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Kyle Pallanik

Citizen based in Toronto, ON, Canada. Joined on Feb 17, 2007


GeoCities Closing Marks the End of Free Web Hosting for Many

October 26th, 2009, will mark the end of an era in free Internet web hosting for the users of the popular GeoCities service.

Iron Maiden Rocks the Air Canada Centre

Metal legends Iron Maiden rocked a frenzied audience at the sold out Air Canada Centre Sunday night, finishing off the first leg of their Somewhere Back in Time World Tour, with a brilliant performance of 80's golden age favourites.

MySpace Announces Development Platform

MySpace announced a new open sourced development platform, using Google's OpenSocial technology. Programmers will now be able to add custom applications to be used on the social networking site.

Op-Ed: Robots Among Us

When you think about the future, do you see robots performing everyday household chores, acting as soldiers in war and taking care of the elderly? What was once science fiction is quickly becoming the reality of today.

Online Banking Users Urged to Beware of the New 'Silentbanker' Trojan

Experts are calling the new trojan, one of the most sophisticated that they have encountered, capable of intercepting an online banking session and draining the victim's bank account.

First Photo of Mercury's Other Side

It's been over 30 years since humankind has had the chance to experience good photos of Mercury. The unknown face of the planet closest to the Sun was not captured in the first Mariner mission in the mid 70's.

Toronto Schools Need Help, But How Badly?

A School Community Safety Advisory Panel appointed by the Toronto School Board produced a report that indicates a disturbing level of weapons and sexual assault incidents in some schools.

Air Passengers Injured on a Turbulent Flight Forced to Make an Emergency Landing

An Airbus A319 en route from Victoria to Toronto, was forced to make an emergency landing in Calgary after it began to shake uncontrollably rolling to the left and the right and sharply losing altitude.

Taser as a Fashion Accessory

Need another way to make sure you're safe, while still making sure everything you're wearing is colour coordinated? Now your Taser can double as a fashion accessory, completely decked out in a holster that plays mp3s.

Angry Facebook Users Illegally Leaked the Names of Accused Underage Murderers

14 Year Old Stefanie Rengel was tragically murdered on January 1st, becoming Toronto's first homicide victim of the New Year. Many mourn her loss, but angry calls for the accused to be tried as adults has led to their names being made public on Facebook.

Do You Trust Google to Know Who Your Friends Are?

Google has been getting a lot of heat lately, since bloggers have raised eyebrows over a recent change to Google Reader that allows the application to 'know who your friends are' based on whether you've chatted with them in Google Talk or not.

Hepatitis A Warning from BC Restaurant

Patrons of the Port Moody Boathouse Restaurant are being urged by the Fraser Health Authority, to get vaccinated for Hepatitis A, after a food handler was diagnosed with the highly contagious disease.

Picasso Painting Stolen from Art Museum in Brazil

At 5:09 am, during a security shift change, thieves broke into the Sao Paulo Museum of Art and within three minutes, they made off with a painting by Pablo Picasso and another by Candido Portinari.

'Death Star Galaxy' Blasts Neighbouring Galaxy with a Jet of Energy

NASA astronomers have dubbed a massive black hole, the 'Death Star Galaxy' after observers witnessed it release a jet of energy that blasted right into a neighbouring galaxy far away from our own.

Let the Media Download Battle Begin

Apple has announced an online TV series download product in its iTunes store, being made available for Canadians, joining the growing competition that began with the recent launch of TiVo and Microsoft's Xbox Live.

Digital Millenium Copyright Legislation Delayed Due to Criticism

Copyright Law in Canada is about to get a lot tougher, but what do Canadians really know about the way the Government is interpreting the World Intellectual Property Organization's Internet Treaties?

Phishy Business on eBay, Accusations and the Hijack of a $20,000 Online Transaction

A Calgary man was scammed out of $20,000 for the purchase of a car in a transaction that he thought was eBay. CBC News reported on the story and eBay has accused them of getting their facts wrong.

Divorce is Bad for the Environment

As if divorce couldn't be messy enough, it can be worse for the environment. A team of U.S. researchers have quantified the "resource-inefficient lifestyles" of separated couples to damage caused to the environment.

It May be Possible for Amputees to Feel Through Prosthetic Limbs

Ground breaking surgery performed by a team of U.S. scientists has successfully rehabilitated a sensation of feeling in the prosthetic arms of two patients by rerouting their nerves.

One Laptop Per Child Program Extended

The One Laptop Per Child Program has announced that it will extend the Give One, Get One program until December 31st, 2007, taking advantage of the annual gift giving season, instead of ending on November 26th.
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