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Steve in the UK

Citizen based in United Kingdom. Joined on Feb 16, 2007


UK PM, Tony Blair is already starting his new career

Tony Blair may be changing careers soon but he's still trying to portray himself as a 'carbon crusader' in a short film which is being premiered at this weekend’s IIFA Awards.

10 Green Websites You Should be Reading (Plus a Few I Like)

In the five minutes or so it will take you to read this article, more than 400 new blogs posts will have been created. That's around 120,000 per day. But if you're looking for that nice green blog to read, it might take some tracking down.

Jebel al Jais Mountain Resort

Although still at the concept stage the spectacular mountain location of the Ras Al-Kaimah resort, in the UAE, is already being used as a place to go to escape from the stress of everyday life.

Boy, 8, forced to watch rape

A South African boy, from the Witbank, Mpumalanga Provincial, east of Johannesburg, was sleeping in the family's bedroom when 4 men broke in to the house, they tied other family members up and demanded money and firearms before raping the young mother.

Microsft Claims Millionth Zune Sold

This years Memorial Day is going to be remembered by Microsoft for after reason as it annouced that it had SOLD its millionth Zune, They had shipped their millionth unit some time ago.

DRM-free iTunes set this week?

Rumors coming from a French sources familiar with online music stores has stated that Apple is preparing to finally launch its DRM-free music from EMI on iTunes later this week.

Cape Town adventurer plans North Pole swim

If you fancy a cold swim you may want to hang out with Lewis Pugh, also known as the 'Ice Bear', as he takes his latest dip -- a nice cool swim at the North Pole.

Free International Long Distance from the U.S. and Canada, oh and Europe

2007 saw the first launch of the website which offered free or cheap long distance and international phone calls, the service seemed to be a great success, but has been offline for several months.

Object of NASA love triangle no longer an astronaut

Space shuttle pilot William Oefelein, the NASA astronaut involved in the love triangle which ended with fellow astronaut Lisa Nowak arrest has been discharged from NASA astronaut corps and will return to active duty in the US Navy.

No charges over 'suicide' on web

Chatroom users who watched a man apparently commit suicide over the internet will not face charges, the Crown Prosecution Service has said.

Branson's £1m for Concorde to fly again

When Concorde last flew in 2003 most people thought that it would be the last time that the worlds only supersonic passenger plane would every take to the air. However a small group of former Concorde pilots and executives have other ideas.

Moscow TV tower catches fire... again

Its the third time that the 540 meter (1,770ft) tall Ostankino television tower in Moscow, Russia has caught fire. The tower, one of the tallest free-standing structures in Europe, first caught fire in 2000,and then again in 2005

Family defends Australia's Big Brother death secret

24 year old Australia's Big Brother contestant, Emma Cornell, has not been told of the death of her estranged father after he had asked for her not to be told until she had finished her stay in the BB house.

Web Surfers duped by Mugabe spoof site

A spoof web site that was site up 2002 claiming to be the personal website of the 83-year-old Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's has had over 309,000 visitors to date.

New Jersey Sues YouTube over Deadly Crash Footage

On May 10 a southbound car traveling along the New Jersey Turnpike crashed into the Great Egg Harbor toll plaza, killing the 52 year old driver. Authorities are now suing to have the video taken offline.

Bebo and "Lonelygirl15" creators launch UK version

After getting more than 50 million views on YouTube the creators of LonelyGirl15 are going to expand there own brand of advertising by launching a British version.

China Abandons Plans to Force Bloggers to Use Their Real Names

After very vocal howls of protest from Internet users in China, the government has been forced re-think its position. Instead, under a new code, registration won’t be compulsory, although those who do register will receive “better services.”

One Laptop Per Child group working on developing video games

Has the One Laptop Per Child project started to lose its way? Next month over 100 game developers will meet to pitch ideas for a range of free games for the OLPC laptops.

AT&T eager to wield its iWeapon, the iPhone

Rumors where going around that AT&T had the exclusive rights to distributor the upcoming Apple iPhone until the end of 2009. But USA Today have now reported that the exclusive deal is for five year. So if you want one your better be with AT&T.

Broadband isn't broadband unless it's 2Mbps

The days when US broadband suppliers could promote a zip code as having a fast broadband even though only ONE house in the area may now be numbered.
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