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Lisa Angotti

Citizen based in Los Angeles, CA, United States, United States. Joined on Mar 5, 2007


'Painter of Light' Artist Thomas Kinkade Faces DUI Charges

World-renowned impressionist and philanthropist, Thomas Kinkade, was arrested for drunk driving in Carmel, California, Friday.

NHL: Chicago newspaper displays Chris Pronger in a dress

In what is sure to be as controversial as defenseman Chris Pronger's antics on the ice, the Chicago Tribune published a special NHL Finals pullout poster Tuesday, featuring Philadelphia's newest player, "Chrissy Pronger."

Lawyer Believes van der Sloot confession is false

Lima - Joran van der Sloot, the Dutchman who police say confessed to killing Stepahny Flores in Peru, will walk police through the crime scene, but a lawyer for the suspect believes the confession could be false.

Joran van der Sloot confesses to killing Peruvian woman

Joran van der Sloot, the Dutchman suspected of killing American teenager Natalee Holloway in 2005 in Aruba, has reportedly confessed to the killing of 21-year-old Stephany Flores in Peru.

Childhood asthma risk increased in kids who eat hamburgers

Parents of children who love McDonalds and other fast food venues, be warned. Researchers have discovered that kids who eat at least three hamburgers a week are more likely to develop asthma than those who eat more fruits, vegetables and fish.

Mom uses Facebook to find children, 15 years after abduction

San Bernardino - A California woman's worst nightmare ended after she located her two missing children on Facebook, 15 years after they vanished. The children were two and three years old in 1995 when their father, Faustino Utrera, took them.

Australian restaurant charges you 30% more if you waste food

Sydney - Growing up, kids are constantly told to eat their dinner. Now, a restaurant near Sydney, Australia is offering guests delicious Japanese food with the same side of parental advice: "Clean your plate, or there will be consequences!"

'Saved By the Bell' actor ends 14-year marriage

If someone had uttered the words "Zack Morris is single" in the early 90s, a teeny-bopper riot would have ensued. Mark-Paul Gosselaar's split from his wife of 14 years, Lisa Ann Russell, is already raising eyebrows and sparking a frenzy of rumors online.

Probe Sends Back Incredible Photos of Jupiter

The New Horizons proble is sending back incredible pictures of Jupiter, including a close encounter look at the planet's "Little Red Spot" and the birth of a volcano on a near-by moon.

White Stripes Announces New Tour Dates

White Stripes promises to play unique venues in cities they've never played before, including every province and territory in Canada.

VIDEO - Secret Shows in LA Thrill Britney Spears Fans

Pop princess Britney Spears is getting back in the game with three secret shows booked as "The M+M's." The secret was out after the first show Tuesday as news stations covered the event.

Video Games Can Save Your Life -- And Other Reasons to Play

Here's a list of top reasons video games are actually good for you, and why you should hope your doctor is a gamer.

Baby Boomers Juggle Caring for Elderly and Children

Baby boomers are facing the unique challenge of caring for their children and their parents. iVillage Live offers tips for staying sane in a multi-generation household.

New Bug-A-Day Targets Microsoft's ActiveX

Is a the new "Month of ActiveX Bugs" attack campaign a copycat, or is it for real? Anti-virus experts disagree.

Video Game "PeaceMaker" Makes Mid-East Peace, Not War

A new game takes a novel approach to the conflict in the Middle East. Rather than destroying the enemy, to win, there must be peace.

NBC to Air Revealing Interview with Prince William & Harry

The two royal brothers discuss "absolutely everything" in a revealing interview to air May 7.

Mutant Genes Hold the Key to Speed

Whippets bred for racing were found to have a mutated gene that makes them fast. The discovery could have a huge impact on the athletic world.

Lefties May Have Shorter Lifespan, Study Shows

Does being left-handed mean you have one-foot already in the grave? There is surprising evidence to support the theory that lefties have a shorter lifespan. But some experts aren't so sure.

"Orgasmic Diet" Author Says Simple Changes Improve Sex

You really are what you eat, and author of "The Orgasmic Diet" offers help for those struggling in the sack.

Nuts About Nuts! Pistachios Lower Cholesterol

I always knew nuts were good for you...but thanks to a new study, the case for nuts is growing stronger.
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