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Tim Sandle

Editor-at-Large based in London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Oct 1, 2011
Expertise in Politics, Unemployment, Technology, Sports, Jobs,   see all» Charity & volunteer work, Celebrities, Food, recipes, Concerts, Video games, Pharmaceuticals, Small business, Pets, Stocks & trading, Social media, Travel, Entertainment, Careers & workplace, Men's health, Food, dining & restaurants, Education, Drinks, Environment & green living, Science & space, Books, Board games, Sexual health, Government, Women's health, Movies, General business news & info, Health, Music, Automotive, Internet



eBay fitness sales data reveals lockdown spending habits

An eBay study has been released which analyses sales volume of at-home fitness equipment during the lockdown period. The findings indicate that for some, at least, the closure of gyms has triggered a fitness spending spree.

Telehealth booms amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Telehealth and related digital health solutions have seen a large uptake during the coronavirus pandemic. In turn, this has seen an upscale of investment in digital health startups.

Where is digital insurance heading after Wirecard's collapse? Special

The digital-led insurance firm Wirecard ran into financial problems recently, following KPMG announcing it was unable to verify Wirecard’s third-party profits. What does this mean for the e-insurance sector?

Essential Science: Is SARS-CoV-2 becoming more infectious?

Is the novel coronavirus mutating? The answer is yes, all viruses mutate. Is this of significance? The answer here is dividing scientific opinion. One new finding relating to a spike protein could raise concerns.

Premier league soccer club targeted in 100 million BEC scam Special

News has broken that an unnamed premier league football (soccer) club in the U.K. has been targeted in a £100 million ($130 million) BEC scam, based on emails intended to defraud the club of money.

New facial recognition tool for fraud protection

Canadian company Trulioo EmbedID has launched a new tool designed to reduce fraud. The technology enables organizations to build online trust and customer loyalty by ensuring high levels of security and compliance.

Hiring Tips: Understanding 'ghosting' can help with hiring

Businesses can use ghosting to their advantage during the hiring process. This is seen by some HR specialists as very relevant as the job market starts to open up in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lowdown on employer challenges during COVID-19

There are a number of measures that businesses should be putting in place in order to ease more of the workforce back onto site. These measures should be based around revision to site risk assessments.

Early adoption of face masks led to lower COVID-19 rates

A new study finds that those countries that were early adopters of mandatory face mask wearing in public saw lower COVID-19 rates compared with nations that put policies in place later, or which have not mandated masks at all.

Why your broadband is so slow (and it's not what you might think) Special

Why are many of our Internet connections so slow and what measures can we put in place to speed them up? Nick Baker, resident broadband expert at Uswitch provides some answers based on new analysis.

Deep red light therapy can improve failing eyesight

A new study has demonstrated that eye conditions that lead to failing eyesight can be moderated by applying deep red light technology. Initial findings are encouraging and could pave the way for a wider application of the therapy.

Latest epidemiology, immunology and COVID-19 research

From finding ways to stop the coronavirus in its tracks (by blocking spike proteins) to a new therapeutic intervention to address symptoms, new COVID-19 research shows how the science community are responding to the challenges that the virus poses.

Op-Ed: How the U.S. is fighting wage garnishment during COVID-19

More than one-in-four U.S. citizens with a credit report have at least one debt in collection, according to a CFPB report. This number is expected to rise as people continue to get laid off and experience other types of income losses.

Magnificent seven: Top business technology startups

Many businesses have struggled during the coronavirus pandemic and scores of startups have stalled. It is not all bleak news for some tech startup firms are shining as part of the COVID-19 resurgence.

Hackers try to phish businesses with COVID-19 bonus promise Special

Lured by the attraction of a notification about a bonus, perhaps for working hard during the pandemic, several executives have been tricked into opening bogus emails and infecting their systems in the process.

Q&A: COVID-19 and the impact on long-term care insurance benefits Special

According to a leading expert, the COVID-19 era means it is an important time to revisit your plan (or your parents’ plan) for elder care. How should you or your loved ones prepare for home health care, nursing home care, or essential medical supplies?

U.S. Video Game Day: People divided on best gaming console

July 8 marks National Video Game Day in the U.S. As well as providing a nudge to dust down those old video games and reboot the console, it is also time to reflect on the future of gaming and to see which format of video game hardware is winning out.

Why enterprises should not over rely on AI for cybersecurity Special

AI is a strong tool for cybersecurity, but it is not the silver bullet. Many enterprises must not overly rely on it for their security, or they could be setting themselves up for problems. This is particularly so for the finance sector.

V Shred exposes 1 million files with open S3 bucket Special

It has been revealed that fitness brand V Shred left the information thousands of customers on a completely unsecured AWS S3 bucket. V Shred have addressed the issue; however, there are concerns about the content of the exposed data.

Why privacy (CCPA) measures require more than just encryption Special

Despite a long-build up to the new privacy law kicking in, many businesses remain unprepared for ramifications of California's privacy laws, which became effective from the start of July. A security expert provides some business advice.
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