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Tim Sandle

Editor-at-Large based in London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Oct 1, 2011
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Tesla requested to recall 158,000 cars over faulty touchscreens

Tesla has been instructed to recall some 158,000 cars. This is due to some identified safety concerns, which have come to light post-manufacture. The discovery highlights a quality control weakness.

Life expectancy in the U.S. experiences major drop

Life expectancy has shown a significant drop in the U.S. While the fall is across all ethnic groups, it is the Black and Latino community that shows the most marked decline.

Intestinal microbiome linked to COVID-19 severity

The connection between COVID-19 symptoms and other underlying health conditions continues to be researched. A new finding draws a connection between symptom severity and intestinal health, in relation to the gut microbiome.

Q&A: Poorly written API presents new business risks Special

Businesses need to be increasingly careful about exposure of an organization's digital services and assets, especially given the current times of the major health crisis. Hackers are looking for new ways to cause service outages.

Data-driven approach is the answer to COVID-19 vaccine logistics Special

The distribution of the various coronavirus vaccines that becoming available will be challenging for most countries. Developing a sound, data-driven approach to distribution is set to be key. How the data is used with be pivotal.

Novel coronavirus treatment study begins in the UK

A new treatment for the disease caused by the coronavirus, intended to prevent severe illness, has been launched in England. The novel method to address COVID-19 is based on a protein-based inhalation treatment. This could be administered by the patient.

Big growth in robotic process automation forecast in 2021

Enterprises currently relying on older channels of communication, data management and internal operations are in need of modernization. One solution to this challenge is robotic process automation.

United Nations discloses new data breach Special

The United Nations has suffered a data breach, exposing 100,000 United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) private staff records, stemming from exposed Git directories and credentials.

Coronavirus infection is connected to 'silent hypoxia'

Two medical conditions of concern in relation to a COVID-19 infection have been outlined in recent science papers. These are the development of low blood oxygen and the formation of arterial thrombosis.

Microplastics and our planet: Part 3–addressing cosmetic products

One of the major sources of microplastics in the ecosystem is from cosmetics products, especially those that deliberately contain plastic particles for exfoliation. The time has come to eliminate these.

Microplastics and our planet: Part 2 – developing a strategy

It is well documented that microplastics present a major problem for life on Earth and the problem is accelerating. How can humanity move away from its reliance on plastics? We look at the EU solution.

Microplastics and our planet: Part 1 – looking at the problem

Microplastic pollution continues to be an issue of pressing concern for humanity. Particles are found in everyday items like fertilizers, cosmetics, household detergents, cleaning products, paints and products used in the oil and gas industry.

What Biden’s supply chain could look like Special

President-elect Joe Biden has big plans for rebuilding the U.S. supply chain after the global pandemic shook it to its core. This includes a plan to help reduce the reliance of US supply chains on overseas companies.

A deep dive into the SolarWinds attack Special

The SolarWinds Orion network management platform became a targeted attack vector towards the end of 2020. With this, attackers injected malware into the SolarWinds application and this spread through many business and US government applications.

Essential Science: How the coronavirus vaccines were developed

Currently there are six COVID-19 vaccines for which certain national regulatory authorities have authorized the use. There are many potential COVID-19 vaccine candidates currently in development. How are these vaccines developed?

Why businesses are considering automating the contract process Special

In the business world, artificial intelligence is enabling businesses to work in new ways. This includes automating everyday tasks. The next wave of this process will capture the contract management process, according to a leading analyst.

How will cybersecurity evolve during the course of 2021? Special

How sophisticated will cyberattacks become and what can companies do to minimize the growing number of attacks and the developing sophistication of the attacks.

Remote working continues to present challenges for businesses Special

Despite the teething troubles being overcome, remote working will continue to present security and technological challenges for the typical businesses. Getting on top of these is important, given the COVID-19 situation and further working from home.

Beware cold calling, the follow-up to ransomware Special

As more companies seek out backup and disaster recovery solutions due to the rise in cyber-attacks, hackers have moved on to cold-calling victims directly. This new kind of threat requires new business tactics, explains Russell Reeder.

Q&A: Adopting a Customer 360 view to deliver supply chain success Special

For businesses that struggled in 2020, turning things around during 2021 is a must. One area to focus on is sharpening up with supply chain. This requires adopting a Customer 360 view, explains expert Richard Barnett.
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