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Tim Sandle

Editor-at-Large based in London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Oct 1, 2011
Expertise in Books, Drinks, Celebrities, Entertainment, Travel,   see all» Pharmaceuticals, Education, Health, Video games, Sexual health, Government, Internet, Food, dining & restaurants, Food, recipes, Board games, Music, Women's health, Movies, Politics, Environment & green living, General business news & info, Concerts, Men's health, Social media, Science & space, Charity & volunteer work, Sports, Technology, Jobs, Unemployment, Pets, Careers & workplace



Using blockchain to improve global health: Interview Special

A new startup called Nano Vision, wants to usher in a new era of outcomes in global health by removing borders to make important data accessible to all. The aim is to achieve this with blockchain.

Oldest startup in photography crowdfunds digital content agency

London - 1854 Media, the publisher of British Journal of Photography and owner of the 'oldest startup in photography', is crowdfunding its new visual content agency for the digital age.

Big plans for Digital Literacy Day

Toronto - What digital literacy is currently about and what it can be, on both an individual and collective scale, are to be explored and celebrated through various activities and education sessions across Toronto as part of the first Digital Literacy Day.

Samsung to open artificial intelligence centre in Toronto

Toronto - Samsung Research America has declared it will open a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence center in Toronto. This forms part of a new venture to tap into and contribute to the flourishing artificial intelligence industry.

Intelligent processes for digital transformation goals Special

Companies can design intelligent processes that empower everyone from new hires to the C-suite to make a dent in their digital transformation goals, according to Ryan Duguid of Nintex.

Automation impacting the future workforce

The world of work is changing and both employers and current and future workers need to adapt. A disruptor to traditional forms of employment is automation, and new report assesses the impact.

Weed killing robots offering chemical alternative

A technological solution to over-use of agricultural chemicals is there. An artificial intelligence-powered robotic weed hunter can potentially reduce the need for herbicides, as well as genetically modified crops.

Still worried about GDPR? Expert provides advice Special

The GDPR aims to give control to citizens and residents over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business. This carries risks and benefits for businesses; moreover, all businesses need to consider data privacy.

Want to know about AI? There’s a course for that

It’s hard to avoid discussion about artificial intelligence these days and each day brings a new article about the latest application. For those wishing to no more about the emerging technology, a new course has been launched.

Now's the time to invest in quantum computing skills

Futurists looking ahead for the types of skills that will be required by future generations have highlighted quantum computing skills as a core requirement for preparing for the next technological wave.

Diagnostic connectivity to combat antimicrobial resistance

London - The British government has entered into a partnership with FIND, a global non-profit dedicated to accelerating the development of diagnostic tests for diseases. This is to introduce digital technologies to combat the antimicrobial resistance problem.

Digital transformation of car dealerships Special

Car dealerships are embracing a range of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, in order to increase efficiencies and to remain competitive. One leading example is PureCars, and the CEO, Sam Mylrea, has provided his vision to Digital Journal.

Ready for the Internet of supply chain?

Berlin - The quest for supply chain transformation and end-to-end logistics remains a goal for many companies. A solution rests with the 'Internet of Supply Chain', as discussed at a major conference this month.

Making use of artificial intelligence for early cancer diagnosis

London - The British government has announced ambitious plans to prevent an estimated 22,000 cancer deaths by 2033, through the use of artificial intelligence to predict those individuals at greater risk of developing the disease.

Transworld announces digital transformation shipping project

The Transworld Group of companies has announced its latest progress in relation to its digital transformation of its shipping activities. The group will leverage technology enabled solutions and customer connect e-platforms.

OOCL partners Microsoft on AI

Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) and Hong Kong-based Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) are to work together on applying artificial intelligence research to the shipping industry.

Essential Science: Self-assembly battery charges in seconds

Imagine a battery that has the potential for super-fast charging. Here we’re talking about a matter of seconds. This type of technology to propel mobile devices forwards considerably and address the main frustration: battery power.

Chimpanzee beds are cleaner than human ones

New research will surprise those who think they have a high level of personal hygiene. A microbiological study of the sleeping areas of chimpanzees and human beds has found that, socially, the sleeping areas of chimps are cleaner.

New technique reveals 3D images of cancer cells

A new advance has been made in medical imaging, which displays cancer cells as three-dimensional images in the human body. This includes an optical process to overcome the problem of transparent cells.

Smartwatch extends touch display to skin

For those seeking more from their smartwatch, a new development extends the display projected from the watch onto the arm of the wearer. This not only offers a wider display; it also provides more interactivity.
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