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Tim Sandle

Editor-at-Large based in London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Oct 1, 2011
Expertise in Movies, Sexual health, Travel, Entertainment, Internet,   see all» Government, Video games, Jobs, Women's health, Education, Pharmaceuticals, Food, recipes, Music, Social media, Unemployment, Politics, Pets, Board games, Food, dining & restaurants, General business news & info, Technology, Celebrities, Environment & green living, Science & space, Health, Small business, Men's health, Charity & volunteer work, Automotive, Careers & workplace, Stocks & trading, Sports, Concerts, Books, Drinks



U.S. tax deadline has hurt gig economy workers Special

Many freelancers plus the millions engaged in the gig economy operating in the U.S. were required to file taxes by April 15, 2021. This is presented challenges for independent contractors.

Q&A: What can businesses do help employee wellbeing? Special

In a year of disruption and change, how can businesses assist communities in need and, at the same time, support their employees. With employees the focus is very much with mental wellbeing.

Major UK university hit by cyberattack, stopping classes Special

The University of Hertfordshire, UK, has announced that they were hit by a cyberattack that took down their IT systems, which resulted in online classes being cancelled for two days.

Why are there so many tarantulas in the world?

One curious thing about tarantulas is that they are found across six continents. Yet these spiders do not travel far, with females rarely leaving their burrows. How come this type of spider is so ubiquitous?

Op-Ed: Businesses need to review their data governance to maintain trust

For many strands of businesses, collaboration is an increasingly common activity as companies pool resources and combine technology. An example of this is with drug development and this needs data governance.

Essential Science: Innovations in solar power to boost efficiency

Solar power seeks to produce clean energy from the Sun and it is a promising technology to address greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce humanity’s collective dependence upon fossil fuel. We look at some innovations.

Woman to woman: Entrepreneur shares women in business tips Special

Women are a driving economic force, yet only a minority of of technology start-ups have a female founder. What can be done to address this gender disparity and how can women be encouraged to enter tech?

Students warned of data breach after cyberattack hits UC system Special

Staff and students at University of California campuses statewide are being advised to take immediate steps to protect their personal information, including credit and identity theft monitoring.

Metabolic changes in fat tissue lead to adverse health effects

A study using twins has successfully pinpointed the biological machinery responsible for energy handling in fat tissue and how this works poorly in obesity. This is something taking place at the cellular level.

Internet for all? Biden seeks to widen online access Special

There is new analysis regarding President Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan - which includes $100 billion to “future proof” broadband. But will this delivery Internet access of sufficient quality for all?

AI developed to 'crack the language of cancer and Alzheimer's'

Diseases manifest as signs and symptoms, many of which are present before they can be detected by conventional technology. Researchers have been working on forms of artificial intelligence that could provider earlier indications.

How identity management remains important for data security Special

Control of personal digital identity is of increasing importance, given the number and nature of breaches recorded. A leading expert looks at the challenges racing consumers and business with maintaining their identities.

How remote work sentiment differs across generations

New data finds there is a generational divide when it comes to feelings toward remote work. Further subdivisions related to a person’s position within the work hierarchy, with the lower paid struggling more.

The Silk Road today: A living history in photographs Special

London - The Silk Road conjures images of trade, of peoples, and of empires long fallen. What is this trade route like today? A new outdoor exhibition attempts to capture this through a series of stunning photographs.

Pfizer vaccine may protect babies breastfed by their mothers

Data suggests that the administering of coronavirus vaccines imparts a protective effect upon babies that are breastfed by their mothers. This provides an important addition to the assessment of vaccine effectiveness.

Houston Rockets suffer from a major cyberattack Special

The Houston Rockets who compete in the National Basketball Association as part of the league's Western Conference Southwest Division, have suffered from a ransomware attack. This brings up wider issues for sports teams and cybersecurity.

Consumers support brands who paid employees more during COVID-19

There have been several news stories about brands and stores helping consumers during the pandemic and other emergency situations. The company Vrity has commissioned a survey to assess consumer views about such companies.

New coronavirus detection method looks at indoor dust particles

A new viral disease surveillance tool is being considered. This looks at indoor dust as an objective for surveillance of the virus that causes COVID-19 - SARS-CoV-2. The aim is to help to inform public health decisions.

Nutritionist’s top 4 health and wellness benefits of garlic Special

Garlic is a staple in many dishes across the world. Garlic adds flavor and character to even the simplest of foods. Not only does garlic makes everything taste better, it also has some potent health benefits too, according to Dr. Vikki Petersen.

Remote developer hiring is changing the digital industry Special

The ripple effects of the pandemic has forever changed the workforce, including greater use of new technology and remote working. This includes technology in general and within the developer community specifically.
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