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Frank Kaufmann

Digital Journalist based in NY, United States. Joined on Nov 5, 2008
Expertise in Religion, Government, Ethnic cultures, Politics



Op-Ed: Religion and the war against ISIS

New York - Stomach turning levels of barbarism perpetrated as religiously sanctioned behavior have changed the rules on public conversation about religion in media and the public square.

Op-Ed: Are the Paris massacres religious?

New York - Some human beings are violent. Some are religious. Some are one or the other. Some are both. Some are neither. Is there such a thing as religious violence per se?

Op-Ed: Why religious conflict persists

New York - Interfaith activists tend to focus on the inner makeup of faith and dialogue needed to work effectively for interreligious peace.

Op-Ed: Religious dialogue should produce good results

New York - There are people who go to church and other places of worship all their lives, every day or every week, practically without exception.

Op-Ed: The Islamic State — Obama follows W’s lead

New York - There is a residual anti-”Christian West" dimension to the “Muslim” narrative in many parts of the world, including among a great many Muslims enjoying the “freedoms” and social benefits guaranteed residents in Western “democratic” lands.

Op-Ed: Interfaith and extremism: IS, Mosul, Gaza

New York - There are intensely anti-human, anti-God forces in current news. Human horror is being perpetrated in the name of religion.

Op-Ed: America's Broken Politics

New York - America’s two party system is broken, has been for some time, and continues without interruption to show ever more clearly that this is so.

Op-Ed: Fixing Geneva II, Syrian peace talks

New York - The international war being waged inside of Syria has created a humanitarian crisis of staggering proportions. Estimates of numbers killed in the war since March 2011 range from 94,000 to 130,000.

Op-Ed: America in 2014

New York - Nations, like people, are full of flaws and inadequacies. On the bright side though, we believe that we can improve if we try. Nations are also like people when it comes to the habit of mind that thinks "things were better back when."

Op-Ed: On the Geneva, Iran nuclear accord

New York - The November 24 "interim agreement on the Iranian nuclear program" reached between Iran and what is called p5+1 is important. And what happens now is important.

Op-Ed: Conditions not ready for Kerry's Geneva II Syria Peace Talks

New York - Beautiful Syria, home of some of the West’s most sacred roots is now an ugly thing. Its long running civil war has claimed over 100,000 Syrian lives , has created millions of refugees, and has ravished treasure never to be part of our heritage again.

Op-Ed: Omar Hammami, American born jihadi — Is he dead?

New York - Alabama born Omar Hammami, who traversed the course from High School president to Somalia based Al Qaeda operative may have been killed by his former allies.

Op-Ed: The United States should not bomb Syria

New York - We now begin the week in which we will be dragged into President Obama's, and a compliant media's push for more US military interventionism and adventurism.

Boko Haram, gruesome violence in Northern Nigeria

New York - New, more gory details have emerged in what was reported first as the killing of 35 Muslim worshipers and the wounding of 14 last week in the town of Dumba village in Borno State, Nigeria.

Christchurch unveils cardboard cathedral

New York - A new architectural wonder was unveiled in Christchurch, New Zealand this week. Though grand, its delight lies more in its underlying simplicity.

Op-Ed: Number of taxpayers quitting U.S. citizenship hits record high

New York - The IRS is a US government program, with the force of the American military behind it, empowered to confiscate earned wages of its citizens. Those who do not comply are imprisoned and broken.

Op-Ed: T.S.A. expands duties beyond airport security

New York - Americans appear willing to live in a police state, subject to unconstitutional violations of rights by their own government in exchange for the mirage of security.

What is Upsalite? Should I care?

New York - Scientists are calling it "the impossible material." But why? Some scientific discoveries are easy to get excited over, but others seem to be private fun just for the bunch of folks in white lab coats.

Op-Ed: Obama administration muddles foreign relations

New York - It is hard to imagine a more hapless stream of foreign policy decisions than has been managed by the beleaguered Obama administration in recent days, effectively projecting US weakness into every major theater of international relations.

Karzai to boycott Taliban talks

New York - On Tuesday, June 18, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said insurgents fired two rockets into the Bagram Air Base outside the Afghan capital, Kabul.
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