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Tim Sandle

Editor-at-Large based in London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Oct 1, 2011
Expertise in Sports, Science & space, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Men's health,   see all» Government, Environment & green living, Travel, Jobs, General business news & info, Food, recipes, Health, Unemployment, Pets, Movies, Internet, Sexual health, Social media, Celebrities, Music, Charity & volunteer work, Education, Entertainment, Politics, Board games, Video games, Drinks, Food, dining & restaurants, Concerts, Books, Careers & workplace, Women's health



Interview: Israeli startup helps US farmers boost crop yields Special

A new startup out of Israel that has come to the U.S. and is starting to help American farmers improve crop yields by deploying new technology that maximizes bee pollination. Omer Davidi, co-founder and CEO of BeeHero explains.

Q&A: What is media bias and how can this be tackled? Special

According to Dr. Tania Ahuja there are concerns with the state of online news, especially when it comes to bias. Ahuja has founded Nobias which has tools that can flag bias in news and grade articles for credibility.

'Ambidextrous' robots can accelerate speed e-commerce

A test study has shown how so-termed 'ambidextrous robots' can significantly speed e-commerce. By applying artificial intelligence, the robot is capable of grasping a diverse range of object shapes without training.

Artificial intelligence identifies an unknown human ancestor

By applying artificial intelligence to genomes of Asian individuals has enabled scientists to identify an unknown human ancestor — a hominid who cross bred with its ancestors tens of thousands of years ago.

What are the implications of the Collection #1 breach? Special

A massive trove of leaked data, which was recently posted to a hacking forum, includes some 772,904,991 unique email addresses and 21,222,975 unique passwords. Will LaSala from OneSpan weighs in.

Indian state to embark on universal basic income experiment

Gangtok - A small state in India is to embark on an economic experiment by introducing universal basic income. While the state of Sikkim is small, the concept is attracting global interest.

Cortana is no longer a competitor to Alexa: Microsoft

People love them or hate them, but virtual assistants are being found on a greater range of devices. And the competition between providers is intense, so much that Microsoft has declared Cortana is no longer a rival to Alexa or to Google Home.

Coinstar to start selling Bitcoin in grocery stores

Coinstar, who provide machines at supermarkets where people can off-load their coins in return for shopping vouchers, are jumping onto the cryptocurrency zeitgeist, and will begin offering the option of Bitcoins for cash.

CERN aims to reveal the mysteries of dark matter

CERN, known for the Large Hadron Collider and the discovery of what were once theoretical particles, has revealed further plans for its next, bigger machine — the Future Circular Collider, which will be used to assess dark matter.

The push to get more women in tech is only just starting

London - Many governments are seeking ways to get more women to enter technology fields. This includes the U.K., which launched an initiative at the end of 2017. One year on, how much progress has been made?

Is AI better than punters at bluffing in gambling?

Gambling has partly made a digital shift, away from dimly-lit casinos to the brighter online world, opening up opportunities for more people to lose their money (and a few to win). What role can, and should, AI and machine learning play?

Largest public data breach by volume revealed

The biggest ever data breach has been reported, in terms of the volume of data exposed. Dubbed 'Collection #1', the data loss extends to 772,904,991 unique emails and 21,222,975 unique passwords having been exposed.

Q&A: Fortune 500s are turning to academics for cybersecurity Special

Fortune 500 companies are fighting huge security and privacy hurdles by harnessing ‘super radical math’ developed by cryptography expert Professor Nigel Smart. The academic explains his approach and how it can help.

Companies will increase digital transformation investment in 2019

The vast majority of businesses will increase their investments in digital technology over the coming year, and many expect IT modernization to lead to cost savings and greater profitability, according to DXC Technology.

Q&A: How video chat is revolutionizing work Special

Kaltura has recently announced the release of its new video chat solution for Microsoft Teams. The technology is not only an advance on earlier systems it emphasizes the importance of video technology at work.

Ten most toxic places in the world revealed

Where are the most toxic places on the planet? A survey based on an assessment of danger and the risk to the greatest numbers of people has been put together, revealing mining areas, chemical waste risks, and of course Chernobyl.

AI & 'Heart-on-a-Chip' — weapons to combat heart disease

New technology has been developed in the fight against heart disease. This will be realized through a new partnership between two biotechnology companies: Insilico Medicine and Tara Biosystems.

Breakthrough made with organic electronics

Organic electronics are set to become more important, they provide the basis for flexible solar cells for example or future electronic paper. A new breakthrough doubles the power.

The real cost of smoking in the U.S.

Smoking tobacco products is not only bad for your health it is also expensive to the health system and to indirect services designed to offer support and care. A new survey assess the impact across the U.S.

Q&A: The Future of encryption in a quantum-led world Special

The U.S. has prioritized research into quantum computing, in order to push forward advances in fields like medicine. However, the quantum world presents new risks for cybersecurity and encryption, according to Professor Shlomi Dolev.
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