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Andrew Boggs

Citizen based in Ohio, United States. Joined on Aug 8, 2008


Carnival At Our Lady Of Angels In West Park, Ohio Special

Cleveland - Perhaps one of the most favorite memories of childhood is going to the carnival. Then again, its pretty magical for us big kids as well.

A 'hooley' Weekend celebrated by the Irish in Cleveland Special

Cleveland - Hooley in loose Irish slang means a party or celebration. On Kamm’s Corner in West Park, Ohio, everyone turned out to party.

Ohio bear attacks, kills caretaker

On an makeshift wild animal preserve, a young 24-year-old man working for a notorious owner loses his life to a wild bear while attempting to feed it.

Ill Winds Blowing At BP Oil

The start of hurricane season may give BP even more uncertainty in its attempts to cap the Gulf of Mexico oil spill at the Deepwater Horizon rig.

Op-Ed: Domestic Violence - Can It Be Prevented?

Every year there is an estimated 1.3 million women who are victims of domestic violence. Meaning one in four will suffer at the hands of an abuser. Around 835,000 men also experience domestic violence from their domestic partners.

Op-Ed: Environmental Concerns

There are two sides to the controversy on wind turbines - many who see the importance of encouraging sustainable clean energy and those who don’t.

Scott Bickel: From Neglect And Squalor To Author

From the squalor of inner city Cleveland, a young child of drug addicts finds his way into suburbia and success. This is the story of Scott Anthony Bickel.

Storm Clouds Over Dubai

Dubai’s rapid growth was financed on borrowed money - its time to pay the piper. World Markets are worried about the emirate's six month delay in payments on its debt load.

The Long Way To Healthcare Reform

Tune into any news or talk show, pick up any newspaper and the one subject that is getting a lot of attention is heath care reform.

Severe Storms Slam Into US Midwest, Great Lakes

The Great Lakes region is being pounded by heavy storms; however the aftermath still leaves the Midwest warm and muggy. More severe weather is predicted for Ohio and Kentucky on Sunday.

Op-Ed: The Death Of A Family Grocery Chain

Even the mega stores are a little nervous in the current recession as more family-operated businesses go under and the majors begin pairing off less profitable units.

Severe Storms Sweep Across The Midwest

Severe storms that killed eight in Oklahoma continue their move east into Ohio Valley as they race toward the East Coast.

Microsoft Vista Blues

Microsoft Vista went from being a highly anticipated operating system to a dreadfully demanding software - and what Microsoft is doing about it!

Small TV's Are Back In Widescreen

With the switch to digital television, small handhelds are coming back - in ATSC! Small manufacturers are taking the lead.

The Crash of 2008: How Wall Street Lost Its Groove

Wall Street gyrations have got investors worried. And as stocks drop, credit has tightened, making it more difficult for businesses to operate.

Getting Ready for HDTV

On February 17, 2009, U.S. television will change forever. However, those who are still watching “over-the-air” analog transmissions on that date will only see snow.

How to Find a Home in Today's Market

As housing costs soars along with energy costs, maybe it's time to think about better ways to acquire a home into today's housing market.

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