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Tim Sandle

Editor-at-Large based in London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Oct 1, 2011
Expertise in Stocks & trading, Food, recipes, Pharmaceuticals, Unemployment, Health,   see all» Food, dining & restaurants, Government, Charity & volunteer work, Careers & workplace, Board games, Movies, Pets, Music, Travel, Entertainment, Celebrities, Technology, Men's health, Science & space, Books, Jobs, Social media, Drinks, Education, Automotive, Video games, Small business, Sports, Internet, Politics, Sexual health, Women's health, General business news & info, Concerts, Environment & green living



Shoppers are cancelling Amazon Prime to support worker protests

Many Amazon workers, globally, have become increasingly discontent with their pay and conditions and they are beginning to take action. In acts of solidarity, many shoppers have chosen 'Prime Day' to cancel their memberships.

Q&A: AI streamlines businesses processes to target efficiency Special

From easing change management woes to anticipating outages and down time, artificial intelligence offers a powerful predictive tool to assist businesses with their growth strategy, according to Steve Stover at SolarWinds.

Digital transformation is causing C-suite tensions

Digital transformation is not only about technology, it's also about changes of practices which need to diffuse through an organization's culture. This needs to be begin at the top. A new report finds C-suite discord is a block to effective DX processes.

Q&A: AI has become the vital business solution needed for success Special

Businesses should be reaping the benefits of artificial intelligence as their foremost predictive technology, according to Justin Richie of Nerdery. All businesses need is a little creativity.

Essential Science: Big seaweed bloom triggers pollution concern

Scientists have discovered the biggest seaweed bloom in the world. This is a record-breaking belt of brown algae, from West Africa to the Gulf of Mexico. It’s here to stay for the long-term, and this means ecological trouble.

Technology shapes cannabidiol oil industry in a variety of ways

With the cannabis sector being subjected to large growth and considerable investment, it’s perhaps no surprise that technology developers are taking an interest in how new platforms and devices can disrupt production and distribution.

IoT market set for steady growth as consumer take-up increases

Researchers from Stanford University and Avast have unveiled the findings of a joint paper analyzing the state of Internet of Things globally. The paper shows continued growth ahead for IoT systems.

Smart home technology increases the value of a property: Study

Does a property equipped with smart home technology become more attractive than one without when the property is up for sale or rent? Can an additional premium be charged? According to a new report, the inference is ‘yes’.

6D process aims to improve robot vision and coordination

Robotics continue to advance but the development is often limited by the extent that robots can 'see' and then process visual imagery in order to coordinate movements. A new '6D' process aims to overcome this.

Veggie disc anyone? Europe plans to ban 'veggie burger'

Should vegan and vegetarian products continue to be named using words associated with meat products? The most common example of this is the 'veggie burger'. European Union officials are considering using alternative phrases, like 'veggie disc'.

Canada needs a national cycling strategy, says Jagmeet Singh

To make areas safer for cyclists and to encourage people to take up exercise, Canada needs a national cycling strategy, according to NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. The politician is well known for carrying his folding bike almost everywhere he goes.

Google are redesigning the News tab for improved readability

Google News, one of the foremost places to obtain news from the world's media outlets, is to receive a redesign centered on making the news cluster more readable and to provide greater transparency about news sources.

Neil Armstrong's spacesuit saved using 3D scanning

Neil Armstrong's historic spacesuit has been saved from decay using the latest 3D scanning technology. The protective garment worn by the astronaut has been restored using light scanning and 3D mapping.

Amazon is developing an 'Alexa robot' to follow you around

Devices like Amazon's Alexa are now commonplace to many homes, to the delight of many and to the annoyance of others. Alexa is a static voice controlled tool, but what if Alexa could follow you about? Amazon are working on that.

Dell exceeds its 2020 sustainability goals, ahead of schedule

Dell Technologies has released the final update to its 2020 Legacy of Good plan, reporting on its sustainability progress.

Bluetooth hair straighteners are in danger of being hacked

Hair straighteners may not be the fist item that comes to mind when hacking is mentioned, but as more and more devices become connected, anything that relies on digital technology carries a vulnerability.

Transforming electric cars into battery hubs to store energy

Electric cars could be used as battery hubs in order to store renewable energy. This concept, being considered for the U.K., is about capturing and utilizing some of the excess energy produced from electric vehicles.

Virgin Orbit's success in launching first rocket into space

Virgin Orbit has run a successful rocket test, with the company's launch aircraft dropping a dummy rocket from the aircraft's wing. This brings the launch of a real payload closer.

Employees have been listening in to Google Assistant

A news report finds that contractors employed by Google have been listening in and transcribing audio recordings captured by Google's AI assistant. This includes capturing sensitive information.

Dodge releases findings on improving data for project success

The construction sector is increasingly reliant upon digital data in order to make informed decisions about capital projects. Concerns have been flagged, in a new report, about the reliability of this data.
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