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Joe Christian

Citizen based in Devonshire, United States. Joined on Feb 15, 2007


Dear Digital Journal Friends, Members and Readers;
I am your average "Joe Christian", blogger, preacher, missionary-at-large; and a survivor of personal martyrdom by a crime syndicate, whom I made angry with me for my Christian Ministry that holds and practises differing ideals than theirs and was infringing on their 'business practises' and 'clients'! I was relocated for my own safety and protection after recovering from being drugged, held captive, abused, put up for sale, and then poisoned, escaping and miraculously recovering... including from internal damage and brain damage; and now I want to establish safe houses for those we could seek to rescue... the victims of human trafficking for the purposes of modern slavery, both here and around the world! As Jesus said He was "here to set the captives free" in Isaiah 61, and we as His followers, along with our sisters and brothers, the First Covenant People, the Jews, could join together to go about as Jesus did, "Setting the Captives Free"! Why not aye?
In Jesus,
Father Joe!
P.S. Not all those kidnapped for slavery are sold only for others' fleshly gratification! Some are bought and sold as more 'regular' slaves to tend houses and such, and some are forced to work in Meth Labs and Marijuana growing operations and then fed and penned up; while some are forced to be drug mules while being watched from afar by their owners and such, so if they get caught by the authorities then they are expendable and their owners can flee! It is a messy business... crime is! And that is just the US! In Sudan and other countries where slavery is also practised, in many places like those, it is also legal! And one story is of a Muslim man who owned a little boy slave labourer who was a Christian, so one day to punish him his Muslim owner nailed the little slave boy to a board and left him in the field to teach him what it was 'really like to be like Jesus'!
HAVE A GOOD DAY! (Smiley Face goes here!)

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