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Tim Sandle

Editor-at-Large based in London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Oct 1, 2011
Expertise in Health, Unemployment, Celebrities, Environment & green living, Politics,   see all» Pets, Movies, Jobs, Travel, Charity & volunteer work, Concerts, Social media, Men's health, Food, recipes, Government, Sports, Stocks & trading, General business news & info, Entertainment, Sexual health, Science & space, Board games, Food, dining & restaurants, Music, Automotive, Small business, Drinks, Education, Women's health, Careers & workplace, Internet, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Books, Video games



Q&A: Globant pledges to 'Be Kind' with 2020 initiative Special

Globant (a digitally-native tech services company) has announced its Be Kind initiative to make the world a better place. The initiative will focus on three key tenets: being kind to peers, to humanity and to the planet.

Q&A: How data centers can become more energy efficient Special

As the world becomes more digital, electricity consumption in data centers will surge — that number could rise to 8 percent of the global total by 2030. A leading expert looks at energy efficiency options.

New motion sensitive approach to wireless technology

Waterloo-based startup Cognitive Systems, at the world’s biggest and most influential consumer technology trade show CES, presented a new approach in wireless technology based on sensing motion.

Best and worst U.S. cities for an active lifestyle

The aim to get fit or to lose weight often tops the list of people’s New year resolutions. Like many resolutions, this is one that often gets jettisoned as the year progresses. Where someone lives might make a difference, according to WalletHub.

Security expert on Manor ISD $2.3 million phishing email scam Special

Manor Independent School District (located close to Austin, TX) was recently struck by a phishing email scam that resulted in the loss of $2.3 million in ransom payment. Leading security expert Greg Wendt weighs in.

VR’s emerging role in medical detox

There are many types of addiction and overdose and coming off an addictive substance is challenging. To assist with the detox process, medical staff are turning towards virtual reality technology as a solution.

Billfold combines live events expertise with POS tech

Billfold POS has been put in place at several live entertainment events, helping to make the purchase process easier by using digital technology. A new innovation involves the use of RFID wristbands to make bar purchases.

New AI partnership to develop cardiovascular medication

The artificial intelligence company Exscientia is to work with pharmaceutical multinational Bayer in order to apply machine learning for the development of a new generation of cardiovascular and cancer medication.

Q&A: Emerging consensus for evidence-based brain training Special

There's an emerging consensus in the medical world about the value of evidence-based brain training. Leading neuroscientist Dr. Henry Mahncke explains why and provides some tips on getting it for free.

Q&A: Weight loss app takes alternative route to dieting Special

Many people turn to dieting at this time of year, overcoming the holiday excesses. However, many fad diets simply don't work. Alternative approaches may lie in apps driven by artificial intelligence, according to the CEO of Lifesum.

Factors connected to recovery from anxiety identified

Anxiety disorders are widespread in society, however the factors associated with recovery have proven hard to pinpoint. New research identifies three levels of recovery drawn from a study of the Canadian population.

Why buying less is better than buying green

New research looks into what is ultimately better for the planet - buying less or keeping spending at current levels and buying environmentally-friendly commodities. The answer is to buy less items.

Biological pathways which boost lifespan identified

Biologists have identified pathways which could extend lifespan by 500 percent. The finding, connected to cellular mechanisms. may pave the way for new and more effective anti-aging therapies.

New research outlines advice for coping with acne

Acne is a common skin condition, affecting people at different ages, and one that can wreak havoc with your self-esteem and often appears at the worst possible time. New research identifies some strategies for dealing with the condition.

BandPay to launch March 2020, building trust in music business Special

BandPay, a fully customizable payment platform to launch March 2020, introduces a simple solution to the delays, errors, and losses that slow down many music professionals’ transactions and creative output. Co-CEO DeCarlos Garrison explains more.

IBM leads in U.S. Patents for 27th year

IBM has announced that the company received a record number of patents in 2019 – earning over 9,200, marking the company’s 27th consecutive year of U.S. patent leadership and innovation.

Millions of user records from LimeLeads put up for sale online Special

A new data breach has been reported: 49 million user records from LimeLeads (49 million user records from LimeLeads put up for sale online) have been put up for sale online. Anurag Kahol, CTO, Bitglass looks into the issue.

Q&A: Why trending diets won't work in 2020 Special

Popular diets won’t work in 2020 for people trying to lose weight, according to registered dietitian Kajsa Ernestam. This is because popular diets don’t take into account individual factors.

Skincare company to boost research using next-generation AI

Beiersdorf is one of the most advanced skincare companies in the world. The company has been using artificial intelligence, in partnership with Insilico Medicine, to improve its range of skincare products.

Q&A: COP25: Where do we go from here? Special

As evident with the COP25 environment conference, the public and industry need to bring government, research institutes and private industry together to collaborate and quickly find solutions to climate issues. Expert Shuli Goodman explains more.
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