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Michael Billy

Citizen based in Pittsburgh, United States. Joined on Aug 1, 2007



Op-Ed: The Future of the Republican Party

The future, of course, is difficult - probably impossible - to predict, especially concerning a group as large as the Republican Party. Still, I’ll give it a shot by trying to answer the question “What will the Republican Party look like in 2032?"

84-year-old grandmother strip searched by TSA

New York - TSA agents at New York’s JFK airport allegedly strip searched an 84-year-old 4-foot-11 grandmother on Tuesday afternoon. She plans to sue the agency.

Ron Paul wins California straw poll

Los Angeles - With a hair less than 45% of the vote, Ron Paul has won this year's straw poll, which was held in front of the California Republican Party convention delegation.

Op-Ed: Who is really blaming America for 9/11?

At Monday's CNN Tea Party debate (video above), Rick Santorum accused Ron Paul of posting an article on his website that blamed the United States for the attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001.

Leaked nude Scarlett Johansson photos lead to FBI investigation

Leaked nude photos of Lost in Translation star Scarlett Johansson have led to an FBI investigation and threats of a lawsuit from the actress.

Op-Ed: 'Federal family' is world's most successful gang

When the federal government, particularly FEMA, decided to nix the word "government" from its lexicon and replace it with "federal family" the conservative and libertarian blogosphere became amass with criticisms of Orwellian language manipulation.

Leaked memo hints at iPhone 5 launch on Sprint

A recently leaked Sprint memo has caused the iPhone 5 rumor mill to speculate that the coveted smartphone will be released on the Sprint network.

Op-Ed: Gruesome GOP crowd applauds Perry's execution of 234 humans

There wasn't much excitement in last night's GOP debate. Sure, Ron Paul and Rick Perry traded some barbs, but over all it was civil. That is, until moderator Brian Williams brought up Perry's execution record.

Security guard handcuffs six-year-old school student

Chicago - At Carver Primary School, security guards were authorized to discipline multiple children for talking in class. They were subsequently handcuffed and told, “They were going to prison and would never see their parents again,” according to one parent.

CEO of Gibson Guitar says Fed raid cost company up to $3 million

When dozens of federal agents raided two Gibson guitar factories – one in Nashville and one in Memphis – and seized several pallets of wood they cost the company a lot of dough, according to Gibson's CEO.

Bone cancer patient's yard sale shut down by Salem government

Salem - An obscure city law that prohibits residents from having more than three yard sales per year brought a government crackdown on a Salem woman who suffers from bone marrow cancer.

Study: Buy Chinese and you support Americans

A new study released by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco shows that when Americans buy products labeled "Made in China" 55 cents on the dollar goes to people in the United States.

DC Restaurant Requires Patrons to Sign Contract Before Eating

Washington - New DC restaurant, Rogue24, requires patrons to sign a two-page contact to make a reservation and dine at the establishment.

Tiger Curses Self at Masters

Tiger Woods was caught on video proclaiming, "Tiger Woods, you suck God dammit," after his first shot on the sixth hole at the Masters.

Op-Ed: The Collateral Damage of the WikiLeaks Video

One writer reflects on the WikiLeaks video, released this week, that allegedly shows US military firing on civilians from an Apache helicopter.

Homer Simpson is 'most influential wordsmith since Shakespeare'

The Simpsons has brought us incessantly lasting phrases like "eat my shorts!" and "d'oh," but which has been the most influential on the English language?

Op-Ed: Will Lower CD Prices Save the Music Industry?

Universal Music Group (UMG) has announced they will be lowering the prices for physical album sales. The new suggested retail price will range from $6 to 10 and new releases will likely hover towards the higher end of that range.

Op-Ed: Top Eight Rock Albums of the Decade

The music that defines a generation often contains stale and formulaic songs that adhere to a specific pattern that has been proven to garner financial success. Artists that strive for originality, however, are often pushed to the bottom of the pile.

Giant Squids, Giant Jellyfish and Immortality?

Giant sea creatures are attacking coastal regions all around the world. Some weigh more than a Sumo wrestler. Is there potential for an immortal giant creature from the deep?

Would-be Robber Becomes Russian Woman's Sex Slave

With an economic downturn in full swing there is little doubt that crime aimed towards profit will be on the increase. Before considering the life of crime, however, a person should be fully aware of the possible consequences.
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