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Tim Sandle

Editor-at-Large based in London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Oct 1, 2011
Expertise in Government, Books, Women's health, Environment & green living, Unemployment,   see all» Technology, Social media, Politics, Food, dining & restaurants, Men's health, General business news & info, Board games, Science & space, Celebrities, Movies, Concerts, Careers & workplace, Travel, Education, Pets, Drinks, Sexual health, Music, Sports, Charity & volunteer work, Jobs, Food, recipes, Pharmaceuticals, Entertainment, Health, Video games, Internet



Major airlines set to ban ‘smart luggage’

The growing array for ‘smart luggage’, popular with business travelers, could be set for a ban for carriage by major airlines over safety fears. This relates to the embedded batteries found inside many smart cases.

Smart luggage innovations for business travelers

Smart luggage is the next big thing for business travelers: from robot cases that follow the owner around to bags fitted with GPS devices, the age of smart technology is set to aid those who clock up a high number of air-miles.

Essential Science: Sequencing Rudolph’s Genome

A seasonal science column this week: Chinese scientists have successfully sequenced and analyzed the genome of Rangifer tarandus (reindeer), which is the only domesticated species in the deer family Cervidae.

Simplifying travel planning through technology and AI: Interview Special

The way businesses and consumers book travel is set for further shake-ups as artificial intelligence becomes the norm. The process of planning travel is becoming simplified and easier.

Journalists using virtual reality should show moderation

Virtual reality can pull readers over to news site to view immersive content; however, the extent of this needs to be moderated otherwise news credibility will suffer. Journalists should take note in this era of fake and misleading news.

Businesses using big data to track organic food consumers

Big data analytics are vital for retail. One research area has been with the growth in spending on organic produce. Here data analytics have been used by businesses to track and predict consumer shopping patterns.

Women are better at collaborative work than men

The world of work, and academia, are changing towards one more centered on collaboration than competition. A new study suggests that women are better suited for this way of working than men.

Cognitive training to battle 'chemobrain': Interview Special

Cognitive changes are common among breast cancer survivors. Scientists have developed a new approach to guide the management of cognitive changes in those who have undergone chemotherapy.

How brain training is effective against 'chemobrain': Interview Special

A specific type of brain training is effective against "chemobrain", the common cognitive deficits caused by cancer or its treatments. Up to 90 percent of cancer survivors report cognitive issues, and there is no widely-accepted treatment.

Four types of crypto users in the emerging economy Special

Russian-based company CoinPlace, based on their previous experience in crypto investment, have determined four types of real and potential crypto currency users.

8 out of 10 customer services will soon be AI driven: Interview Special

Eight out of ten businesses will have implemented artificial intelligence by 2020, yet many consumers are concerned by a perceived invasion of privacy or a robot takeover. The answer is for a businesses to use AI seamlessly.

Interview: Technology improves wound care management Special

Clinicians can now take wound depth measurements at the point of care using a regular smartphone camera thnaks to new technology. The technology comes from Swift Medical.

Blockchain studies added to university curriculum

As blockchain technology gains in popularity, are universities willing to offer blockchain courses and degrees? The answer appears to be yes, at least for an instiution in Russia.

Automation is disrupting traditional models of recruitment

The recruitment sector, from human resources to outsourced agencies, is undergoing disruption through the use of automation and artificial intelligence. This is leading to new approaches for businesses to recruit staff.

Interview: Future of Communications Platform as a Service Special

The world’s first end-to-end Communications Platform as a Service provider has been formed, aimed at bridging a leading cloud communications platform with one of the largest global carriers in the world.

Absolutdata offers AI service for travelers: Interview Special

San Fransisco - Absolutdata provides data science and big analytics solutions to companies. One sector of recent focus has been the travel industry. Anil Kaul, CEO of Absolutdata provides some insights.

Interview: Travel sector being disrupted by AI Special

San Fransisco - Artificial intelligence is disrupting the travle sector, changing the way businesses and individuals organize their transportation and connections. Absolutdata provides some insights.

Interview: Why are open-source security vulnerabilities rising? Special

Open-source vulnerabilities are increasing, according to a new survey, that this presents concerns for businesses. But is enough being done? Not according to Guy Podjarny, CEO and co-founder of Snyk.

CVS Health and Aetna come together for big data for healthcare

CVS Health and Aetna have come together to form a new organization that aims to restructure healthcare. The deal between the two enterprises is valued at $69 billion.

GM set for robo-taxi service in 2019

San Fransisco - Car manufacturer General Motors has announced plans for self-driving vehicles to act as taxis to appear in key U.S. cities and suburbs in 2019. The cost of these vehicles is relatively low, at around $30,000, offering high returns for investors.
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