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Robert Myles

Editor-at-Large based in Sarthe department, near Le Mans, France. Joined on Mar 25, 2012
Expertise in Internet, Environment & green living, Drinks, Technology, Government,   see all» Science & space, Travel, General business news & info, Politics, Real estate & construction



Extinction of species: humans are speeding up evolution

Vancouver - Scientists at the University of British Columbia (UBC) claim human actions are responsible for accelerating the evolutionary process by causing the extinction of “younger” species.

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceshipTwo makes its public debut

Mojave - Virgin Galactic the world’s first commercial spaceline, part owned by the Virgin Group and Aabar Investments PJS, unveiled its recently completed SpaceShipTwo, Feb.19.

New Planetary Post newsletter a 'must watch' for space devotees

Pasadena - California-based non-profit, The Planetary Society, this week launched a new digital monthly newsletter, the Planetary Post, that promises to bring astronomy to the masses.

France bids ‘Adieu’ to û and û and î!

Paris - Last week, after 25 years' deliberation, the Académie Française decreed that the French accent, the circumflex — the little "hat" in words like bête, fête and tempête — had had its day, at least in so far as providing headgear for certain vowels.

Some French holiday regions rated as pesticide use hot-spots

Paris - French TV channel, Francetv, in conjunction with its investigatory flagship broadcast, “Cash Investigation,” today released an interactive map detailing the French departments most affected by the use of dangerous pesticides.

40 years after disappearance Lucan death certificate granted

London - Lord Lucan, a member of the British aristocracy is officially dead, a London court has pronounced, four decades after the peer vanished from the face of the Earth in mysterious circumstances.

NASA Dawn mission reveals dwarf planet Ceres with crystal clarity

Pasadena - The latest images of Ceres, taken by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, show sections of this mysterious dwarf planet in breathtaking detail.

Angry French tobacconists dump tons of carrots on Paris streets

Paris - French tobacconists, up in arms at French government proposals to introduce plain cigarette packaging in France, this week dumped tons of carrots outside the French Senate in protest.

New Horizons: Solar wind stripping away Pluto's atmosphere

Baltimore - The latest data from NASA’s Pluto probe, New Horizons, suggests the dwarf planet’s atmosphere is being stripped away by the solar wind and lost to space.

Forearming for Armageddon: Asteroid Day 2015

London - Asteroid Day 2015 is scheduled for June 30 and, with less than a week to go, organizers are putting the final touches on more than 50 events planned worldwide with the aim of raising public awareness about asteroids and their detection.

Martian meteorites provide intriguing hints of life on Mars

Aberdeen - A further clue in the search for life on Mars has emerged after a team of scientists discovered traces of methane in Martian meteorites.

France: Nantes' Basilica Saint-Donatien in ruins after inferno

Nantes - Fire destroyed much of one of the most celebrated churches in Nantes, France’s sixth largest city, on Monday when an inferno engulfed the Basilica Saint Donatien in the city center.

Foo Fighters front man breaks leg on stage but show goes on

Gothenburg - Dave Grohl, singer with rock band, the Foo Fighters gave a whole new meaning to the “the show must go on” when he broke his leg after falling from the stage at a concert in Sweden, Friday, only to return to finish the show with his leg in plaster.

Op-Ed: Use of e-cigs in public spaces to be banned in Wales

Cardiff - The Labour controlled devolved government in Wales, UK, announced, June 9, that it would seek to introduce a wide ranging ban on e-cigarettes in public places.

A 'new' crater on Mars as never seen before

Tucson - NASA has released a spectacular hi-res image of a “new” crater in the Sirenum Fossae region of Mars taken by the HiRise instrument on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO).

New 'Hellboy' dinosaur discovered in Alberta

Drumheller - Canadian palaeontologists associated with the Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Alberta have identified a new species of horned dinosaur with some bizarre features.

Pluto: Observing chaos at solar system's outer limits

Munich - Gathering all available telescope data on the minor planet Pluto and its satellites from NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), two astronomers have carried out the most in depth analysis yet of one of the solar systems great mysteries.

NASA’s Cassini's last fly-by of Saturn’s weird moon Hyperion

Pasadena - NASA’s Cassini spacecraft makes what will be its last close approach to Saturn’s oddly shaped moon, Hyperion, today, Sunday, May 31.

FIFA scandal: More arrests ahead but Putin smells U.S. plot

Zurich - Sepp Blatter, FIFA’s incumbent president emerged victorious against challenger Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein at Friday’s FIFA elective congress.

Op-Ed: FIFA scandal — Challenge to Blatter from a Jordanian prince

Zurich - Amid a slew of corruption allegations FIFA is due to elect its President today. Incumbent Sepp Blatter, whose position seemed impregnable just days ago, is challenged by Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, vice-president of the Asian soccer confederation.
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