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Citizen . Joined on Mar 5, 2007


Do you know any lazy teachers?

If you do, it's time for a rude awakening.

Lyford High Tries Something New

Unlike a lot of the other small schoools, Lyford High tries to mimic a big school.

Our Nation on Immigtration

Why haven't these criminals been deported?

Drunk Kids and Trains

This is pretty horrible. This is why you don't drink irresponsibly.

American Media and our Government

Is our news biased and one-sided?

Monster Toad!

Frogwatch coordinator Graeme Sawyer found a gigantic toad.

Restrictions At School

The things you do and get away with.

Your World and Spam

E-mail is not the only source of spam.

Global Warming: Discussing Scientific Theory

A modern horror story; the theory that kills!

Obama Osama?

Is a terrorist really going to run for president?

How Accepting is Your School?

Is there a difference between small and large schools?

The Labeling Thing

What are you labeled as? Does it matter?

Medal Of Honor Allied Assault: How to compile a video

This is a guide to how to make quick and easy music videos for the game Medal Of Honor Allied Assault. THIS IS FOR BEGINNERS.

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