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Joan Firstenberg

Citizen based in New York, NY, United States. Joined on Dec 22, 2008



Satisfaction with life goes up with age in some nations

Seniors, above the age of 65, who live in English-speaking countries report the most satisfaction with their lives. But those in other countries around the world grow increasingly less satisfied as they age.

Buzzwords that were buzzkill for your resume in 2012

Mountain View - Resumes that tout an applicant's "creativity", "organizational" or "effective" abilities, won't get you the job. Such industry jargon was so overused in 2012 that it has lost its meaning and is likely to land such documents in the trash.

Beyonce to direct and star in HBO documentary about her life

New York - The feature-length HBO special promises to give viewers an "intimate" look at Beyonce's life. It will include personal home movies of her as a child, along with her journey from a young singer to the pop icon she is today.

US blacklists Haqqani network, testing relationship with Pakistan

Washington - The Pakistani-based Haqqani Network has been blacklisted by the U.S. and is now considered a terrorist group. This was a much-disputed decision and Pakistan voiced its surprise at it. But U.S. dismay at deadly Haqqani violence drove the decision.

Drew Peterson found guilty of murdering 3rd wife, Kathleen Savio

Joliet - The verdict has come in on Drew Peterson. The jury found the former Illinois police sergeant guilty today of murdering his 3rd wife, Kathleen Savio. The case did not involve the disappearance of Stacy Peterson.

Media balking at interviewing Sacha Baron Cohen as 'Dictator'

Actor/comedien Sacha Baron Cohen is not getting all the interviews he might want for his new "Dictator" movie. Outlets like the BBC will only invite him if he appears as himself and doesn't wear his Dictator garb.

Ashton Kutcher's brown-faced Popchips ad pulled on racist charges

A Popchips ad featuring Ashton Kutcher made up in various costumes, including one as a brown-faced Indian Bollywood Producer set off a slew of social media posts charging the company and Kutcher with racism.

Order a filet mignon at a restaurant and it could be glued meat

Move over Pink Slime, now there's Meat Glue. Restaurants and fancy chefs know it as transglutaminase, an enzyme that permanently bonds two pieces of flesh when pressed together. Examples are imitation crab meat, chicken nuggets, and filet mignon.

Young female student in Abu Dhabi attacked by boys in her grade

Abu Dhabi - An argument in an Abu Dhabi school during recess erupted when four boys reportedly attacked their fellow classmate, Loujain Hussain. She was beaten so brutally she suffered a brain hemorrhage and is now in a coma.

Unfinished World Trade Center building now the tallest in NYC

New York - The One World Trade Center building is still under construction, and won't be finished until next year. But as of 4/30/12 it is NYC's tallest building, surpassing the Empire State structure. At completion, it's likely to be the tallest in the U.S.

Monumental misquote on Martin Luther King's Washington memorial

Washington - Martin Luther King's impressive memorial which lies alongside the National Mall in Washington D.C. bears a quote that angry critics now says is out of context to what he actually said and makes King seem conceited and self-involved.

Families charge Beyonce's security kept them from their newborns

New York - UPDATE: New York State health officials have just dismissed complaints from parents who claimed they were barred from entering a hospital's neonatal unit to see their own newborns because singer Beyonce was there giving birth to her daughter.

Christian Egyptian media mogul faces trial for Mickey Mouse tweet

Cairo - With Hosni Mubarak out of power in Egypt, the violence begins anew between Muslims and Coptic Christians. The latest incident involves an Egyptian businessman who tweeted a picture of Mickey and Minnie Mouse in Islamic dress. He is now on trial.

No more Twinkies, Wonder Bread? Tastes change, sugar prices soar

Irving - Hostess, the maker of Snoballs, Zingers and Twinkies, is preparing to file for bankruptcy again, just two years after emerging from its first filing. The company is hurting from a consumer move to healthier foods, and high labor and ingredient costs.

Buy Scotch whiskey for just $5, but it's in a can

Orlando - How does a drink of 80-proof scotch sound for just $5? It comes in 8 or 12 ounces for the same price. But wait! This drink comes in a can, and it's not reasealable, so that means it either has to be transferred into a glass container or gulped down.

Breast implant scandal hurts female dream to become 'amazing'

Toulon - Industrial silicone-infused breast augmentations have been going on since 1997. It is believed that 450,000 women worldwide were operated on with PIP's faulty implants. Some are in pain, others are frightened, and most know the 'dream' is over.

Asian Papa John's customer orders pizza, gets side of racism

New York - Minhee Cho was shocked when she saw on her Papa John's pizza receipt that the employee had described her as "lady chinky eyes." She was super offended because she says the woman who served her was so nice.

Target and Nordstrom use Down syndrome boy in their fashion ads

New York - Ryan is a 6-tyear old the blonde-haired, blue-eyed model. He also has Downs syndrome and two big retailers, Target and Nordstrom have selected him for their clothing ads. Neither store made a big deal about it, and Ryan's father is thrilled.

FBI changes definition of rape so that it includes men as victims

Washington - The Obama administration has expanded the FBI’s eight-decade-old definition of rape so that men can be counted as victims. The change discards the requirement that victims must have physically resisted their attackers.

Two master Food Network chefs to take on Kelly, minus Regis

New York - Two food mavens who cook and judge other cooks on the Food Network are getting a show of their own on daytime TV. It would be based on Regis & Kelly, and could even boot Kelly, currently without Regis, from her perch.
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