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Joie Maccarone

Citizen based in Toronto, ON, Canada. Joined on Feb 23, 2007



Op-Ed: 4 On Your Side investigates how traffic stop became a nightmare

Deming - Recently, 4 On Your Side reported an incident which took place at Luna and Grant County. It's been described as "a science fiction film" but sadly, it's real.

Op-Ed: Obama threatens daughters with 'family tattoo'

Washington - What would you do if your teenage daughter or daughters were planning to tattoo themselves? Would you threatened to get one yourself? Perhaps have the entire family get the same tattoo at the same place?

Op-Ed: McCartney mistaken for a busker

New Orleans - How could anyone possibly mistake former Beatles frontman Paul McCartney for a busker? Unless, he's an unsuspecting passenger on a New Orleans streetcar, sits down, opens his guitar case and belts out a few Beatles tunes, one would never guess.

Op-Ed: Toddler rocks to Elvis's Jailhouse Rock (Video)

Move over Travolta, there’s a new kid on the block and he can shake, rattle and roll across the dance with a style all of his own.

Op-Ed: Happy New Year and a Happy Divorce

Toronto - January can be an extremely cold and cruel month, so cold in fact that spouses’ hearts freeze and cruel enough to throw one’s partner out onto three foot snow banks during the middle of the night when temperatures are in the minus double digit degrees

Op-Ed: Finding a job - a nightmare

Somerville - There's about 12, 098 people living in Somerville, New Jersey. This is the story of one of them. Kathy Sandru is a married woman and mother of two little boys Eric and Christopher. In the background, you can hear one of her little boys warn his brother.

Op-Ed: Mourning "That girl Amy'

Yesterday, I woke up to the shocking news that R&B singer Amy Winehouse had died. She was found dead at her Camden home. Amy was only 27 years old. Cause of death is yet unknown.

Severe storm collapses stage at Ottawa Bluesfest

Ottawa - Talk about Rock the House Down! No sooner did Cheap Trick start performing at Ottawa’s Bluesfest before an audience of 15 to 20 thousand strong, when a strange storm started brewing, and high winds caused the stage to collapse, severely injuring one man

Op-Ed: 61-year-old woman arrested for sexually assaulting TSA agent

Phoenix - If you’re a frequently flyer, then you will have experienced enough groping by TSA agents. And you may be fed up with having agents “touching your junk” or giving your breasts a good feel.

Op-Ed: Potty-mouthed parrot needs new owner

Edmonton - Monty, the foul-mouthed parrot, is looking for a new home. Since it seems that Monty is a parrot with an attitude, doesn’t like kids, and happens to be rather picky about who handles him, finding Monty a home may prove to be quite the challenge.

Op-Ed: Wisconsin mom turns in her teens for robbery

Milwaukee - While a mom watched a T.V news report about an attack and a raid at a gas station which was perpetrated by four teens, she recognized two of the four adolescents as being her very own teenage kids.

Op-Ed: Owl crashes into window, leaves full-body imprint

Kendal - A tawny owl must have been flying at full speed when it crashed into the window of Sally Arnold’s Cumbrian home in the North of England. The impact was so strong, it left a complete and a rather impressive imprint of itself on the glass.

Op-Ed: Man Dead Playing Russian Roulette

Denver - What was to be a fun night out with the boys turned deadly. 21-year-old Anthony Martin is dead after a game of Russian Roulette.

Op-Ed: 16-pound baby born in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas including the birth of JaMichael Brown who entered the world 2 ft. tall and weighing in at a whopping 16 lbs.

Op-Ed: Another French Politician Possibly Charged With Rape?

Not to be outdone by ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s arrest for sexual assault, junior civil service minister Georges Tron was arrested on three counts of charges relating to sexual assault.

Op-Ed: Burning 'The Book of Negroes'

The Book of Negroes’ written by Canadian author Lawrence Hill is about to go up in flames tomorrow, unless the author changes the book’s title.

Op-Ed: Obedient Wives Club

Obedient Wives Club sounds like a heading for a Woody Allen dark romantic-comedy flick. The theme would be about husbands curbing “domestic violence and prostitution by teaching women to keep men happy in the bedroom.”

Op-Ed: South Carolina prisons ban porn publications

Should the Bible be the only available book allowed to prison inmates at South Carolina’s Berekely County Jail? The American Civil Liberty Union( ACLU) doesn’t think so.

Op-Ed: Desperate Housewives of Lollipop Trail - Upset by Nude Statue

Abilene - “It's there! It’s right there! You don’t have to look hard! You don’t have to stare hard! It’s there!. Right there!” This is not a scene from Desperate Housewives who live on Wisteria Lane.

Op-Ed: Surviving the blues freshens your gene pool

Toronto - You never would guess, the blues is designed to keep your gene pool freshly alive. According to Dr. Benoit Mulsant it's all about survival.
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