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Tim Sandle

Editor-at-Large based in London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Oct 1, 2011
Expertise in Jobs, Food, dining & restaurants, Travel, Health, Small business,   see all» Science & space, Internet, Careers & workplace, Pets, Celebrities, General business news & info, Sports, Video games, Environment & green living, Government, Entertainment, Technology, Men's health, Music, Board games, Automotive, Politics, Movies, Drinks, Education, Stocks & trading, Unemployment, Social media, Pharmaceuticals, Charity & volunteer work, Women's health, Books, Food, recipes, Concerts, Sexual health



Q&A: Protecting digital assets with mathematics Special

Today's digital businesses require a new kind of trust paradigm. As physical and virtual worlds intersect, there is a growing number of security and privacy challenges. Unbound Tech is offering a new form of security and privacy.

Rocky Mountain Power to use IoT to modernize its electricity grid

Itron has announced that Rocky Mountain Power will deploy its OpenWay Riva IoT solution and 250,000 OpenWay Riva electricity meters to modernize Rocky Mountain Power’s existing electricity system.

Microbiologists 'colonize' Nottingham to discuss hot topics Special

Nottingham - Each November pharmaceutical microbiologists converge for the annual Pharmig conference to discuss medicinal safety and the latest developments in all-things microbiology. On day one of year's event pharmaceutical regulators outlined their expectations.

New tool helps 5 million Canadians without regular healthcare

To mark International Digital Health Week a Canadian dietician has developed a digital health tool that aims to fill the void for the almost 5 million Canadians who do not have access to a regular healthcare provider.

Microsoft is using AI to screen for cervical cancer

Microsoft has partnered with SRL Diagnostics to develop an AI Network for Pathology. The technology is being used to screen for cervical cancer in India.

Q&A: How how companies can prepare for new privacy regulations Special

A data analytics and privacy expert explains to Digital Journal readers about how companies can prepare for new privacy regulations under the impending CCPA deadline.

Research: Workers are greener at home than at work

The company Instant Offices delves into how the workplaces can learn from some of the world's greenest cities including what the current top eco-friendly trends are. This is in the context of people being ‘greener’ at home than at work.

What's behind Twitter’s proposed deepfake policy? Special

Twitter has drafted a deepfake policy that would ‘warn’ users of manipulated media, but not remove it. For privacy campaigner Damien Mason this doesn't go far enough.

Does Brexit mean a U.S. healthcare model for the U.K.?

One of the hotly discussed topics in relation to Britain’s exit from the European Union is whether the planned trade deal with the U.S. will lead to the precious National Health Service being partly subsumed by U.S. private healthcare.

Report finds cloud adoption exceeds necessary security measures

Bitglass has released its fifth annual, V for Vendetta-themed Cloud Adoption report. Key findings include that even as the use of cloud apps has grown extensively over the past 12 months, few companies have implemented single-sign on.

Essential Science: Secret to living longer is more ‘rest’

If you want to live for longer, especially as you get older, then the answer, based on a new study, is to rest more and preferably to sleep more. This finding is drawn from a comparative review of people experiencing different lifestyles.

Q&A: Why most orgs now determine automation to be necessary Special

Businesses are increasingly turning to automation in order to save personnel time and to save the overall organization money. A leading expert explains how businesses cases for return-on-investment and new work opportunities can be structured.

Q&A: Dark Design — the good, the bad and the very attractive Special

Dark pattern design is becoming more common, influencing the user experience promoted by many companies. Bhav Chohan explains the good and bad points about this approach, plus some notorious examples of UX.

Any amount of running leads to a longer life: Study

A new medical study finds that any amount of running is linked to significantly lower risk of early death. Even a small amount of running will improve population health and boost longevity.

Novel process allows microbes to harvest electrons

In a new, and very novel, process researchers have shown how a species of bacteria can be used to 'eat' electricity. This involves pulling in electrons away from an electrode source.

How carbon capture is on the road to becoming big business

Carbon dioxide capture and use could become big business according to a new study from University of California - Los Angeles. The study reviews various commercial opportunities for the green economy.

Looking behind the ConnectWise ransomware attacks Special

ConnectWise has announced that hackers have targeted on-premise Automate systems so they can take over servers and then deploy ransomware across a company's entire computer fleet. James Carder of LogRhythm Labs explains more.

Are we getting closer to achieving nuclear fusion?

Oxford - Nuclear fusion is regarded by many as an environmentally-friendly and catastrophe- free option for the future. However, realizing this has remained out-of-reach. New funding aims to deliver electricity from a fusion reactor by 2040.

New tractor beam used to alter quantum computing materials

Scientists have used light-based technology, based on optical tweezers, to control a fluids and assemble nanoscale semiconductor materials precisely into larger structures.

Tightly wired and stressed? Deep sleep is the answer, new study

For those who are often anxious or stressed the answer to reducing some of the manifestations is with deep-sleep, according to a new scientific study. Research shows good sleep can rewire the anxious brain.
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