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Bill Jencks

Citizen based in San Fernando, La Union, Philippines. Joined on Jan 17, 2009



Op-Ed: Asia Overtly Denounces and Dumps the Dollar

This article describes all the reasons why dollar influence in trade is fading so rapidly, and further attempts to detail the whys and hows of this considerable problem.

Op-Ed: The Beijing Defense vs. America's One Trick Pony

For the last three or four years we have seen the continual demise of the US dollar's influence and the rapid growth in China currency swaps, currency controls and currency ties as strategies against the dollar's influence. What of the dollar's future?

An Example of the FED's Transparency and Openness

Here is a wonderful video example of the dire lack of transparency and accountabilty of the FED. Elizabeth Coleman -- the Inspector General of the FED -- easily avoids answering all questions when questioned by Rep. Allan Grayson in this video.

Op-Ed: Inflation or Deflation? Take Your Pick

With both the US and Europe still in an unshifting deflationary spiral, the only question now being asked is whether these economies will finally be decimated by inflation or deflation.

Op-Ed: Mr Obama, Democracy and The Great Lizard

Perhaps democracy and capitalism have run their time. With all the excesses and corruption still so apparent in the system, how can it survive economically?

A Visual Snapshot of the US Economy

Inside a visual representation of the health of the American economy. The charts show no adjustments, manipulations, alterations or exemptions - just the bare government figures. These figures are much worse than reported.

Dollar Shock!! UN Panel Says World should Ditch the Dollar

So it has finally happened. Next Monday, a UN panel of financial experts will be announcing and advising that the US dollar should give up its status as a world reserve currency. The impacts of this for America will be economically hard and difficult.

Pre-G20 Concerns - This Week's Triple Whammy for Obama

As the G20 approaches in London, Russia has just announced a large scale re-armament program for its armed forces, the Czechs have backed out of the US missile treaty and Russia will be using strategic bomber bases on Venezuela and Cuba.

Op-Ed: The Iran Nuclear Problem - Who's Kidding Who?

Everywhere you read it - Iran deserves to be blown of the face of the earth because of her dangerous nuclear capability. Israel continually promises a pre-emptive attack on Iran soon. But so far....nothing.

Op-Ed: Bernanke's Surreal Psychological Play

Many wonder what Bernanke is doing to bring the US economy back under control again. News of his actual "discretionary spending" policies is never exposed to the public. When known and understood, Bernanke's policies seem very surprising and desperate.

Philippines Journeyman - The Hundred Islands of Pangasinan

Now living in the Philippines, I usually take every opportunity to explore what is on offer here. And I'm usually not disappointed. I've included many photos in this travelogue, since pictures are always far better than words.

China Already Coming Out of Recession on Turbo

Amid the economic misery and consternation in the Western markets, with America desperately trying to find some solid economic grounds for her re-emergence - here I examine the reasons why China seems to be doing so well and so remarkably quickly.

Op-Ed: China, Russia and The Middle East - Still Plaguing the US Economy

What are the other problems that America is facing outside her shores? And how will these problems affect her current financial crisis?

Op-Ed: The Fiscal Mess, The US Constitution, Political Blagging & Trust

What are the differences between the European and American view of politics? Where does trust and patriotism end in terms of lifestyles? Are government freedoms rising alarmingly, while our individual freedoms are steadily and consistently being eroded?

Dollar Shock - Yuan to Become Asia's Regional Reserve Currency

The Yuan will soon replace the dollar as the new Asian Regional Reserve Currency. This confirms that China now will dump much of her trillions of dollars and Treasury Bills - a horrific switch for America with dangerous economic and US dollar impacts.

Op-Ed: Big Pharma - The Pallid Success of the Germ Theory

Ever wondered why we still have no cure for HIV, Cancer, Hepatitis, Leukemia, Alzheimers, the common cold or flu? Here I question the tenets of the Germ Theory and compare it to its ancient and forgotten competitor, The Terrain or Cellular Theory.

Op-Ed: Deep Oil, Deep Power and Deep Pockets

Is oil running out or not and is Peak Oil a true phenomenon? In this article I examine the dubious reasons for the promotion of The Peak Oil myth and the interplay between power, profit and money.

Op-Ed: The Philippines Lifestyle: An Expat Safe Heaven?

Is anybody out there fed up with their modern life? Sick to death of the Financial Crisis? Within this article I describe the reasons, costs, dos-and-donts etc. and many of the other benefits and advantages from my recent retirement to the Philippines.

Op-Ed: The Washington Consensus: Sharks Feasting

We all know the IMF, WTO and the World Bank institutions well. Or do we? What are their rules, policies and covenants and who is their real Master? And how good is their record? This article might surprise you...

Op-Ed: U.S. Protectionism, Economic Advantage and the Domino Effect

Protectionism is a dangerous route for any country to take, and particularly in these thin economic times. Even the excuse of national economic survival is not enough to support the eventual and inevitable harsh effects of tit-for-tat protectionism.
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