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Michelle Duffy

Citizen based in Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Joined on Mar 2, 2007
Expertise in Concerts, Ethnic cultures, Family & parenting, Government, Travel,   see all» Social media, Education, Kids, Personal finance, Small business, Divorce, Single parenting, Jobs, Unemployment, Music, Teen culture, Charity & volunteer work


Meet new animals of the world, merged together in the name of art

A 23 year old student from Norway has used photo manipulation to merge animals together to create some astonishing pictures.

Video: Whirlpool in Latvia claims everything in its path

A frighteningly giant whirlpool in Latvia has been found to drag anything from around it into it's depths. Like the Earth's plughole, nothing escapes this enormous hole.

Erotic novelist posts ad on the Internet for love affair

A novelist of an exciting new book is seeking some work experience in the love affair department in the hope of getting a taste of the real thing.

Frightened burglar arrested after calling police about a cat

A frightened burglar in Romania was arrested recently after he called the police for help. He had heard strange noises in the house he was stealing from.

Introducing Santiago Swallow: Social media's biggest nobody

He has been dubbed the 'guru of the Internet age' and has hundreds of thousands of fans yet no one has ever heard of him. Meet one of Twitter's non existent legends.

Witch doctor sentenced to death for beheading 11-year-old boy

An Indian witch doctor is facing execution for beheading a 11-year-old boy in a sacrificial ritual to a goddess, to 'improve his fortunes'

Female suicide bomber targets hospital in Pakistan

A female suicide bomber has blown herself up at a hospital in Pakistan and allegedly 'killing four people' according to AFP News.

Britain receives second slash in international credit ratings

Breaking News: Britain's credit rating is slashed tonight to AA+ by international agency, Fitch. This is the second agency to cut the country's weakening rating.

Op-Ed: Fertilizer plant in West, Texas explodes, injuring hundreds

Texas City - West, in Texas is evacuated after explosion hits fertilizer plant, killing at least five people and injuring approximately 200, including some children

Op-Ed: The Overlook Hotel, prequel to The Shining, is revealed

Shining writer, Stephen King isn't too happy about a prequel being written but The Overlook Hotel, is now in the making.

Op-Ed: Man arrested after swapping sex for a McDonald's meal

Albuquerque police arrested a 58-year-old man for swapping sex for a McDonald's meal in a park near Central and Virginia.

Dallas police surround locked down school after today's shooting

Breaking News: Chopper Five video showing live police chase in Dallas, Texas. One woman has been shot and the gunman is still at large,

UK holiday couple's postcard arrives 45 years late

Leicester - Postcard posted in 1968 from the Isle of Wight, finally makes the journey to its destination in Leicestershire; 45 years too late.

Baby boom children now facing loneliness in their fifties

UK National Statistics report says that over one in three people over the age of 50 struggles with loneliness, highlighted by the increase of divorce and separation later in life.

Iranian 'Doc Brown' invents time machine

An extraordinary Iranian businessman shows the world his time machine which can predict up to eight years into the future of anyone who uses it.

UEFA rules on racism could lead to match bans for fans

UEFA's Gianni Infantino, gives strong proposal for players who commit racist offences on the pitch. This could mean match bans as well as stadium closures for similar offences.

Op-Ed: New Method Found for Low Fat Chocolate

Millions of women across the world may soon be jumping for joy over a new way to get that ever so desired chocolate fill without the fat.

3 Canadian teens appear in court over prostitution ring

Ottawa - Three Ottawa teenage girls appear in court yesterday allegedly used social media sites such as Facebook to force young girls into prostitution.

Op-Ed: The cost of young blood in the workplace

When we’re young, we are full of dreams. We want everything yesterday, to make money quickly and be the best that we can be – that is, some of us.

Schizophrenia Patients Suffer Every Year Due To NHS Fatal Drug

The UK Times recently reported on the staggering number of patients suffering from schizophrenia who die each year due to the negligence of the NHS. A "last resort" drug for patients has been warned now of its deadly side effects.
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