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Tim Sandle

Editor-at-Large based in London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Oct 1, 2011
Expertise in Music, Technology, General business news & info, Sexual health, Celebrities,   see all» Health, Pharmaceuticals, Charity & volunteer work, Food, dining & restaurants, Books, Education, Travel, Internet, Men's health, Concerts, Women's health, Government, Board games, Science & space, Video games, Entertainment, Movies, Food, recipes, Social media, Jobs, Drinks, Environment & green living, Careers & workplace, Politics, Sports



Sought after Internet domain sold for $135 million

A sought after Internet domain — the ".web" extension — has been sold for a whopping $135 million via auction. The winning company now plans to licence the domain name out.

Australia needs to shift to allow GPS to work properly

Sydney - Australia's government has decided to shift longitude and latitude to address a difference between local coordinates and those for Global Positioning Systems. Currently there is a significant disparity between the two.

Sweden to begin studying the sex lives of its citizens

Helsingborg - The government of Sweden is launching a three-year study of its citizens' sex lives. The study cuts across the social, cultural and biological spheres.

Body Talk: A body imaging technology based on word commands

Researchers have developed a technological platform that uses word commands to turn two dimensional images into three dimensional ones. The platform is called Body Talk.

Insight into parasite transmission from tsetse fly bites

Tsetse flies can infect people, and other animals, with parasites via their bite. Little has been known about the number of parasites needed for an infection to occur. This has changed with a new study.

Op-Ed: Are U.S. retirement funds harming rainforests?

Some years ago ‘ethical investment’ was a big deal and people were keen to know where their money was being held. Things have drifted a bit since then, and one example which many are unaware of is where their retirement funds are invested.

High definition video for gastrointestinal endoscopic imaging

The company Pentax Medical has launched a new high definition video processor designed for highly detailed endoscopic imaging of the gastrointestinal tract.

Sennheiser introduces its new flagship gaming headset

Sennheiser has announced the new reference headset for competitive PC gamers around the world. The headset boasts a range of new and enhanced features.

Newborn heart defects linked to environmental factors

Scientists have discovered several types of birth defects that are triggered by environmental factors which lead to cellular stress.

Can antibiotics be used to help combat Alzheimer’s disease?

Chicago - In a potentially significant breakthrough, a long dose of antibiotics has reduced Alzheimer’s-related plaques in studies using mice.

Why is the U.S. so poor with road safety?

Washington - For an advanced country the U.S. has a relatively poor record for road safety accidents, currently languishing at #19 in the 'developed' world. What can be done to improve this record?

Bees spit water at each other to cool down

New York - It's very hot weather so it's natural to seek air conditioning. Bees, it has recently been revealed, have a natural way to keep cool. Some bees have been observed spitting water at each other.

Original Bramley apple tree has fungal infection

Nottingham - The tree, thought to be the first to give rise to bramley apples, is dying of a fungal infection. The tree is 207 years old and it is located in Nottinghamshire, England.

Essential Science: New cancer and alcohol warning

Auckland - Put down the glass and pause for a minute. A new scientific study associates alcohol with seven different types of cancer (not simply liver cancer.) Essential Science unpacks the evidence.

Darwin's house reveals the history of science Special

Downe - Charles Darwin was one of the founding fathers of modern science. He undertook many of his studies into natural selection at his home in Kent ("the garden of England".) Not only of scientific interest, Down House is set among some beautiful gardens.

Sleeping with chickens protects you from mosquitoes

If you're worried about mosquito bites, or live in an area at risk from malaria, then sleeping with a chicken might be the answer. A point of scientific research are the compounds in chicken feathers.

Review: Unreachable starring Matt Smith mixes comedy and tension Special

London - A new play 'Unreachable' is currently running at the Royal Court Theater in London. The play features former Doctor Who actor Matt Smith, and the script was unusually developed during the play's rehearsals.

Op-Ed: How will Web 3.0 turn out?

We're currently using Web 2.0 as we browse the World Wide Web. What will the next stage — Web 3.0 — have in store for us, and will it represent a shift away from content provided by big corporations?

Review: Star Trek Beyond continues to boldly go Special

The third Star Trek movie on the alternate timeline has been released this week and it continues in the good vein of the previous two offerings. This movie has a more 'episodic' structure and this allows for a more character-driven story.

A tour of England's most picturesque castle Special

Rochester - Leeds Castle is located in the county of Kent, in the oft called "garden of England." As well as being an impressive slice of history the castle is not shy in using digital technology to help to enhance the visitor experience.
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