Initial Coin Offering completed

Indiegogo, which brought crowdfunding mainstream, is to begin the same process with the much talked about commodity of initial coin offerings.

Big data techniques in auditing

To ensure that quality is maintained throughout an organization, frequent audits, both internal and external, are required to assess the effectiveness of processes and systems. For finance audits, big data analytics can assist.

Tim Berners-Lee plans to re-decentralize the web

Professor Tim Berners-Lee has lifted the veil off a project called Solid, which is an attempt to re-decentralize the World Wide Web and is run from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Guatemala to deploys bio-fences to slow down plastic pollution

Globally, equivalent of one garbage truck full of plastic enters the sea every minute. To play its part Guatemala has pledged to increase waste collection in its rivers by deploying artisanal bio-fences to trap plastic waste.

Q&A: Eliminating your digital fingerprint to protect your data Special

Politicians and businesses frequently use tracking technology on their websites to track and analyze potential voter or consumer behavior. For those concerned about this, TrackOFF provides a solution.

Q&A: New app makes the mortgage process easier Special

LoanSnap is an app that has the potential to streamline the entire mortgage process and it has been attracting interest from some big name investors. Founder Karl Jacob explains more.

Q&A: Why freelancing is the future of work Special

More than one-third of U.S. workers now freelance, yet 50 percent of time is spent trying to find projects, rather than actually doing work and getting paid. Charlie Fogarty, co-founder of Lorem, describes an algorithm to help freelancers to find work.

Q&A: Closing the divide between desk-bound & deskless workers Special

There are endless new communication technologies and collaboration tools out there that cater to helping desk-bound workers perform and stay better-informed - but very little catering to deskless workers. A new platform - theEMPLOYEEapp - can assist.

New technology to generate energy from windows

Is it possible to generate energy from the windows found in office blocks and homes? The answer appears to be use, drawing on the enhanced power factor found with transparent thermoelectric nanowire materials.

Decreasing social media use reduces feelings of loneliness

The use of social media is a mixed-bag. It can bring people together and creating a sense of community. It can also enhance a sense of loneliness and be a trigger for depression. A new study recommends limitations on social media use.

BlackBerry bounces back as a cybersecurity consultancy

BlackBerry may still be associated with the first wave of smartphones, However the Canadian company has had more success recently with system security services and products.

How homework is affecting students’ sleep

A new survey from Sleep Cycle has found that children are not getting the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Nearly half of parents report that their children get 7 hours or less of sleep each night. One reason for this is homework.

Google Cloud makes it easier for data scientists to collaborate

Google Cloud has outlined two new tools for data scientists: Kubeflow pipelines and AI Hub. These platforms are designed to assist data scientists in putting out across their organizations the models they create.

Bayer applies artificial intelligence to medical cases

Major pharmaceutical firm Bayer is exploring how artificial intelligence can be used to assess case reports relating to adverse drug events in relation to its medicines.

Addressing cybersecurity risks for data migration

One barrier to more innovative IT solutions is a concern within firms in relation to cybersecurity. There are solutions to this, such as the Stealth solution from Unisys which has been developed for the healthcare sector.

Q&A: Growing importance of voice technology for business Special

Voicera, a SF startup that is changing the way conversations are conducted. The company’s “Voice AI,” technology called EVA (Enterprise Virtual Assistant), takes care of tracking conversations.

Q&A: The role of the board in digital transformation Special

BDO’s newly released Cyber Governance Survey includes a breakout section on how public company boards view digital transformation initiatives. The survey highlights the need for a developed strategy. BDO experts explain more.
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