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Les Horvitz

Digital Journalist based in New York, NY, United States. Joined on May 12, 2015
Expertise in Travel, Science & space, Books, Politics, General business news & info,   see all» Health, Movies, Government, Technology



Getting out the vote with tinder and texts Special

Brooklyn - In 2016, nearly half the voters eligible to vote in the U.S. election failed to show up at the polls. Years ago, candidates would ply people with alcohol to vote for them. For the 2018 midterm elections, more imaginative strategies will be needed.

Fighting fake news in the era of Trump Special

Brooklyn - “Our Country's biggest enemy is the Fake News so easily promulgated by fools!" That was one of many tweets from President Trump attacking the media. But people are losing faith in practically every institution. Is there any way to reestablish trust?

Will blockchain replace the web? Special

Brooklyn - Blockchain – a decentralized data base – is known today because it’s used to produce and exchange cryptocurrencies. But blockchain might prove to have many more applications, one day threatening the monopoly of companies like Amazon and Facebook.

Robots want to be your friend Special

New York - Will robots take over the world? If not the world, then maybe our jobs. Do advances in artificial intelligence portend a time when humans are no longer masters of technology but its slaves?

Creating new life to save endangered life Special

Can we design life? Should we try? And who gets to decide? Scientists don’t have all the answers. Maybe artists and designers should get in on the act, too.

Designing products that change the world Special

New York - Taking things apart – and putting them back together – was what Jony Ive loved to do as a kid. Now he’s designing iconic products for Apple. You might even have one in your pocket.

Is aging a disease that can be cured? Special

New York - The oldest person that we know of lived to be 122 years old. Is that the limit? Is aging a disease that can be conquered and reversed? Scientists think it may be possible – and sooner than we think.

Left and right like Canada, Mexican food (and not much else) Special

Brooklyn - Americans are increasingly distrustful of brands and the companies that produce them. But to restore consumer confidence companies may need to take politics into account – and that’s tricky.

Why use new tools to tell tales? Special

Brooklyn - With new technology, storytelling is changing, allowing people to choose which plot lines to follow. But is the experience more satisfying than the traditional relationship between makers of content and its consumers?

‘Digital prophet’ predicts the internet of emotions (not things) Special

Brooklyn - Forget the Internet of Things, the idea that soon everyday objects will be connected to the Internet. ‘Digital prophet’ David Shing believes that the future belongs to the Internet of Emotions.

Startup CEOs agree: Don’t do it like Uber Special

Brooklyn - Corporations may give generously to charities to burnish their reputations, but only as long their profits aren’t at risk. But three startups are proving that philanthropy can be good business too.

Is Silicon Valley resisting Trump? (It's complicated) Special

Brooklyn - Until recently, tech companies have largely shied away from politics. With Donald Trump’s election, though, they may no longer have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines. But are these companies really willing to stick their necks out?

How America is making China great again Special

New York - Only connect! the English writer E.M. Foster famously said. That’s exactly the message being promoted – if less succinctly — by best-selling author, academic and CNN contributor Parag Khanna.

Tinder’s top yenta wants to connect the world Special

New York - Swipe left or swipe right. Reject or accept a date with someone you’ve never met. Whatever you choose, Tinder’s CEO Sean Rad still wins. Rolling Stone magazine calls Rad the biggest yenta in the world, promoting free love across the globe.

Plotting Netflix’s future: pain equals success Special

New York - There’s a big difference between strategy and tactics, says Netflix’s CEO and co-founder Reed Hastings. He sums it up in a simple equation: strategy = pain.

What happens when your clothes talk back to you? Special

New York - Clothing has served many purposes – it keeps us warm, provokes attention or makes us inconspicuous; it can be practical or seductive. But it’s never been able to communicate with us – until now.

Reverse aging? Eliminate disease? Bring back the Neanderthal? Special

New York - Why wait for evolution to act if genetic technology can accelerate the process, especially if it can give us longer and healthier lives? That’s the message the eminent Harvard geneticist George Church wants to get out.

Art hooks up with tech: A marriage made in…? Special

Brooklyn - Imagine what Leonardo da Vinci could do if he had a chance to develop an app for the iPhone or what Picasso could have done with PhotoShop. As the New Museum’s Julia Kaganskiy describes it, “Artists wield new tools to create new stories.”

The new PayPal: No longer going it alone Special

Brooklyn - PayPal is well-known for processing payments — $600 million daily — but it has much loftier goals, according to its president and CEO Dan Schulman: it intends to become a multi-service, global financial behemoth.

Cuba inc. —The empire strikes back Special

While most Cubans welcomed President Obama when he came to Havana last month, the country’s retired leader Fidel Castro sat out the party — probably because it wasn’t his party.
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