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Hans Smedbol

Digital Journalist based in Nelson, BC, Canada. Joined on Jul 30, 2009



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Hans Smedbol said:
... begin with.... Muslim Americans have the same rights as non Muslims....i don't see how she can get away with this.
In News: Arkansas Gun range denies service to Muslims
Hans Smedbol said:
... would have given her at least six months PER dog....maybe even a year....what she did was terrible......
In News: Canadian dog-walker gets 6 months in jail for death of 6 dogs
Hans Smedbol said:
... today, by the look of it...what in hell does anyone need those for? they should be (and i thought, were) BANNED.
In News: Fishing boats finds WW2 mustard gas bomb in catch
Hans Smedbol said:
... much interest in these guys, that so many stories about them are so important and essential to our daily lives....
In News: Mayweather and Pacquiao negotiate face to face, contract nears
Hans Smedbol said:
... are, as well as how cowardly they are to bow to the Hindu bigots who pressured them to take action....disgusting!!
In News: Top bureaucrat restricted from attending Christian worship
Hans Smedbol said:
... example" shows just how stupid they really are....esp. as they ignore the actual scientific view of these things...
In News: Texas relies on 'Of Mice and Men' to execute man on Thursday
Hans Smedbol said:
... now the "tit for tatting" will begin, or intensify, as the case may be....
In News: FBI arrests three Russian spies trying to recruit students
Hans Smedbol said:
... access denied to the perpetrators of such garbage. time to take away the pulpit from these fanatics.
In News: France wants to make Facebook, Google accountable for hate speech