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Eliot Elwar

Citizen based in DC, United States. Joined on Jan 29, 2012



Op-Ed: Assad regime unleashes chemical weapons

The Assad regime unleashes chemical weapons against Syrian rebel forces. US officials believe Syria used chemical weapons on civilians because of Western intelligence assessments. Chemical weapons experts believe symptoms prove sarin gas was used.

Op-Ed: Mammoth Cloning maybe possible

For many years, the woolly mammoths have vanished from the Earth, while remnants of theses beast are preserved in Siberian glaciers. Recently, the blood of an extinct Siberian mammoth was found and scientists believe they can resurrect these beasts.

Op-Ed: Nasdaq stops all trading as Economic Armageddon looms

The Nasdaq stops all trading partly because we are now on the verge of a historic economic meltdown. The Dow sinks for the sixth day as traders ponder fed exit. We are heading toward a frightening fall and punishing winter decorated in economic collapse.

Op-Ed: Coptic 'Crystal Night' continues in Egypt

Coptic Kristallnacht continues in Egypt. The Coptic churches cancel all Sunday mass for the first time in generations as a Muslim Brotherhood memo blesses Coptic Christian Church burnings in Egypt. These revolutions are preparing the way for the Mahdi.

Op-Ed: American and Russian involvement in Syria reflects Cold War era

Russia and America take sides in the Syrian civil war. Moscow remains committed to providing the Assad regime the S-300 air defense missile systems, while Washington remains committed to arming the Syrian rebels. Will Russia win the new Cold War?

Op-Ed: Bolt dominates World Championships in Moscow

The legendary Usain Lightning Bolt dominates another World Championship. Bolt won the 100-meter dash in 9.77 seconds, the 200-meter dash in 19.66 seconds, and the 400-meter relays in 37.36 seconds. Bolt will remain undefeated for the next few years.

Op-Ed: Russia and Iran argue over the S-300 air defense system contract

Iran plans to withdraw its four billion dollar claim if Russia fails to honor its S-300 contract. Russia proposes new S-300 air defense system replacement to Iran. The S-300 system could become Iran's most advanced air defense system.

Op-Ed: Brotherhood supporters persecute Coptic Christians

The Obama policies are turning Egyptians against America. The ‘peaceful’ Brotherhood protesters continue torching Coptic Christian Churches. This type of anti-Christian bigotry is being under reported by the liberal media.

Op-Ed: Egypt begins its transformation into a terrorist State

The Muslim Brotherhood supporters return to Cairo's streets as the death toll reaches over 600. Egypt’s Brotherhood vows to bring down military takeover of its government. And analysts believe Egypt could transform into a terrorist State by years end.

Op-Ed: Your lifespan test is finally here

Your life-span test has arrived because the scientific community has designed a disturbing, non-invasive test that can precisely determine your lifespan. While this lifespan test is a major breakthrough, it has the potential for abuse and misuse.

Op-Ed: U.S. economic collapse nears

Today more U.S. cities could experience bankruptcy like Detroit. Detroit's bankruptcy filing spread major concerns throughout the financial world in America. The U.S. economy could collapse by years end.

Op-Ed: The Middle East crisis continues as Egypt descends into chaos

John McCain’s meeting in Egypt makes no sense. The Egyptians turn their fury on a diplomat believed to be the next U.S. ambassador. The tourists desert Egypt as protests increase. And analysts believe that Egypt will became a terrorist State.

Op-Ed: Fukushima nuclear plant leaks pollute Pacific Ocean

Fukushima nuclear plant water leaks continue to contaminate most of the Pacific Ocean. The long-term impact of the radiation leak on Japan and its neighboring countries will continue for many years. Are Japanese leaders covering up this disaster?

Op-Ed: The U.S. and E.U. pressures Israel into accepting new borders

The E.U. redraws Israel Borders to 1949 Lines. Netanyahu try to talk E.U. down from new border rules. And Kerry says gaps narrowing between Israel and Palestinians. Analysts believe border talks will lead to wider rift between the E.U., U.S., and Israel.

Op-Ed: Gay marriage will override American religious liberty

The discussion about acceptance of gay marriage will evolve into intolerance and rejection of Christians who hold a traditional marriage view. This could split the U.S. violently as Christian conservatives stand up for their religious liberties.

Op-Ed: Egyptian protesters expose Obama’s failed Mideast policies

A massive wave of anti-Obama sentiment in Egypt has been utterly ignored by the liberal media because the hard left does not want to expose Obama’s failed Mideast policies. The Egyptian protests are probably the largest in Mideast history.

Op-Ed: North Korean ballistic missiles threaten America and its allies

Analysts assess that the North Korean Army has over 1,000 ballistic missiles with varying ranges. Its ballistic missile arsenal can reach targets in South Korea, Japan, and North America. Will Kim Jong Un use nuclear armed missiles against the US?

Op-Ed: North Korea Threatens US with nuclear strike on American cities

Asia Pacific crisis continues as North Korea points more missiles toward U.S. North Korea warns its military is cleared to attack the U.S. with nuclear weapons, while the US moves missile defenses to Guam. Does the North have mobile ICBM capability?

Op-Ed: North Korea declares war against South Korea

The Asia-Pacific crisis continues as North Korea declares a "state of war" against South Korea. North Korean missile sites are more active and ready for combat operations. What kind of attack will North Korea launch?

Op-Ed: Asia-Pacific crisis continues as U.S. slams North Korean threats

Asia-Pacific crisis continues as North Korea plans to cut all channels with South because war may break out anytime. The U.S. slams North Korea threats, warns that it is ready for any contingency, while China holds landing exercises in disputed seas.
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