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Citizen based in Canada. Joined on Feb 17, 2007


Woman pretending to be a boy gets accused of rape

A 30-year old woman pretended to be a boy to have a sexual relationship with a teenage girl.

Father shows 2-year old son how to use an AK-47

A father was caught showing his 2-year old son how to use an AK-47.

Contractor abandoned pool construction in families backyard

A family wants justice after the contractor they hired didn't install their pool and left their backyard completely destroyed.

Woman charged with DUI while horseback riding drunk

Driving under the influence no longer applies just to drunk people in a car it also applies to drunk people riding horses.

19 year old dies from caffeine overdose

A 19 year old died from taking too many caffeine pills.

Chinese police seize 1.8 million dollars worth of fake Cd's and DVDs

China's biggest fake disc piracy has now come to an end.

Cleaning agent found in recalled milk

"The kids said it tasted funny and the first child was sick less than 20 minutes after consuming the product."

Sony cuts prices on PSP

Sony will reduce the price on it's PlayStation 3 to increase sale prices.

Nestle recalls Kit Kat caramel chunky bars

Nestle Canada is asking stores to remove it's kit kat caramel chunky bars from store shelves until further notice.

Mouse makes off with a Seniors dentures

A mouse got away with a 65-year old's dentures.

Third type of twins discovered

A new type of twin has been discovered it remains in between fraternal and identical twins.

Children to face criminal checks

Tony Blair wants children to get DNA test to see if they will become criminals or not.

'smart' sunglasses change colour on demand

'Smart' sunglasses allows the person wearing them to change the colour of the lenses by turning a knob.

Quebec man dies during charity climb

A 65-year old man has died during a charity climb.

Toddler found high on coke at preschool

A toddler has been found with cocaine in her system at preschool but no one knows where the cocaine came from.

California Farm sues Taco Bell

The Boskovich farm is suing Taco Bell for the loss of million of dollars during the e.coli outbreak.

Man posts a video of a Sasquatch on

A man has posted footage of a Sasquatch on youtube and Dr. John Bindernagel thinks it might be real.

Ex-wife grieves for husband that killed himself on his web-cam

Kevin's ex-wife claims Kevin was a family man, and a loving father and he will be missed dearly.

Rare copy of Declaration of Independence sells for $477,650

A man bought a rare copy of the Declaration of Independence for only $2.48 and auction it off for $477,650.

Horror of neck tumour in a Chinese man

A Chinese man ignored a neck tumour for 17-years.
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